What is the Best Survival Stove?

What is the Best Survival Stove?

Understanding Wealth Within A Survival Environment

In an environment of distress or survival, people witness society’s devolution. Depending on how severe an event is, primitive conditions can set in fast.

What Items Should Be in an Emergency Survival Bag (A Bug Out Bag)?

I asked this question on a popular survival forum and not surprising I got a lot of different answers as to what should be in an emergency go bag. I agreed with a lot of it and some less so but I think it’s the good basis for this post. Here are some of the most popular survival items that made many of the lists:

Do You Need a Gas Mask in Your Emergency Kit?

If you are like me you have probably seen many doomsday preparation shows on TV and have seen many people with gas and biological filtration devices. I have been asked by a couple visitors if it’s something you really need in your survival kit. Answering that question really depends on what the gas mask is used for.

Ghana Life: The Quest for Gas

In Ghana in the late 1970s and early 1980s, just as one turned on a tap or a light switch with a silent prayer that water or light might be manifested, so one turned into a gas filling station forecourt with the reverence due to the portals of a cathedral. No sign proclaimed the presence or absence of the desired manna from heaven and the demeanour of the staff provided no indication of what fate had in store. Hope lived on until an attendant solemnly approached the supplicant with the dreaded proclamation, ‘It is finished,’ or ‘Light off.’ Occasionally, however, one was rewarded by the supreme benediction, ‘Shall I top it?’

Doomsday Preppers, Bug Out Bags, Survival Food Storage and Hemorrhoid Relief

In a survival situation during a disaster a hemorrhoidal condition can be a huge physical obstacle to you fending for yourself. There will very likely be no hospitals for you to seek medical treatment. You will be on your own to handle the condition.

Know Your Surroundings During an Earthquake

One of the first steps you will need to know for an earthquake is to recognize your hazards. Look around your home, auto, classroom, and office place for ideas on how to better protect you, your family and co-workers.

Disaster Preparation – Why Your Emergency Radio Needs Both AM and NOAA Bands

When a disaster or just weather-related emergency hits you can be quickly cut off from the world unless you have an emergency radio. There are all kinds of emergency radios at all budget levels, but when you select one, make sure it has both strong AM and NOAA bands.

The Basics Of Choosing A Bug Out Bag

A bug out bag should be an essential part of your disaster preparation plan. It can provide a portable platform for tools and supplies needed in an emergency. The selection of tools and gear should be a long thought out process, since your and your family’s safety is the primary goal. A well equipped bug out bag will help you arrive to your planned destination, as well as allow you to remedy unforeseen issues.

4 Objectives of First Aid Training

In some situations, there is a thin line between life and death; it feels good to be able to help someone. And this help can and should come if you have undergone basic first aid training. Doctors, nurses and paramedics are trained to save lives but unfortunately, are not present everywhere, all the time.

4 Things You Should Find Out About First Aid Courses

In the case of a health related emergency, it is extremely vital that the patient is taken to the closest medical center and that treatment is administered as quickly as possible. In cases where there is not enough time to make this possible, immediate first aid treatment is of the greatest importance. First aid is a quick way to ensure the safety and health of a patient in a high risk health situation, where life and death are simply a matter of time.

Household Items That Can Be Used As a Self Defense Weapon

As criminality rates kept on rising every day, we are at risk of being mobbed or attacked wherever we may be. Criminals are lurking whether you are inside the school, in your house, or inside the church.

Identifying The Weak Spots of a Human Body

Everyone has their own pressure points in the body which are used for healing and self-defense. In traditional medicine, these pressure points are used to heal certain illnesses and diseases in the body.

Post Apocalypse Survival – 4 Things You Need To Know

What comes into your mind when you think post apocalypse survival? I think wastelands and survivors armed to the teeth. If you’re one of the privileged few that survives one of these events, your troubles are only just beginning. Here are 4 ways to increase your chances of post apocalypse survival.

Freeze Dried Foods and Dehydrated Foods – What’s the Difference Anyway?

Everyone has heard of dehydrated foods. It’s the simplest and least-expensive way to store food for longer periods of time; it’s something that’s more affordable for families to do at home–if they can afford to spend the time preparing and dehydrating foods for emergency food storage.  But what of freeze-dried foods?

Intravenous Fluid Warmers Offer Significant Treatment Advantages

Intravenous fluid warmers are not limited to a traditional medical facility as they once were. These devices heat life-saving solutions before reaching the setup infusion site or entry point. The procedure is often referred to as quick or rapid infusion; however, it is called a transfusion when blood is involved.

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