Wayback Wilderness at Blade Show 40

Wayback Wilderness at Blade Show 40

Should You Prepare For A Disaster?

What is it about the words survival and preparedness that elicit such strong feelings in many? You have people on one side of the spectrum that live in fear and see conspiracies around every corner. On the other side you have people who feel a condescending amusement toward anyone who suggests one should prepare for possible disasters.

Prepare for an Earthquake – Learn Earthquake Safety

While you can never plan for everything that happens in life — if you’ve a plan for when emergencies happen, you’ll be in the top percentage of people in the world. Just because you plan for a disaster doesn’t mean that you’re expecting it to happen — ideally it won’t, but if it does — you’re prepared to handle it.

Sometimes the Primary Aim In Life Is Survival

If you have ever been trapped in a situation that not only seemed dangerous but proved to be dangerous you can relate to this article. I not talking here about a little danger, a thrilling such as a rollercoaster ride or anything similar. I am talking about being real life situation that might cost you your life. I experienced this when I was 14 years old. I was run over by a 1976 Monte Carlo. I did some research on the car and not only does the body of the car sit very close to the ground, it also ways over 2 tons. That’s over 4000 pounds without any passengers.

First Aid Supplies – An Important Part of a Basic Emergency Kit

A box of instant bandages is a very important requirement of first aid supplies. Also, needles and thread should be included in the kit. They are mostly meant for repairing clothes, but in worst scenarios, they can also be used for emergency cut repair. Although, it is not very elegant, it will do in case you have no other option left. Just remember to sterilize them before using them on someone’s body.

Four Must Have Emergency Supplies

Many of us live with the feel-good fact that disasters will never strike us. However, the harsh truth is that even though you live in an area that is not very prone to earthquakes, hurricanes, or floods, you may still get stuck in an emergency due to a terrorist attack or any other such situation. When emergencies strike, no excuses or beliefs can help you survive.

The Bug Out Bag’s 10 Essential Items

The Bug Out Bag or 72 hour kit is an essential item that every adult should have. There are certain items that every one of them should have and those items are discussed.

Overview of SHTF Survival

SHTF stands for “Stuff Hit the Fan”; it is a plan that helps you to survive in extreme conditions. SHTF survival teaches about the things are necessary to stay alive during Armageddon like condition. It is also known as the urban survival.

Preparedness for Earthquakes: Develop a Disaster Plan

The rest of the United States is not exempt from an earthquake. Earthquakes happen where ever there is a fault zone and several large ones run right through the Midwest.

7 Top Safety Tips for Earthquakes

Most Californians behave as if they have blinders on. They love their toys, their electronics and their big-screen television. But after the big one hits, they’ll be sad to realize that homeowner’s or renter’s insurance isn’t going to replace that television. You’ve two options: buy earthquake insurance (expensive) or follows these 7 top safety tips for earthquake preparedness.

Survival Skills and Survival Equipment

Wilderness survival used to be part of daily life. But even though we feel protected inside our modern cocoons, getting a grip on survival skills is still a smart ‘just in case’ set of skills to acquire. Even in today’s world, survival skills are not only for the Backpacker, outdoors enthusiasts or sportsman any more.

Hi Vis Clothing Not Optional When It Comes to Safety

Never take fashion as a priority over your safety. They make Hi Vis clothing the colors and styles they do for a reason and it’s for you to be seen in some of the worst visual environments. It comes as Protective Wear and Emergency Prep such as Hi Vis coveralls, vests, cuffs, work gloves and more.

Economic Collapse Survival Guide for You

In order to survive the consequences of the economic crisis it is necessary to follow economic collapse survival guide. These emergency situations are capturing the whole world at a sweep collapsing the global market. It is very essential to plan and prepare ourselves with a foresight of the future to toil and come out of this situation with triumph.

The Best 2012 Survival Strategy

NASA has claimed that the earth might be facing a calamity situation because of the shifting in the Polar Regions in the year 2012 which will affect the normal life of every inhabitant living in it. There is no proper proportion of how long these situations might occur. It might be true prediction of the disasters of the future or just an illusionary saying by few scientists and experts.

The Multi Tool For Survival

The multi tool is an every day carry item that no survivalist should be without. Once you start carrying one you will wonder how you ever got along without one.

How Zombies Are A Metaphor For Modern Survival

Zombie Apocalypse Fiction gives modern Survivalists the chance to get close up to their fears without touching them outright. It’s one thing to examine a dreadful narrative about Zombies taking over and mankind caught in a competition for our very existence. It is quite another to read a saga about the collapse of a country and its people consumed in a struggle for their very existence.

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