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Vacation Preparedness |  ft. ON Three

Urban Survival During Hyperinflation

More and more people, even those who are not Preppers, are beginning to fear the effects of America’s runaway national debt, stagnant economy and the increasing unemployment. As soon as the government / Federal Reserve start printing money because no foreigners will continue to buy our debt and finance our deficit spending, inflation will set in. Just as it has happened in many other countries, inflation will turn to hyperinflation and the economic collapse will result in riots, food shortages and chaos.

Be Ready: Six Steps to Preparing for the Unexpected

In today’s modern world we take a lot of things for granted, things like electricity, water and the easy availability of food at our corner market or restaurant. This sense of complacency is unfounded however, as unexpected events like hurricanes, earthquakes and snowstorms, not to mention manmade disasters can quickly result in loss of these services. All of us need to be prepared to operate for a time without access to these resources. In short, we need to be prepared to go it alone for awhile.

BOSIET Training (Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training)

Whenever you might be undertaking any type of jobs on an offshore asset, for instance a drill rig, production platform or FPSO, you will be instructed to conduct specialised offshore safety and emergency training. By far the most necessary point that anyone who are going to be functioning offshore must have in mind and be adequately prepared in is basic safety. The great thing is, you will find there’s a comprehensive program that enables staff to be competent inside the security standards that they have to understand or know to be able to operate their work correctly. Offshore Training Headquarters have pointed out what BOSIET Training will be focused on and will supply you with pointers on what to anticipate from the BOSIET Training.

Emergency Preparation For A Crisis Disrupted Food Shortage

Global food shortages have been with us for a very long time, but has never been to much of an issue in the U.S and other developed countries. The present economic situation could very well change that with many factors contributing, including inflation, high unemployment, devalued currency and civil unrest.

Using a Portable Blood Warmer: Frequently Asked Questions

Unless they are warmed prior to being administered intravenously, blood and other fluids can cause hypothermia. The best way to avoid this situation is to use a warmer for intravenous (IV) fluids, with a portable model being ideal. Portable IV warmers offer critical benefits that standard warmers do not, particularly: lightweight design, quick setup and warm up times, and a disposable design that prevents the spread of infection.

Ultra Battery 1: Reforming IV Fluid Warmers in All Medical Environments

An ultra battery is a light-weight, rechargeable power device for portable, disposable intravenous IV blood and fluid heaters. These warmers are compatible with any standard infusion or blood administration system and are specifically designed to aid the ease of patient care and safety in virtually any medical environment. From setup to the point of patient administration, a brief seventy-five seconds deliver both heating and fluid path in one simple unit.

SHTF – What Exactly Does It Mean?

Many people have not heard of the acronym “SHTF” or understand how important it is that they plan for a disaster – either natural or manmade. In this article we explore the term “SHTF” and a few of the most popular scenarios involved.

Simple Techniques to Improve Safety in the Modern World

With the hustle and constant activity that characterizes our modern world, even in suburban areas, it can be very easy to become a victim of crime. With hard times falling on our country economically, there has been an increase in crime. No one wants to accept that they could be the next target, but with a few sound pieces of advice, you can really lower your chances of having a face to face encounter with a violent individual.

Preppers and Survivalists: Who Are They and What Do They Believe?

Are Preppers and Survivalists crazy, fringe element people who are unduly obsessed with the end of the world? Or can everyone learn something from them? By taking a look at Survivalists and Preppers, everyone can benefit.

Ultra Battery 1 for Blood Warmers: Enhancing Military Medical Equipment

The Ultra Battery 1 is a power source designed for the safety and convenience of modern SOF (Special Operations Forces) Medics administering IV (intravenous) care to troops during combat.  In many cases, United States Combat Medics must physically blend in with regular troops for survival.  The ability to store supplies such as blood IV (intravenous) warmers, fluids, or tubing without compromising a medic’s response time is a legitimate way of protecting a life that in turn saves others.

Battery Powered Blood Warmers Vs Standard Blood Warmers

There are two types of blood warmers: ones that are powered by electricity, and ones that are battery powered. Although each type can warm blood and other fluids as needed, the latter has important advantages over the former. Below are five ways in which warmers that use batteries are superior to those that don’t:  

Portable Blood and Fluid Warmer Benefits for Hospitals and Patients

When cold blood and other fluids are administered intravenously, they can adversely affect the recipient’s health. In 2010, 43.2 million out of 45 million hospital IV fluid infusions were administered warm, but the 1.8 that were not put patients at risk for hypothermia.

Is Traffic Safety Any Of Your Concern?

The large and growing number of fatal road traffic accidents and deadly injuries seems to be accepted as unavoidable fate, as if nothing could be done to check its ominous call. In fact one should not accept such a conclusion, but enforce drastic measures to curb those tragic consequences. If authorities and laws are unable to prevail, should not regular concerned citizens take the lead and struggle to find more effective ways to improve education and limit the tragic results?

IV Warmers: Choosing a Superior Portable IV Warmer for First-Rate Quality Care

IV Warmers are an imperative part of achieving optimal intravenous therapy in all sectors of medical care.  Used to heat blood and fluids prior to treatment, they are the single most effective means of hypothermia prevention for surgical procedures and physically traumatized patients.  Assorted from traditional facility equipment to convenient and advanced battery-operated designs, manufacturers of medical devices are constantly setting new standards for the way professionals provide first-rate quality care in every environment.

IV Warmers: Pros and Cons of IV Equipment Varieties

Determining which intravenous items to utilize is a crucial decision for all healthcare institutions. The following is a comprehensive guide of IV warmers, highlighting benefits and disadvantages for each option to assist providers in selecting appropriate intravenous equipment for specific treatment environments.

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