Wazoo Survival 72 Hour Challenge | ON Three

Wazoo Survival 72 Hour Challenge | ON Three

Emergency Services Make the Best of a Bad Situation

No one likes emergencies. They produce damage, expense, and inconvenience to everyone living in the home from the parents to the children to the pets. Flood, fire, mold, and crime and trauma clean-up can be difficult, even for the most experienced home repair person.

Staying Safe in Hurricane Season

Most years, some part of Florida is affected by a hurricane. Sometimes multiple hurricanes strike in a single season, and they vary in severity. Long-time Floridians are familiar with hurricanes and know how to stay safe. Newer residents might not have the experience to know what precautions to take. Even some natives might believe myths or take inadequate precautions.

Five Things You Can Do to Help Recover From a House Fire

After a house fire, you may feel that all is lost. It may seem impossible to make a fresh start. After a fire, it will take lots of time before things return to normal, but everybody recovers and gets back to their normal lives in time. Here are five things you can do to help put it behind you and make a fresh start.

Economic Collapse Survival Tips and Secrets

Surviving an economic collapse requires survival planning and preparations. While the old economy, in its decline, threatens a total global collapse down the road, the emergency of our current economic crisis must be addressed today before it’s too late. In order to have your preparations made requires foresight and planning to do it right.

Nostradamus and the 2012 Mystery

While the Mayans are the ones credited most with the idea that the world will end on December 21, 2012 – it is based on the end of their calendar, after all. Nostradamus is another prominent figure in the 2012 mythos.

The Basic First Aid Kits

The basic first aid kits are very useful and are highly applicable during emergency cases wherein the lack of support from medical authorities and doctors may occur. Basically it consists of the most basic elements tools and medication that can prevent aggravation of both emergency and acute cases of injury, sickness, disorders and diseases. The first thing that people should have to remember when using the basic first aid kits is that the procedure is laid out on a piece of instruction paper for the ones who have no basic first aid training experience.

Basic Emergency First Aid Training is Essential

Emergency first aid can be summed up as the act of providing help to someone before professional medical assistance arrives. Orienting yourself with the basics and being organized with a medical supply kit can help minimize further injury or even prevent death.

The Essentials of Water Survival

When it comes to water survival skills, you may think that being a good swimmer and regular swimming exercises are the only things you need. But, you will need a lot more than that to overcome most water-based emergencies. Whether you are flying over water or using a boat/vessel to cross the vast seas, we’ll talk about everything beyond the basic swimming skills.

Organize For an Emergency – 5 Tips to Get Your Home Insurance Buttoned Up!

Homeowner’s insurance or renter’s insurance is a necessity; it covers you for unexpected occurrences ranging from robberies to fires. However, when it comes to assessing whether or not you have adequate coverage, the devil is in the details.

Propane Powered Generators For Emergency Home Protection

So during the last power outage you went out and paid top-dollar for the last generator on the floor. The thing has sat in your garage for two years and now that an ice storm has knocked out your electricity you think you can at least run your furnace and sump pump. You go out and try to start the generator but nothing happens. You pull and pull. There is at least a half of a tank of fuel. Still you pull until your arm is sore but the dang thing will not run. Under these circumstances drain the fuel and put fresh gas in the tank.

5 Ways Your Company’s First Aid Kits Might Be Messed Up

Every office is in need of a first aid kit – there’s simply no avoiding it. But if there’s one trend first aid businesses take note of time and time again, it’s that a big number of organizations make a group of easy-to-fix mistakes when talking about safety – mistakes that are easy to avoid. None of these examples are terrible errors, just ordinary things that happen in a work environment.

The Best Five Explanations For Why Your Company Ought to Be Organizing First Aid Courses

It’s not appropriate to get a first-aid kit and ensure everybody knows its location – if you need want a safe office space, your employees need at minimum a day of first-aid instruction. The hands-on experience that comes along with several hours of teaching with a legitimate educator is crucial when an incident happens at work, and gives your staff members the confidence necessary to think fast.

How to Remove a Blood Sucking Leech From Your Eyeball

I’m not kidding. You can read it yourself in the Sept 2009 issue of Outdoor Life magazine, page 12. It appears that when you go fishing using the little suckers for bait one of these opportunists can attach itself to your eyeball looking for a free meal.

Fender Bender Primer

Auto accidents happen and most are minor events. Here are some common sense steps to prepare for an accident and handle an accident once it has occurred. Being prepared and ready will help keep a minor accident from becoming a big headache.

Save a Life by Keeping Your First Aid Training Current

Many people are under the impression that once they receive their first aid certification, they never have to worry about it again. This is a very dangerous bit of misinformation, though, since techniques change all the time. Your memory of how to conduct adequate first aid also fades with time, further increasing the need for occasional refresher courses.

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