URGENT: First Ever Double Hurricane To Hit US Next Week: August 2020

URGENT: First Ever Double Hurricane To Hit US Next Week: August 2020

Emergency Preparedness With a Special Needs Child

Every parent with an elementary schooler has heard their child come home at some point with something to say about emergency preparedness; it’s a common enough theme in schools today. But what can you do in an emergency if your child isn’t capable of fending for themselves — much less moving out of a room on their own? ‘Preparedness’ takes on a whole new meaning…

What Type of Natural Disasters Can Happen?

Natural disasters that can happen include the following: earthquakes, droughts, floods, mudslides, tsunami, tornadoes, extreme heat, volcanoes, and wildfires. These disasters can happen anywhere in the world. Although we have no control over these calamities, we can prepare and plan for them to reduce their effect or damage.

What Type of Manmade Disasters Can Happen?

Manmade disasters can happen for a variety of reasons, such as negligence or error; the frailty of human intellect and intent; and the failure of systems that have been created by man. Manmade disasters can prove to be even more devastating than natural disasters. If the worst manmade disaster were to happen, existence of the entire planet may be wiped out.

How to Deal With Your Dog in a Disaster Situation

As a pet owner, you must be prepared to effectively handle disastrous situations. You must have a plan in place, as well as a disaster kit.

How to Be Prepared Mentally For Survival

In most cases, survival is ensured prior to catastrophic events. Knowledge of survival skills is necessary to help cope after life threatening occurrences. Nowadays, victims are taught the necessary mental skills to help rid them of their frustrations.

5 Most Important Foods to Store

The thought of doomsday approaching is a fear rooted in the horrors shown nightly on the news. Wars, riots, and other calamities happen, and at times like those, people need shelter or a safe house where they can stay until things turn back to normal. The idea of a shelter is not new; over the ages, man has ensured his safety by making such doomsday shelters.

4 Ways to Make a Fire Without Matches or a Lighter

In order to successfully survive many natural or manmade disasters, an individual needs to be well prepared in advance and should act with presence of mind. In the event of power or structural loss, preparation may include devising alternative means to keep warm and prepare food. Learning to build a fire is a simple, often lifesaving skill. While it may seem as easy as putting a match or lighter to a flammable object, this is occasionally not an option. The following are 4 ways to make a fire when matches or a lighter are unavailable.

3 Tips to Survive an Earthquake

Earthquakes are calamities that happen quite often in different parts of the world. There are a number of earthquake prone zones that experience tremors every now and then. Larger earthquakes can prove to cause a lot of damage to life and property. Throughout history, there have been a number of such calamities all over the world. Few people manage to survive major earthquakes.

3 Tips to Survive a Tsunami

Tsunamis are giant waves that rise out of the ocean when an earthquake happens underwater. The magnitude of a tsunami depends on the size of the earthquake. The world has witnessed a number of such earthquakes in the past. Devastating tsunamis have caused a lot of damage to coastal property, as well as human lives.

What To Do When You Meet With An Accident?

It is very obvious that accidents may happen at any day and any time. But its is very necessary to be prepared for the accidents as well.

Tips On How To Succeed With Your CPR And First Aid Training

Equipping yourself with the right knowledge and skill on how to save a life is a smart move. You can do this by enrolling in relevant courses offered by reliable providers.

CPR and AED Training Can Help to Save a Life

When someone is involved in situations where they could save a life using CPR or the AED equipment, they need to know how to do this properly. Everybody who wants to do this or needs this training should make sure that they are properly trained.

Basic Life Support Course Gives People Information and Tools Needed

When someone is faced with an emergency, a lot of people do not know what to do. This is something that could potentially cause more problems. A basic life support course is going to have many different types of information that will be useful to saving a life.

Fire Extinguishers for Protection of Life and Property by Prevention of Industrial Fires

From an Indian perspective, Fire Hazards are a major concern for industries and are more prominent than toxic hazards and explosions. A fire, if not controlled in a timely manner or if vapor material is not allowed escaping, on ignition, vapor clouds of a flammable liquid may eventually lead to an explosion. Fire hazards can cause severe damage to life and property and in India, around 25,000 people die every year as a result of fire related accidents or explosions.

The Importance Of First Aid Learning

Anyone can and should learn what to do in an emergency case. First aid learning will provide the guidelines and practical techniques so you would know how to respond when you are in an emergency situation.

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