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Which is the Best All-Around Chopping Tool | Kukri Giveaway! | ON Three

Importance of Having a Survival Kit

Planning for the unexpected has become a necessity for all of us. There are many types of disasters that can occur at anytime. Unfortunately this has become all too evident lately. The importance of a survival kit shouldn’t be just a passing thought but something that everyone should commit to…

During a Disaster You Can Count on Mobile Water Purification Systems

When disaster strikes or an emergency becomes a reality, one of the most crucial things in life is often disrupted. During catastrophic occurrences, water service can disappear in a minute. Since the human body can only live a few days without water, and it won’t be long before people will become desperate for something to drink. They will need steadier, more reliable ways to decontaminate the water everyone is going to need. Mobile water purification systems are available that will meet these needs exactly.

Diverticulitous Digestive Disease and Tomatoes

Several friends and I were discussing the types of crops that we typically like to plant in our summer time garden when the subject of the best choice for tomatoes intended for canning came up. With the planting season drawing quickly to a close this seemed to be the most prevalent topic on everyone’s lips. Naturally it was too late to make the decision for this year’s crop but it may very well be taken into consideration for next years garden varieties.

Canning Chicken Breast

When it comes to having a variety of emergency foods stored up for potential survival purposes meat is traditionally the hardest to accumulate. You can purchase chicken, ham and turkey in small tuna size cans but trust me they do not in any way compare to the taste nor the quality of home canned chicken breast.

A Method for Food Storage Inventory

Anyone who plans to create an ample food storage pantry can not do it fruitfully if they have no idea of what they are storing up on. You simply can not procure foods at random and expect to be properly prepared for emergencies. When you possess no means of tracking your numerous food purchases you are merely buying supplies with total disregard to what you may actually need.

Herbs in Minutes

I can clearly recall several of my past herb gardens and the parsley patch that was a purposeful part of it. Some experts contend that you may be able to obtain a better growth with your herbs if you gather them during the spring or summer to prevent them from blooming. Some people merely run out to their yard and gather whatever herbs they have a need for. These are the people who profess that fresh herbs are the only way to cook. They just gather and use the parsley as they need it.

The Facts Relating to Stored Oil

Think you are all prepared to handle any type of emergency? Does your food closet contain all the necessary foods and condiments needed to manage your family’s needs on a yearly program? One of the most frequent questions that I hear on a consistent basis is how long will my quarts of cooking oil last in my food storage provisions? Since there exists an extreme difficulty in properly storing fats or oils for long periods of time many articles and books on food storage frequently avoid discussions centered on the topic.

Why Every Survivalist Should Have a Root Cellar

Sometimes we forget that humans have survived on this planet during some pretty harsh times–without electricity and other modern comforts. I think it’s important that we look to our forefathers survival skills to find ideas and ways to survive in case we are ever thrown back into that reality. The use of root cellars is one of the best examples I can think to demonstrate a basic survival skill that we should all be familiar with. In this article, I’ll touch on some of the main reasons why building your own root cellar is a good idea–and one you shouldn’t put off!

You Never Know When You Might Need Portable Water Filtration

Imagine yourself as a missionary visiting the back country in an underdeveloped country. Watch the locals using the nearby river for a toilet and then turning around to get their drinking water from the same source. Watch them sicken and die, because they don’t have clean water to drink. You’re staying with them for a couple of weeks, so what are you going to do for water? Drink from the river like the rest of them do and take your chances? Or did you think ahead and bring portable water filtration equipment along?

Tornado Survival Skills

For their size, tornadoes are nature’s most violent storm born force. Every year tornadoes leave death and destruction in their wake. Natures fury is a part of life, and for all who perish in these storms, many more survive. In this article you will find facts and tips that can help increase your chances for survival.

The Role of Telescopic Mast and Roller Shutter for a Wide Range of Emergency Vehicles

Life is full of unforeseen events. You never know when you have to deal with an emergency. For this very reason, emergency vehicles have been designed and constructed to respond to a sudden unexpected crisis.

In Times Of Crisis: What You Must Do

Crisis situations abound in the world today. Anywhere you turn to, you will be made to behold one ugly sight or the other. In the home, there is crisis, in your workplace, market place, and in fact, anywhere you go, there is one form of crisis or another.

Tips to Help You Prepare for the Next Large Winter Storm

The local weather reporter is painting a dark and gloomy landscape of the next large winter storm heading your way. So before you make a run to your medicine cabinet for aspirin and kiss your sleep good bye, are you prepared?

Be Ready to Face Emergencies With Car Emergency Kit

If you have all these items, you can use them to get your car out of snow. Also, in case of anything serious, waiting for help is warmer. A car emergency kit is rightly named so as it serves as the key to survival in case of road emergencies.

2012 Survival – Preparation

Whether you believe that December 21, 2012 will bring about global disaster scenarios or not, everyone should have an emergency management plan in place to protect yourself and those closest to you. There are many different, yet equally important factors that go into a quality emergency preparedness plan. The primary purpose of this article is to assist and provide the reader with the necessary information and resources to help you prepare for a long-term global disaster.

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