You Will Hate This Video

You Will Hate This Video

Uses For Tactical Folding Knives

The main reason for having one with you at all times is because of it’s usefulness as a tool. Ask someone that carries a folding knife daily and they will tell you how much they are glad they have it on them.

Emergency Food And Water – Do You Have A Supply?

Emergency Food And Water can save your life if a disaster should occur. Disasters can occur anywhere in the world at any time. Do you have emergency food and water?

How Many People in California Have a CPR Certification?

With the best of our knowledge the American Heart Association and others have only about 2% of adults are CPR certified in California. Over 13% of people in California smoke cigarettes. What’s wrong with this picture?

Basic Survival Skills And Preparations Required In Case Of A Natural Calamity

Natural calamities come without warning. One cannot depend on alarm systems and other technological methods in times of natural calamity. Computers, electricity and infrastructure get damaged too during natural calamities like floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, etc. When nature unleashes its fury, there is destruction. In these times, survival skills can be an absolute blessing. Let us have a look at some basic survival skills.

Best First Aid Packs To Choose

Whenever there is a calamity or disaster we tend to help other people. Maybe that is the true nature of every people. The goodness of their hearts goes out naturally. Help is also sent out by the government to assist those who are in need when disasters strike. But, we should not only depend on the help of other people; we must also try to be independent on our selves’ once in while.

Outdoor Survival – It’s All in Your Head

It’s all about being prepared for the unexpected. You should know how to survive in the worst conditiions and what supplies and gear you can easily take along with you on every outing. Very small misshaps can be potentially deadly in the wilds.

How Could A Survival Backpack Help You Survive?

After all the tragedies that the world had experienced, there are still people who don’t trust the power of survival kits or survival backpack. They don’t think that this survival backpack could really help you survive. But what they don’t realize about the importance of having survival backpack is that it could indeed help you survive.

Cattails – The Little Known Super Food

It’s amazing how few people realize what a great source of food cattails are. Just about every city in the world has cattails growing somewhere. They can be found anywhere from Alaska to Zimbabwe. Cattails are healthy and nutritious, even if the area is polluted, and they can be found almost anywhere there is year-round standing water. They’re also fairly easy to identify-they have brown, weiner-like seed heads at the end of a long stem. However, like with any plant, if you’re not certain you’ve correctly identified it, don’t eat it.

Prevent Substantial Damage With Hurricane Tarps

When you are a victim of a hurricane, your home and especially your roof can suffer immense damage. When the hurricane has left, the wind and rain can still continue to ruin all of your life’s hard work and your things inside of your home.

Promoting Municipal Water Expansion Instead of Bottled Water

The World Health Organization has estimated that there are at least a billion people in the world who have no access to clean, fresh drinking water. Since the human body requires large quantities of water, these unfortunate souls have no choice but to drink water that is filled with contaminants. For some reason we are failing to build the municipal water filtration facilities. One of the main reasons this is happening is because so much of the world’s fresh water is being privatized.

Exactly What Will Happen In 2012 And Will You Be Prepared For It?

There can be little doubt that something will happen in 2012 that will change civilization as we know it. While some predict the complete destruction of the planet, others see wars, major disasters and catastrophic events happening. Many people are skeptics and will do nothing when the day arrives, but here are some things to consider.

How Can I Survive 2012? – Surviving In The Face Of Disaster

No one knows exactly what will happen on December 21, 2012, but we can be sure that there will be major changes on our planet. If you’re asking yourself, “How can I survive 2012?” there is no easy answer. If the earth’s electromagnetic field reverses, as some have predicted, all life on the planet will die. But if there are disasters, wars and catastrophes, there is a good chance of survival for many of us. Some predict that the catastrophe may even give way to a new age for mankind.We don’t know what’s going to happen, but the least we can do is be prepared. Here are some things you can do to survive 2012.

Fire Prevention Tips

It is very important that you know the basics of fire prevention especially with regards to your property and within your own home. It is a good idea that one or more members of your family knows how to put out a fire when it happens. Other than that, everyone inside the house should know how to prevent a fire.

Tips on How To Avoid Fire Accidents

Fire is one of the leading causes of home injury as well as related deaths within a community. They take away property as well as the lives of so many people. Fire prevention should be followed to avoid accidents within the community.

Avoiding Fire Accidents

To avoid fire, here are some preventive measures to keep your home safe especially if you have kids inside your home. Make sure that you light candles only when you are around. Blow them off if you are not around.

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