WARNING: This is How World War 3 Will Start / Cyberwar

WARNING: This is How World War 3 Will Start / Cyberwar

How To Survive A Shark Attack

Anyone living near the water should have a healthy respect for sharks. The thought of being attacked rarely crosses most people’s minds. If you are not one of those people, then read on.

How to Take Care of Your Survival Knife

A survival knife can be one of your greatest and most important investments especially if it’s intended to be used in the wild. Keeping your knife in top condition can make a big difference to ensure a long lasting quality tool for years to come.

An Outdoor Urban Survival Guide

Many people like to live in highly populated areas where everything is just at arm’s reach. They move out only when disaster strikes. Some are fortunate enough to get to the safety, but others aren’t as lucky. In times like this, most roads and thoroughfares are blocked.

Top 5 Urban Survival Tips You Won’t Find In Most Urban Survival Manuals

More often than not, catastrophic events come with little or no warning. And when these things happen, we tend to panic.

Top 5 Urban Survival Base Camps

Urban survival shelters are the key to outdoor and wilderness survival. These shelter camps offer protection from outside elements such as rain, insects, wind, hot and cold temperatures.

Challenges in the Mitigation Process

Mitigation can best be abridged as endowing the resources necessary to diminish the impacts of events of disastrous proportions. These risk reductions embrace all the necessary measures relating to reducing the risks for both the people as well as preserving the properties involved. Mitigation looks at the long term resolution rather then the quick and immediate responses geared towards hazard events.

Approaches to Managing Conflict

Conflict is customarily defined as a clash of actions, directions, interests, values or views. Discord within emergency response operations is inescapable amongst the various partners involved. This should come as no surprise considering the diverse concerns and the conflicting mandates of the dissimilar stakeholders. There are usually a vast number of partners occupied with the issue, so naturally the higher the number the greater the opportunity for conflict.

Why We Should Plan Several Manned Missions to Asteroids

NASA is considering a manned mission to Mars, most of the political left-leaning socialist-liberals don’t like the idea, but maybe they should reconsider. Yes, of course, there will always be complaints about the money spent for space exploration because folks at home often feel that we should spend money on social causes instead. But sending a manned mission or missions to an asteroid, comet, giant meteor, or several makes a lot of sense – okay, so let’s talk.

Comparison of Emergency Management

Emergency management is a discipline which knows no bounds. Disasters are universal in nature and can appear in any culture, economic conditions or technological society in the world. In any foreign country the impact of disasters results in local actions and activities conducted in reference to the nation’s risks and hazards that they may encounter.

Building A Basic Emergency Kit – Part II: First Aid Supplies

One absolute necessity in any emergency bug-out kit is first-aid supplies. It’s impossible to carry everything you might need but there are some things that should be in every kit.

Budget Authority and Other Hindrances

One could argue that the lack of both statutory and budget authority hinders not only national efforts but also international EM operations as well. Being realistic the countries of the world have slowly been engulfed in various financial and economic crisis dilemmas placing the assorted nations to the brink of potential recessions. The drastic increase in the cost of oil and the onset of war being raged globally has taken its toll upon the budgetary restraints of international emergency operations.

Avoid Getting In A Fight And Keep Out Of Danger

If you ever found yourself in a confrontation that may lead to getting in a fight, do you know how to get out of it? This could be a tough situation to be in but it could be in your best interest to walk away. Below are some tips below are especially useful to kids.

Federal Government Resources

Since 2003 when FEMA combined with Homeland Security many people have begun to express concern that FEMA has become extremely complicated to deal with and has lost its effectiveness to deal properly with emergency issues. FEMA is one of 22 different agencies which now make up America’s Homeland Security Department. This combined effort is suppose to properly address any disasters or terrorist activities which may befall our country; unfortunately, it simply does not work as planned.

Top 5 Timeless Military Survival Skills

Have you ever wondered how those military men survive the worst of the worst? Here are their top five most guarded survival skills.

Review of Top Urban Survival Gear

When hikers and campers go off into the woods, they carry with them a survival bag. They stuff it with all the essential and basic gear.

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