Why We MUST Flatten The Curve Now!

Why We MUST Flatten The Curve Now!

Make A Bug Out Plan – How to Maximize Your Survival Preparedness

It can be argued that making a Bug Out Plan is as or even more essential than having a Bug Out Bag packed, as one can escape mortal danger with or without a survival kit as long as they have a plan. Here we will focus on how to maximize our survival preparedness by examining how to execute a bug out or strategic evacuation.

Critical Fire Protection Tips for Your Business

Fire protection for your business and employees is an important safety consideration for any business owner. This article provides a brief list of fire protection precautions you and your employees can take.

How to Pick a Bag for Your Bug Out Kit

There are many lists for what to pack in a Bug Out Bag but as far as the bag itself, how do you determine what is the best Bug Out Backpack for you? It is an important element to consider and getting the right one for you is a primary step in your journey towards disaster preparedness. Here we look at what factors make the best Bug Out Bag Backpack for YOUR survival situation including comfort and fit, accessibility, and best features.

Bug Out Bag Essentials – What You Need to Survive

Do you have what you need to survive if the unforeseen strikes? Learn here what you need to pack in your bug out bag to protect yourself and your family.

Emergency Preparedness: 5 Top Tips How to Survive in Emergencies

Many of us will have some type of disaster in our life. No matter who you are or where you live, there will come a moment in life when you will have some type of crisis. The question is, “Will you be prepared?” This article covers the first half of a list of 10 tips about items that you should keep on hand to help you survive a crisis.

Western Malibu Isn’t Prepared for the Mudslides of 2013 Along PCH

Disaster preparedness is a lot like the definition of luck, when preparedness meets opportunity – and the best time to prepare is before the flood. Remember, Noah built the ark before the flood, not during and not afterwards. Okay so, let’s talk shall we?

Surviving Major Catastrophes – Fantasy Vs Reality

Recent major disasters demonstrate that waiting for “the authorities” to show up with help is foolish. They can’t, and won’t. Your best solution is to be sure you have made personal preparations, and then to create neighborhood teams. Your neighbors are the people who will be there when disaster strikes. They are your best bet for survival, and you are theirs.

Ensure Every Child’s Safety With a School Emergency Kit

Emergencies strike with no previous warning whatsoever. This leaves children as well as adults prone to danger. For this reason, it is necessary for schools, colleges and daycare centers to have a school emergency kit and an auto emergency roadside kit.

Disaster Preparedness for Families

Avoidance in the form of emergency preparedness is still the most effective step to make sure of protection in times of unexpected emergencies and natural disasters. Earthquakes, typhoons, fire and other calamities can take place in a split second, in any location. Right here are some emergency preparedness measures to follow and carry out in the home for the protection of your household.

Survival Kits Explained

Surviving a number of life challenges is ingrained in humans from the time of birth. For the majority, survival is paramount. Many of which, would consider doing almost anything in order to survive or escape an emergency situation.

First Storms Coming – Are Our Beaches Ready?

Port Hueneme Beach needs some more sand, and yet it’s going to be a while until we get the sand we were previously promised. Oh, there are all sorts of excuses as to why we haven’t gotten our allotment, but we don’t need any more excuses, what we need is some more sand right?

What You Need To Unlearn To The Survive Zombie Apocalypse

If you are like most others, you think you have a zombie contingency plan. A unique and fool proof strategy you’ve spent hours contemplating that ensures you and your loved ones will stay alive in the event of a zombie apocalypse.

Emergency Survival Tips – How To Survive At Home During Winter Power Outages

As the onset of another winter season approaches, I’m reminded that not every cold-weather survival scenario involves you being out in the middle of nowhere. While the danger from winter weather varies across the country, nearly all people living in the Northern Hemisphere are likely to face some type of severe winter weather at some point in time. Preparing your home for winter weather is certainly the first step, however, other preparations should be made in case of a power failure.

An Overview of Knife Blade Steel and Its Importance in Knife Performance

Of the factors that influence the overall performance of a knife, its blade steel has more impact on more factors than any other single component. It will determine the knife’s longevity, its suitability for a given task, its ease of handling, and ultimately your overall satisfaction with the knife. Let’s take a brief look at some common types of blade steels, and see how their characteristics can affect the blade’s performance. With this knowledge, you’ll have an understanding of what you can expect from a given type of steel, and subsequently from the knife itself.

Get Survival Information So You Are Prepared

Glean all the survival information you can from great sources, like FEMA and online forums. You can learn a lot from folks who are already planning for their own survival and quick evacuation.

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