What are Governments Preparing for?

What are Governments Preparing for?

Ultra Batteries: Advanced Technology Creates Enhanced Field Dependability

Advanced Batteries are one of many innovations making the use of warming devices easier for field application. This equipment has continued to transform into a highly convenient method of ensuring patient safety. Original designs were large, wall-powered, and took an extensive amount of time to set up for use.

Creating Your Own Water Supply For Emergencies

When an emergency comes, one of the most important things is to have an emergency water supply available to you. Learn how to build one cheap and easy.

The Scoop Stretchers And Evac Chairs

Commonly called the Scoop stretcher, clamshell or the Robertson Orthopaedic stretcher – Whatever name it goes by the scoop’s primary role is the safe transportation of patients who are unconscious and who may have injured their spine or neck. The term is believed to derive from the decision as to whether a patient needed “scoop and screw” or if they could “stay and play”.

The Benefits of Batteries for Portable Fluid Warmers

  There are two types of IV fluid warming systems: portable models that are powered by batteries, and non-portable models that use an electrical outlet. The performance of a portable model depends on several specifications, not the least of which is the type of power source it uses. With this mind, below is a review of the Ultra Battery 1 for portable IV warmers based on five important criteria:  

Ouch! Mom, Where Is the First Aid Kit?

Most parents have heard this cry, some more often than others. Fortunately, most scrapes and bumps can be handled by a basic first aid kit containing a few adhesive bandages, some disinfectant, and perhaps a tube of antiseptic cream. These items are generally found in the bathroom cabinet or tucked away in the kitchen junk drawer.

How To Survive Getting Lost In The Woods

Getting lost in the woods can be a terrifying experience. Here are some tips to help you survive and get back to safety.

Cancun, Tropical Paradise or Final Resting Place

A vacation of a lifetime needlessly ends in tragedy when the slightest investment in education, training and rescue equipment could have prevented it. Do not find yourself in my situation, as a bystander or victim.

5 Things to Cconsider for Surviving a Disaster

The 5 most important factors to consider when planning for disasters and the aftermath. Simple and effective techniques that will keep your family safe. What our family with 7 children have done to ensure a fun, safe and budget-friendly way to travel and prepare.

Problems to Be Encountered When Bugging Out

In the majority of disaster scenarios we are confronted with one of two types of personal actions we can take towards protecting our family. We can prepare to bug in and remain at our homes or we can bug out as many people may be planning to do. If you happen to live in a major city where remaining could become a dangerous situation for not only your emergency supplies but also for your own security, perhaps your best bet may be to bug out. Even then one must have a viable plan and naturally you will need a destination as to where you would go. This destination could be anywhere but in the city whether that would be in a secure underground bunker or in a remote country location a fair distance from the dangers of the city. If all your provisions are contained in your city location you are likely to lose a good portion of them if you are unable to transport them to your safe location.

IV Fluid Warmers: Evaluating Hospital Grade Fluid Warmers

  Heating intravenous (IV) infusions is a recent phenomenon. Throughout most of the past century, infusions were administered cold due to a lack of IV fluid warmers, but even when fluid warming systems were created, their use remained limited to non-emergency hospital settings, as most of the systems took several minutes to set up and heat up, and were cumbersome to transport. Today, hospitals, health clinics, and Emergency Medical Service (EMS) units have better options for purchasing IV warmers.

How To Survive A Hurricane 1-2-3 Guide

Do you live in an area where hurricanes are a possibility? If so, it is wise to take each and every opportunity that you have to educate yourself as much as possible to increase your odds of survival. Discover 3 simple steps in “How To Survive a Hurricane 1-2-3 Guide” that will do just that!

Preparing Your Child for a Disaster Without Increasing Their Fears

Discover 3 simple tips to help ease your child’s fears about an upcoming disaster. Children’s needs before, during and after a disaster are much different from an adults, but if you approach them properly with preparedness they will be able to handle any disaster that comes their way in a much better manner.Preparing your child for a disaster without increasing their fears is essential and can be done.

Simple Annual Disaster Preparedness Checklist

Everybody keeps saying, “Make sure you are prepared for a disaster!” But what they don’t tell you is that once you do have all of your essential survival supplies there are several things that you need to do annually to ensure your family’s safety. Just like you need to replace your smoke detector batteries every year, you need to do several things to ensure your family’s safety before the next big disaster strikes. By keeping a Simple Annual Disaster Checklist it takes the headache out staying prepared.

Discover Your Hidden Water Sources Before the Next Big Disaster

On average, a human being can only survive 7 days without water. During a very big disaster the water system could be non functional for an extended period of time making alternate sources of water essential for your family’s survival. Unaware to many, we have access to several other sources of water, right at our fingertips!

Helpful Tips for Selecting a Fluid Warming System Manufacturer

IV fluid warming systems benefit injury victims and hospital patients by helping to prevent IV induced hypothermia and resolve existing hypothermia. However, not all IV warmers, or manufacturers of IV warmers, are the same. If you are considering investing in IV warmers for a hospital, health clinic, or an Emergency Medical Service (EMS) unit, you should begin by identifying the best fluid warming system manufacturer.

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