What Types of Bunkers are The Rich Building? Worlds Top Contractor Tells All

What Types of Bunkers are The Rich Building? Worlds Top Contractor Tells All

Surviving a Disaster Away From Home

Disaster does not wait for you to be home before it strikes. Be prepared no matter where you are.

A Mobile Survival Retreat

The most frequent complaint that I hear from my fellow survivalists is simply that they can not afford to acquire land for their survival retreat. With today’s pitiable economy that is perfectly understandable. I really don’t perceive it improving in the least for some time to come.

Get Your Papers in Order Now

I recently was browsing another survival web site and chanced across a comment that was made concerning the Jews during Hitler’s rein in Germany. This response stuck with me and I was allowed to think upon it for some time. The writer basically stated that although there were many of the Jews in Germany who clearly saw what was about to happen in their country they filed to depart to safer havens. The question that was hypothetically proposed was why did they hesitate to leave the country at a time when it was safe for them to do so?

Summer Safety Essentials

Camping with friends is a blast! Making campfires, breathing fresh air, communing with nature are all fantastic ways to distress and enjoy a nice vacation. But make sure to always bring the safety essentials just in case the unexpected arises.

Can You Deal With Panic? Your Personal Survival Depends on It

If an emergency happens, you should always deal with the immediate life threatening aspects first and then control panic by follow the STOP acronym. Each letter represents a step to follow.

Disaster Strikes – How Safe Would Your Family Be?

Are you and your family prepared in the case of a disaster or catastrophe? It may not be as hard as you think.

Keep Your Home Safe From Wildfires

Austin has a high risk of wildfire. Don’t think forest fire; it’s dry grass and brush that are the potential fire danger in our area. The parts of Austin, the so called “Urban / Rural Interface,” at the edge of town adjoining wild lands are at particular risk. Article includes safety and prevention tips.

Food Product Testing at Home

Many of us survivalists don’t always store up on our emergency supplies using the usual freeze dried or number 10 cans of dehydrated foods. We often manage to make use of the local grocery stores and have an abundance of normal canned foods readily available. With canned foods such as these it is very important that you occasionally open one and try it out to ensure that it is still of good quality.

Surviving Terrorism on the Home Front

Whenever an emergency situation seems to strike a particular area it also seems to bring out the worse of the population as well. Within a very short time frame you will hear rumors of looting, rapes and murders taking place between not just strangers but amongst neighbors as well. Every crisis situation America has had reveals the same trademarks of indecency experienced by people when they realize that law enforcement personnel are either too busy to tend to them or they simply no longer exist.

Prepare Now Or Forget Any Help

Summer time is quickly approaching and imagine if you will that you are experiencing one of those all too common summer power outages. The day is exceptionally hot and humid so you and your family decide to pass the day by taking a causal stroll around the neighborhood. However, prior to starting your walk you decide to switch on one of your generators on in order to keep your refrigerator and freezer cold and operating properly.

Tell Me Why I Need an Emergency Food Supply!

Pros and cons of buying emergency food supply. Is it necessary? Can’t I store my own food? It’s all a bunch of hype? Important thoughts that should be addressed before forming a conclusion on the subject.

Tornado Emergency Preparedness 101

Typically created by severe thunderstorms, tornadoes are extremely dangerous storms that can sweep over an area in a matter of minutes. According to the FEMA website, they are some of nature’s most violent storms, and no matter what state you live in, there is at least the small chance that you might encounter one of these terrifying weather phenomena. There are many dangers that are associated with tornadoes, and if you are interested in making sure that you can get through it without a problem, there are some tips and basic preparations that you can make to protect your family …

Flood Cleanup – How to Prevent the Health Hazards

Water purification and sewage systems are often severely damaged in the wake of floods, and chemicals from sludge and toxic wastes end up contaminating the waterways. Flood cleanup professionals are trained to handle such situations.

Top 10 Emergency Preparedness For an Earthquake

An earthquake can strike any time and better preparedness for an earthquake can ensure your safety and your family’s safety. During an earthquake, one can feel vibration of the ground, noise which progressively grows louder, swaying sensation etc.

Tips For Avoiding and Escaping a Building Fire

In March 2008 alone, over 4000 fires were reported in New York City. The men and women of the FDNY are looking to us to help them with fire prevention. This article outlines the precautions New Yorkers should take to reduce the risk of a fire breaking out in their home or apartment.

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