Whats Coming is Horrifying: Get Ready For…

Whats Coming is Horrifying: Get Ready For...

Like Minded Folk

Many people have asked me over the last several years about getting a group of like minded people together just in cases one of our worse case scenarios come to past. To this I can only say that I would put the feelers out and see what I get back.

Disaster Preparedness

It’s natural disaster season in the South-the time when hurricanes are due to hit and winter storms are due to bury us all under freezing temperatures. This is the time of year when getting stranded or stuck without power proves to be the most dangerous. In acknowledgment of this time of year, the Huntsville Utility companies have come out with a list of ways that you can prepare for emergencies.

Emergency Or Disaster Preparedness Means Having Information at the Ready

One of the most important things to consider in an emergency of disaster is what happens after the emergency has passed? What just happened? Where did that come from? When will the cavalry arrive? What is going on in other places? These are all questions that go through your head after the disaster or emergency has passed. Well how does one go about finding out the answers to all of those questions?

Civil Unrest During Crisis Situations

All survival conscious people should provide due thought towards the probability of civil unrest during those times of impending disasters and emergency situations. It goes without saying that when the law is running thin the lower level trash will attempt to take over the masses.

The Importance of First Aid

Recent findings have suggested that over 50% of parents still don’t know the basic first aid skills like dressing and treating open wounds. Plus, 6 out of 10 parents wouldn’t know how to look after their child in an emergency and would often wait for an ambulance to arrive first.

A Medical Emergency Shows the Importance of Having an Organized System For Medical Information

It is critically important to have medical information at your fingertips in times of illness and injury. Written by a professional organizer, the author shares her personal story of her mother’s stroke to communicate the importance of having an organized system for easy filing and access to vital medical information.

Some Basic Things to Consider For an Emergency Preparedness Disaster Plan

There are so many ways in which a family can become prepared for a disaster or emergency situation. In fact because there are so many things to consider it can become overwhelming at times and many don’t know where to begin.

An Emergency Roadside Car Kit-Are You Prepared?

In any emergency situation whether it be in the home, office or school one needs to be prepared. This also includes the family/personal car. Food is one of the first items one should consider having in the car.

If Your Child Fell Into the Water Would They Know What to Do?

The leading cause of death in children under the age of five in this country especially the coastal states is drowning. Why? The lack of information to prevent these horrific tragedies is the answer.

Emergency Preparedness at Home – Is Your Family Prepared?

Do you have a basic emergency/crisis to do checklist? If you don’t it is time to get together with your family and make one and make sure your entire family unit memorizes it and utilizes it in times of emergency.

Why Fire Engineering is Important For Your Safety?

Fire engineering applies both science and engineering principles to guard the public and their surroundings from the harsh consequence of fire and smoke. There are various regulations of fire protection engineering and these comprises active protection, control and management of smoke, programs on fire prevention, passive protection, design, layout and space planning of building, fire dynamics and modeling, risk analysis and human behavior during fire events.

Importance and Advantages of Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are among the items we own that we do not want to use. These devices end up on the wall or at the corner of the room gathering dust. This makes other homeowners doubt if they really need one.

Extinguisher 101 – The ABC of Fire Extinguishers

We are aware of how dangerous fire can be. It will not only destroy our homes and properties but it will also destroy our lives. Many lost their lives in a fire incident.

Do Not Be a Victim – Learn How to Fight Fire

Fire is less likely to occur if you practice measures to prevent it. However, you have to be ready when it happens. Make sure that your firefighting devices are accessible and that you know how to use them.

Car Fires – How to Prevent It

Car fires are dangerous. And since there are several flammable objects in your vehicle, you have to take preventive and protective actions.

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