Work Sharp Knife Sharpeners at Blade Show 40

Work Sharp Knife Sharpeners at Blade Show 40

Achieving Your Preparedness Goals

Here it is January of a fresh new year and everyone is now talking about their personal goals that they have vowed to complete this year. Well, we all know what happens after the year has begun when we think about all our New Years resolutions. Most are placed at the wayside awaiting completion while more important aspects of life take the priority positions. Perhaps if there are any goals that should be kept it should be the ones relating to preparing for a disaster.

More on Seed Saving

Usually in the winter months our thoughts frequently turn to better weather topics such as our proposed garden which we plan to start in the springtime. Already we have been receiving seed catalogs from some of the major companies showing their tantalizing selection of seeds for this coming season.

Water Storage or Berkeley Filter?

As the curtain begins to close on our national government and chaos rules supreme we will quickly discover that the mighty dollar bill has lost its fascination and appeal while in its place are now bottles of fresh clean water or cans of urgently needed foods. Bartering will be the business technique by which all transactions will be accomplished.

72 Hour Kit – Don’t Bug Out Without One

Putting together a 72 hour kit (also known as the bug out bag) is an essential first step to preparing for a disaster. With a properly put together bag you have a much better chance of surviving and thriving during an emergency.

Reasons for Prepping in Business Sales

Reasons for Prepping in Business Sales It is very important for one to do enough prepping to ensure that his business is on the right track towards thew achievement of stipulated goals. There are various reasons why a business has to make sales and whichever reasons, it is a must that the business owner do some business prep to make sales. Running a business alone can be challenging or even giving someone else a chance to run it on your behalf does not help.

Early Intervention Training for Mass Violence

Public awareness concerning mass violence has dramatically increased throughout the past ten years. The many cases and victims of mass violence have provided the scientific community an opportunity to more thoroughly study trauma response. Their conclusions have also provided recommendations for addressing the trauma response in humans.

End of Year Shopping Safety Considerations

With the end of the year, many Americans are looking for quality deals on products overstocked from 2010 by retailers. Personal safety should be considered when out shopping for end of year deals on the shelf. Many people become victims of fraud, assault, and property theft each year.

What Makes A Good Survival Knife

Any knife that you have on you is better than no knife, but what constitutes a good survival knife? There are common features to look for in a survival knife when making your investment.

Preparing For Disaster Starts In The Mind

There are lots of kits available for disaster preparedness but all such preparations start in the mind. Have you prepared your mind for catastrophic changes in your life?

First Aid for Hair Salons – 5 Emergencies to Avoid

What could possibly go wrong at a hair salon? Read on to learn about the 5 biggest emergencies in the salon!

First Aid in Hair Salons – How to Keep Your Salon Staff Safe From Bloodborne Pathogens

First Aid in Hair Salons? What could possibly go wrong? Read on to learn about bloodborne pathogens and how to keep your staff or clients safe!

Nigerian Nation And Its Intractable Ethno-Religious Crisis: A Way Out

Nigeria, the self-styled largest country in Africa is indeed a large country with gargantuan problems. Since Nigeria got independence in 1960, it has been embroiled in one problem or the other. It is a good country though, blessed with both human and material resources, its many contradictions and asphyxiating crisis, notwithstanding.

Essential First Aid Kits to Treat Injured Soldiers

Bullet wounds and burn injuries are the common type of injuries a soldier may sustain on the battlefield. First aid kits are used by soldiers to treat wounds and injuries when there is no immediate medical attention available.

Bug-Out Bag Essentials

You never know when you may have to just pick up and flee. Every survivalist knows that the key to survival is preparation. And one of the most important things you can do to prepare is to have a bug-out bag filled with the most important survival items.

Complacency: The Enemy Of Survival

Complacency towards disaster preparedness is rampant in the world. Many people assume that disasters only happen to other people. That belief can cost them their life.

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