Why Most People Will Die After SHTF

Why Most People Will Die After SHTF

What Goes in a Bug Out Bag

Although in most cases it might be better to ride out disasters in the city, there may be instances where you are forced to leave your home or neighborhood. There might be flooding, earthquake damage, a fire or any number of hazards that make your home unlivable. In case this happens, you need to have a bug out bag (BOB).

Barter/Trade Items in a Survival Scenario

Imagine a worst-case scenario. It could be hyperinflation-it takes a wheelbarrow of cash to buy a loaf of bread and you no longer have enough money to buy even a small item or piece of food. It could be a nuclear war, a devastating act of terrorism, an EMP attack-banks are shut down, cash is unavailable. Even in more temporary disasters such as an earthquake or a hurricane, cash could become either rare or worthless while people are more interested in food and supplies. Here’s how to prepare for this.

Animal Repellents Review: Electronic Dog Repeller

A dog repeller is one of those items that many people have never considered purchasing because people assume that dog bites are so rare that such precautions don’t even enter their mind. I have some dog attack statistics that might surprise you.

Basic Rules to Have Fun and Stay Safe on Spring Break

I am a Grandmother of a 17 year old. She is going on Spring Break in March and I began to really think about all the situations she would encounter. So I decided to write this article for her and all the 17 hear old girls that are contemplating going on Spring Break. Read more to find out common sense tips to stay safe.

Disaster Situations Require Water Filtration Systems Immediately

Weeks after the devastating earthquake leveled Christchurch, New Zealand, 60% of its residents were still without water. Even though the country prides itself on making abundant clean, fresh water available to its citizens, during emergencies such as this, people still end up without the water they need. People who have water are being cautioned against taking showers even though the government has directed them to maintain scrupulous hygiene so that diseases won’t get a start. Mobile water purification systems could provide the answer.

Many Different Situations Cause a Need for Emergency Water Treatments

People who live in parts of California are going to be faced with a water emergency later in March. This is going to be caused by the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD) shutting down the major water pipeline to the area in order to retrofit a water treatment plant to better be able to withstand seismic activity. For the duration of the outage, people are going to have to cut back. During that time, citizens would be wise to have some emergency water treatments in place to ensure that they have sufficient clean water to drink.

Major Earthquake Warning Globally – Japan 8.9 Quake – Beware The Pacific Ring of Fire

Why are all these major Earthquakes Happening you ask? Well there is a lot of speculation after the two recent huge Earthquakes in New Zealand literally leveling half the city of Christ Church and sounding suburbs. And then a massive Earthquake hit off the North East coast of Japan.

Disasters Happen Here, Too – And Why You Need a Water Purification System!

Life is good and all is well; at least that’s true most of the time in the good ol’ USA. When disasters happen, and sometimes they do. You really need to be prepared with some of the essentials. A water purification systems is one of the most important items in your emergency prep plan. Have a water purifier on-hand, or have some makers and cardboard ready for your “I Need Help” sign.

Earthquake Survival Kit: Build Your Own

Owning a earthquake survival kit is very important to anyone who lives where earthquakes occur. Building your own will ensure that you are ready.

Bottled Water Compares Unfavorably to Water Filtration Companies

It probably won’t come as much of a surprise to anyone that water filtration companies are flourishing all around the world. There has been a lot of publicity given to the fact that the world’s clean water reserves are dwindling and that 1.1 billion people worldwide are being forced to drink contaminant-laden water. Many people have rapidly adopted the drinking of bottled water because of all the hype the bottling companies have generated, but there are a number of reasons why bottled water isn’t the answer to our needs.

Getting Ready For A Snowstorm

Cold temperatures in the winter are common in the Northeastern side of United States, and were snowstorms are common. This means the civilians need to prepare for any sort of emergency or massive damage from disaster. Stay inside and be sure to stock up on routine items so that you will not have any trouble in case of a snowstorm.

Fire Operations – Search Ropes

The primary reason for a search rope is to ensure that you can back out to a safer position if conditions worsen. This is a tool that every fire department should invest in. They should also develop a Search Rope SOP that is practiced and understood by ALL members. This article offers some tips to help get you started in developing that procedure:

Keeping Back Water – Flood Defence Equipment

The science of flood defence is very simple. Anything that can halt the flow of water is an ideal flood defence tool, but unfortunately few things can do the task effectively. The difficulty with halting flood waters is that whatever measure you attempt to use, it has to be able to be installed quickly as flooding often comes with little warning.

The Fuel Dilemma

When preparing for any sort of emergency the question of fuel concern usually surfaces and often comes into pay. Whether to store up on these vital products or not is generally a matter of necessity and not frequently presented as a choice. Keep in mind that storing up on various fuels takes care of several important aspects of your active preparedness program. On the one hand you have the different fuels which may be needed for heating or for cooking purposes. The types of fuels which are suitable for this task include wood and other similar consumables. These products can often be stored for a long amount of time if you so desire.

Solar Conversion of Our Homestead

As the time begins to draw closer for our move to the homestead, I find myself thinking about the various projects which lie ahead for me. We have the fruit trees to plant, a garden to start along with a host of addition important functions to get accomplished. One of my initial goals will be to get a 12 volt lighting system installed which will operate from rechargeable batteries.

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