Turboant Thunder T1 E-Bike Review

Turboant Thunder T1 E-Bike Review

Bug Out Bag Preparation – 5 Tips For Creating Your Own Survival Kit

When disaster strikes, you must prepare for the possibility that you can not stay in your home. Ensure your survival with a ready made survival kit, also known as a bug out bag.

Staying Warm Outside in Winter Weather

Staying warm during cold weather is not only important for your comfort, but also for your health. Inadequate preparation could lead to frostbite and hypothermia which can be very serious. Here are some tips on staying warm during cold weather.

Do I Really Need to Prepare Myself For Any Home Emergencies?

The one thing that you need to avoid during any home emergency is going to be looking for a plumber, electrician or emergency home repair contractor’s phone number. If you have already prepared yourself before any type of home emergency like this was to ever happen, you’re not going to find yourself in this type of predicament.

A Broken Fire Hydrant Almost Destroyed the Home

The broken fire hydrant almost destroyed the home. I couldn’t believe what I was actually seeing as the water from the fire hydrant was shooting up in the air between 30 and 40 feet. It wouldn’t have been as big of a deal, if the water was actually spraying into the street, but that wasn’t the case.

The Will to Survive

One of my good friends was the head of the SERE (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape) program at Offut AFB for several years. Back in the 80s, there was an incident where an F-16 pilot needed to make an emergency landing and landed at an abandoned airstrip in Alaska.

When a Child Stops Breathing

How would you like to save a life? Better yet, how about the life of a child or maybe your own. Be prepared to provide CPR for a child who has stopped breathing.

Police Equipment Keeps Our Officers Safe

Police officers have arguably one of the hardest, dangerous and stressful jobs in the world. They are required to deal with situations ranging from the mundane to the life-threatening; and in order to do so require a great many pieces of police equipment. Patrol cars, side arms and handcuffs are just some of the many items needed to perform quality police work.

Winter Emergency Kit Essentials

Don’t get caught out in the winter. Here is a list of some things that you should always have in your car during the winter months.

Basic Facts About Surviving 2012

Imagine experiencing the impact of a tsunami tidal wave and so realize that surviving 2012 should be on your list of things to check out. If the theories of Mayan Prophecies are to be believed, then we are not very far from the time when the world comes to an end.

Are You Prepared For Winter Driving?

Winter driving is challenging for most motorists. Weather conditions can be unpredictable, placing extra demands on your vehicle and your driving skills. To ensure your driving safety this winter season, you must be prepared. As in so many circumstances in life a little preparation before hand can make all the difference later on.

Developing a Fire Escape Plan

One of the most common accidents that threaten people’s safety is an out-of-control fire. In addition, most fires that cause significant harm take place in people’s homes. These two facts taken together clearly illustrate the need for every household to have a fire plan in place.

Wilderness Backpacking Survival – Hydration and Your Water Supply

This article deals with hydration in a wilderness setting. It gives suggestions on preparation for a wilderness excursion regarding hydrating yourself, sources of water and supply. I also specify physically what will happen to you if you don’t drink enough water or become dehydrated, especially in a hot and arid climate. Hydration is critical for survival in a wilderness setting.

The Different Kinds of Fire Extinguisher Cabinets

Sometimes a good number of us would take quality container units for granted. We forget sometimes, that quality containers especially ones that protect sensitive equipment prone to wear and tear are more or less essential investments as well.

How an Emergency Shelter Can Help in a Natural Disaster

Natural disasters are one of the bitter realities that we have to live with. These catastrophes are unpredictable most of the time and can strike any corner of the world. Whether it is a flood, earthquake, Katrina, hurricane or a volcanic eruption, it leaves thousands of people, whether they are living in huge mansions or small wooden apartments, homeless.

How an Emergency Shelter Can Be Used by the Armed Forces

December 26th 2004, at 00:58:53 UTC, an undersea mega thrust earthquake of 9.2 magnitude transpired off the west coast of Sumatra, Indonesia. The result was a mammoth tsunami that took the lives of more than 22500 in 11 countries.

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