Welcome to Survival Dispatch

Welcome to Survival Dispatch

Special Secrets for Fresh Food Storage

In order to survive the next food crisis, you first need to acknowledge some of the best storage tips for fresh food. Develop these healthy habits for future preparedness. You will be glad you learned them.

7 Focal Points of First Aid Courses

First aid courses are important for helping save lives. They range from CPR to the simple bandaging of a wound. While various scouts, guides and other similar authority figures all over the world make it an important part of their course structure to teach and learn first aid locations in their areas, there are various courses available online as well.

The Boon of Carrying a Non-Lethal Weapon

It can’t be helped that at times we feel a pang of paranoia especially when we walk along deserted alleys and streets. It’s as if sinister eyes are watching. These are among the places wherein the offenders would usually prowl and ready to pounce on you anytime.

How Much Food Should a Prepper Have in Their Doomsday Supplies?

As a doomsday prepper, I am frequently asked how much survival food or gear to have on hand. As there is no simple answer for this I have given some general guidelines as to how much survival food you should have on hand. For the most part, a simple answer would be 3 months or more to be prepared for most emergency situations that you are likely to encounter.

Why You Need a Car Survival Kit

The importance of having a car survival kit is often overlooked by most people. Pre-made car survival kit are often a good idea.

Emergency Preparedness, A Home and Family Safety Conversation

Talk and plan with your family for potential disasters. Explain why it’s necessary to prepare for them. Involve each member of your household in the planning process. By talking about, reviewing and practicing simple steps that can increase everyone’s readiness, it can help reduce anxiety about emergencies.

The Evolution of CPR

Why do many professionals have to re-certify for CPR so often? Because, it is an evolving science. As medical professionals and researchers learn more about how CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) affects the human body and works to save lives, they make slight adjustments in the technique. This can mean the difference between life and death for an unresponsive victim. As you read further into this article, we will elaborate on why re-certification is so important, and give you a better understanding about the life-saving technique.

How to Cook Food in a Survival Situation?

When a disaster occurs and the food crisis factor appears, it’s recommended that you consume cooked food, as well as ready to eat food, so you will need to plan for some heat source. There are a number of options, and what is best depends on the space you have and how portable you want it to be.

Survive the Food Crisis Without Electricity

If you are home, but without power, the food issue is something you need to be prepared for. You’ll have a lot of options though.

Survival Food Storage

A survival scenario requires more physical strength and mental agility due to highly physical activities such as making a shelter, collecting other survival supplies and protection. For this reason food and water are very important. Here’s a run down of the survival food storage basics.

Disaster Preparedness, Before a Disaster Happens

In real-estate they say there are 3 important factors-“Location, location and location.” In disaster preparedness there are three important factors; Prepare, prepare & prepare… Preparing entails a plan and communication of emergency procedures with your family, friends and possibly your neighbors.

Tips on Hiring a Contractor After a Flood Disaster

What type of contractor do I need to repair my flooded home? Contractors that specialize in flood mitigation are your best bet. Find out what to expect in the flood restoration process so you are better prepared before hiring help for your flood damage home repairs.

Common Sense Self-Defense Tips for Men

Sometimes, even if you do not want trouble, trouble finds you or at least people try to drag you into trouble. Well, this is indeed common among men.

Hyperinflation, Monetary Collapse of the Financial System – Be Prepared!

For decades now, the world has been partying wildly, while drinking from the proverbial punch bowl of good times. Ever since the gold window was closed by President Nixon in 1971 governments have increasingly relied upon deficit spending and avoided any real attempts to pay it back. As the saying goes “sooner or later you have to pay the piper”. Sadly, the only forms of payment that have ever been paid towards all of these national debts, has been with fiat currency. In essence, more borrowed money.

Food Ideas for Emergency Situations

I think a lot of people like to think they’d know what to do if the world went to hell tomorrow. But, be honest with yourself- do you really know what it would take to live, at least slightly comfortably, without the convenient comforts that we take for granted today?

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