Warning: The Cities Will Burn if This Happens

Warning: The Cities Will Burn if This Happens

3 Important Advantages Of a First Aid Course

First aid courses are beneficial for everyone and not just for health care workers. You never know when a tragedy occurs, so it is important to acquire the skills that may help you save lives. Completing a first aid course is a job requirement for some people.

First Aid Training: The Need For The Same

Think of a situation wherein you are standing at a bus stop and suddenly, an old man starts having a heart attack. The best most of us can do is to call the ambulance and be around the person and watch helplessly. On the other hand, an individual with sound first aid training will handle the situation differently.

First Aid Training: Why We Need It

The amount of uncertainties each of us face every day is undeniable. Still we go on with everyday life without really realizing the need for certain basic survival skills. When an emergency hits us, we are usually taken unaware.

First Aid Training: Where To Find It?

Believe it or not, most individuals do not go for first aid training because they are not able to find a comprehensive and reliable source. There are also many who think that first aid training is not a necessity for them. The fact of the matter is that each one of us with mortal lives needs to have an idea of skills such as first aid treatments.

First Aid Skills For Any Emergency

The significance of first aid skills has been underestimated and undermined from quite some time now. The emergency of technology and fast paced lifestyles has worsened this ignorance. However, when it comes down to an emergency, one really cannot do much apart from calling the ambulance and waiting on.

Don’t Go Looking For First Aid – Be It

First aid is probably one of the most misunderstood and underestimated skills in survival tactics. When it comes to first aid, most people’s knowledge does not go beyond cotton and antiseptic. However, good first aid skills go beyond these aspects.

Be Prepared For Anything With First Aid Training

Over dependence on extraneous sources is the bane of the present generation. Take navigation for example. Most of us are rendered helpless without our GPS systems.

Three Reasons the Power Grid Could Go Down in 2012 and How to Prepare

The year 2012 could be a very scary year for us if the there is a major power grid outage as many people fear. Why might the power grid go down this year as opposed to any other year?  There are three reasons.

2012, Rising Crime and Self Defense – It’s Not Just About Guns

With the year 2012 now here and an increasing consensus that we are going to experience more crime, civil unrest and even riots, it is a good time to be thinking about how to defend yourself. Many preppers and survivalists think they will be safe since they have guns and they practice using them, but everyone isn’t so well prepared. The problem is that most of us don’t have guns with us at all times.

Self Defense Strategies for 2012 As Crime Continues to Increase

The economy isn’t getting any better and most signs are that it will get worse as 2012 drags on. That means a lot of people running out of unemployment benefits and more desperate people on the streets turning to crime. Since an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, let’s take a look at some self defense strategies to keep you from becoming a victim as crime continues to increase in 2012.

3 Reasons Crime Could Skyrocket in 2012

While there are a lot of different predictions, concerns and fears about what will happen in 2012 ranging from the realistic to the absurd, one of the most common themes revolves around the fact that crime could skyrocket. Let’s take a look at three reasons that preparing for a dramatic increase in crime in 2012 is prudent…

Urban Survival Techniques for 2012 – Staying Safe on the Street

As we move into 2012 and the concerns about the worsening economy, and with it worsening crime, wear heavy on people’s minds, it is a good opportunity to take a look at some practical urban survival techniques to stay safe on the street, as well as at home. Some people get a false sense of security thinking that since they live in a safe suburb or a nice part of town that they will always be safe. However, crime has a way of finding people, and with 45 million Americans now dependent upon food stamps, the idea of areas…

Freeze Dried Food: What You Should Consider

Eating freeze dried food is usually not our first choice for a meal. When was the last time you said “Let’s open up a bag of food, add some water to it and invite some friends over for dinner?” We can thank NASA for experimenting with dehydrating food for their astronauts however the military has been using MREs or Meals Ready to Eat for their soldiers for decades.

All About Dehydrated Food

As the name suggests, it is food that underwent the process of dehydration or drying. This is done to the food in order to preserve it. The water is removed from the food, which keeps the growth of microorganisms and prevents decay. Dehydrating food can either be done through sun drying, wind drying, air drying, or smoking. Through these processes, the shelf life of it is increased.

How To Survive This – A Survival Discussion

Now, perhaps more than any time in recent memory, people are paying attention to the increasing number of major natural disasters and incidents of social unrest which has plagued many countries around the globe, and it raises the question of how to survive this type of incident if it happened to us. The truth is that whatever the threat, most of us are woefully unprepared to fend for ourselves.

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