WARNING: This is What SHTF Looks Like

WARNING: This is What SHTF Looks Like

Everybody Should Have an Emergency Kit

Everybody needs an Emergency Kit or Survival Kit. The Emergency kit can be your best friend and could save your life in an Emergency.

Thriver: The Medicine Man

The practice of medicine has been a longstanding tradition with human culture. Around 5,000 years ago the Egyptians were practicing early medicine in the form of herbs and incantations. Modern medicine derives its roots from Hippocrates, who believed that the body and not Greek gods manifest disease.

The Importance of Carrying First Aid Products

It is surprising how many people do not carry a first aid kit. Accidents and sickness happen on a daily basis and everyone should be prepared. Realistically, first aid products need carried at all times regardless of where you are. Unexpected occurrences can happen anywhere and at any time. Most people spend the most amount of time at home, so even though there are probably first aid products in the house, make sure they are all together and easily accessible. Preferably, in a portable container kept in one location at all times, so everyone in the home can find it quickly.

The Importance of Confined Space Training

Confined Space Rescue is a highly dangerous Venture as the hazards faced are very high and can be fatal most of the times.Statistics show that more than 60% of those that die in Confined Spaces are the people who are attempting to perform a rescue.This can be attributed to lack of proper training on the rescuers part as the people who try to ‘initiate the rescue’ do not recognize the hazards, overestimate their abilities and resources.In other words..they do not have a proper ‘plan of approach’ to do the rescue.

The Importance of a Good Survival List

How would you react if you were lost in a forest? Finding yourself in this scenario is at once very unlikely and remarkably easy to do. Surviving such an ordeal depends on proper preparation.

Tips To Use In Selecting Survival Gear

“Gear” is one of those words under which you can lump a lot of different things. What is “gear” to one person may not be to another person. However, for the most part, people have a common understanding of what “gear” is especially when it comes to survival gear. Survival gear items are basic in function and are designed to make your life (in a survival situation) a little easier and a little less stressful. Here are some tips in deciding what survival gear you should get.

How and When to Use a Fire Blanket In An Emergency Situation

Having a fire blanket inside your home, can serve you well in many emergency fire situations. Most importantly you need to know how and when to use them.

Additional and Practical Uses of a Fire Blanket

For small fires a fire blanket will extinguish the fire much faster than a fire extinguisher. And, if you are ever trapped in a fire, a fire blanket could save your life by enabling you to escape.

Learn How To Deal With Electrical Burns

It is a common misconception that an electric shock and an electrical burn is the same thing but they most certainly are not! When an individual sustains an electric shock, the electricity does not typically cause external or internal injury, despite the fact that it flows through the body. On the other hand, electrical burns are quite severe and can result in a number of underlying injuries.

Practical Everyday Use for Freeze Dried Food Storage

Freeze dried food storage is breaking the traditional mold of food that sits on a shelf and more and more people are finding practical daily use for this unique type of food. Practical ways this food can be used on a regular basis might include things like camping, hunting, summer/winter cottage storage and use for daily meals. Reasons for why this type of food is becoming increasingly popular for these type of activities is explained more in this article.

Lesson From Japan

We learned many lessons from Japan… here are 10 of them. Simple things that can make life endurable and comfortable in the midst of difficult circumstances. If you’re prepared, you shalt not fear.

Abandon Modern Day Life and Run For The Hills

Over the last 10 years of my life I have thought deeply about the possibility of humanity as we know it crumbling to dust leaving human kind having to fend for themselves. This, may I point out now, is nothing new. There are pockets of human tribes scattered across the globe who have never been affected by modern day society. Take for example the Aboriginals in mid Australia who still live off the land and only take what they need, as they need it.

2012 Survival Tips – How to Put Together a Great First Aid Kit

You may be looking for the information on the first aid kit. A first aid kit is simply a compilation of special equipments and supplies that is used in giving the first aid.

Features I Like On My Eton FR160 Emergency Radio

Knowing what is going on is always helpful, but it becomes critical in a natural disaster or crisis situation. What is happening, what is still coming, and where you can go for help become vital questions that you will need answers to. An Eton emergency radio can help you obtain those answers. Here are some of the features that I really like on my Eton FR160 multi-purpose outdoor radio.

Fire Building Basics: Things You Must Know to Make a Fire

Fire, the very element that has been essential to human survival for millennia. For many obtaining fire is as easy as turning a knob, flicking a lighter or striking a match.

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