WARNING: Beware of These People after it Goes Down

WARNING: Beware of These People after it Goes Down

Emergency Roadside Kit: A Winter Necessity

The headline reads, “Hypothermic Man Stranded on Remote Thurston County Hill” The story, in the KOMO News.com, states the man’s car broken down and his battery died. He tried walking to safety, but the attempt backfired. Rescue teams had to be assembled to attempt his rescue.

Consider Water and Food in Self-Sufficient Living

Self-sufficient living must address sources of water and food. Here are options for providing your own water and food.

Mountain Winter Survival Tips

Whether a day hike or an extended trek, it can lead to disaster if not properly prepared. Plan your trip carefully and include some of these items to survive.

Children Can Save Lives Too

We are taught from a young age what to do in case of emergency by our parents and that’s to call for help or 911 in most cases. But do they really know what to do after that? Is there an emergency kit or a first aid kit that they know how to get to and use until an adult arrives?

Top 10 Tips To Survive 2012

The year 2012 has been observed as the end of the human race and the reason to survive during this major apocalypse is hitting the media as well as the internet. In order to survive 2012, if cataclysms happen, men are taking precautions by preparing themselves towards this great challenge.

Emergency Preparation Tips for Typhoons

Typhoons are weather phenomenon. One can never prevent it from forming and coming over. Preparation is the key.

Online Fire Science Degrees

Uncontrolled fires are catastrophes that can cause damage to property and belongings as well as potentially have psychological impacts on its victims. Ultimately, fires can affect how people go about their daily lives. It is often argued that those who risk the lives of themselves and others should have a degree in fire fighting or at least have an understanding of how fires work.

Medical Fluid Warmers Are Now a Field Treatment Choice

Medical professionals need specific equipment to provide the right treatment to patients in the field. Fluid administration has been a very big challenge due to limited apparatus availability. A warmer is a device used to heat blood or an intravenous solution prior to bodily entry as a preventative measure for avoiding conditions like hypothermia.

Selecting the Best Survival Knife

When anticipating getting by in distressed conditions, it’s always wise to plan for circumstances that will deprive you of access to all the conveniences, even those most basic conveniences that nearly all of us take for granted. This is why selecting the right survival knife can be so important. It is a multi-purpose tool.

Why You Need an Emergency Kit for Your Vehicle

Preparing for a natural disaster is something no one wants to think about, but everyone should do. Think about where you spend a lot of your time. Do you commute? Do you take road trips? Your car may be the most likely place for you to start your emergency preparedness. Whether you are alone in your car, in a carpool, or traveling in your car, being prepared for any type of emergency makes sense.

Tips On How To Prepare For A Winter Storm

Winter storms are beautiful to look at but can bring hardship to many of us who are not prepared. Following these tips will give most of us have a better chance at surviving when we have unforseen things happen to us.

You Can Survive Distressing Environments By Mastering Basic First Aid Skills

In an environment where survival is the main goal, the ability to administer first aid to family, friends, the community and yourself is invaluable. In fact, it is just as important as food procurement skills. Under normal conditions, access to healthcare – including prescription medications and qualified doctors – can be easily taken for granted.

Medical IV Warmers: A Wise Preventative Measure for Supplying Large Amounts of Fluid

  The intravenous administration of fluids can actually increase risk, due to medical factors such as the patient’s current condition and available equipment. Blood supplied through an IV at stored temperature is a direct cause for the development of hypothermia and cardiac conditions in patients. Warmers are used to bring fluids to an acceptable temperature before they are delivered.

Medical Fluid Warmers: What Features Are Most Important When Buying?

Patients often require some sort of solution to be applied while receiving field or facility medical treatment. Fluid introduced to the body at a chilled temperature imposes a higher risk for the development of more serious health conditions in addition to what is already being treated. Warmers are devices designed to heat any substance being supplied through an intravenous tube.

Hypothermia in Trauma Patients: Warming Is an Effective Treatment Option

Hypothermiais a medical illness caused by rapid drops in an individual’s core temperature. A specific heat range is required in order for the human body to continue functioning appropriately. The internal functions of trauma patients cannot keep up with the heat replenishment necessary to counteract exposure to colder temperatures.

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