This is whats going to happen next…

This is whats going to happen next...

Getting Your Survival Supplies Together

it is important to have the right stuff on hand in an emergency. Here is a great list to start building up your survival supplies.

Your Life May Depend on What You Put in Your Survival Backpacks

Backpacks aren’t just for schoolkids anymore. You can fill up survival backpacks with necessary items easily by just thinking ahead. Don’t forget you might have to move fast to get out of the way of a crisis.

What Good Is a Survival Guide?

You have no idea what is available in a good survival guide until you buy one. You can try to go it alone, but if you are bound and determined to make it through, let someone teach you the ropes.

Your Survival Cache – What If It Could Talk?

If your survival cache could talk, what would it say about you? Are you really ready for a disaster, or just pretending with a few bottles of water and some canned veggies? You can be ready. If you mean it!

Getting Started on Your Emergency Food Storage Plan

What constitutes an emergency and when would you need to worry about or consider the type of food that you would need in order to survive such a disaster? Natural disasters come in many forms: hurricanes, tornados, floods, typhoons, bush fires, to name a few. In times like this it is often in the aftermath of these emergencies that food supply plays a vital role.

Start Strong for Survival Preparedness

Survival preparedness is a way of life. If you want to make it through a crisis, you need to approach it 24/7. Here are a few suggestions to help you get started.

If There Is a Biological Attack And You Search the Symptoms, Will Someone Come To Your Door?

Indeed, I suppose all Internet users these days are a bit paranoid, and rightfully so, who knows maybe that’s part of the plan – keep the natives restless. Make everyone feel they are being watched by the all-seeing eye, like that pyramid design on the dollar bill with the eye in it. After all, if people believe someone is watching or even think someone might be, they are liable to do less harm.

Are You Protecting Your Survival Cache?

It’s not enough to have a survival cache – you also need to be able to get to it easily and protect it. By taking the appropriate steps you will be in great shape in the event of a disaster.

Bathroom Issues in a Disaster

We don’t like to talk about what to do when the toilet won’t flush. But it is a real issue in an emergency. A natural disaster like a hurricane, tornado, flood or earthquake can disrupt the things that we just expect to work. Running water might not be running in an emergency.

Do You Even Have Any Survival Skills?

Survival skills are important. You need to hone your survival skills and make sure that each of your family members has a basic understanding of necessary things to get through a crisis. Whether it is a natural disaster or a man-made crisis, being prepared is extremely critical.

Burned Hills In Western Malibu Need Escape Route for Water and Flooding From Rainy Season

Not long ago, I was cycling down PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) along the California coast in Malibu. As I peddled along, on one side was the stellar view, the beach and rocky coastline, stunning – but on the other side was mountainous terrain burnt to a crisp. How sad I thought, all those animals, and scenic beauty gone. This last huge wildfire was man caused, someone threw out a cigarette butt, and whoof, the whole place was ablaze, and it burned all the way to the ocean – that’s too bad, but it gets worse, let’s talk.

Disaster Preparedness: A Necessity for Every Individual

It is necessary to make sure that every individual in the family is prepared during an emergency. Box emergency kits and disaster preparedness supplies are necessary to obtain as they can save the lives of people.

The Economic Impact Of Climate Change And Severe Weather Events

Extreme weather events continue to plague the United States in 2013 costing the taxpayers billions of dollars in damages. Global warming combined with natural cycles such as El Nino or La Nina have intensified the probability of severe weather. Extreme weather events have increased in recent decades, and there is new evidence that many of these increases are related to human activities. Over the last 50 years, much of the U.S. has seen an increase in prolonged stretches of excessively high temperatures, more heavy rainfall, and regions of severe droughts.

Handling School Security Systems in This Day and Age

School security went through a significant transformation this past year. What should you keep in mind for your own facility?

Checklist for Emergency Survival Kits

We live in a world of uncertainty so it is important to be prepared. It doesn’t matter if we are facing the possibility of a hurricane, an earthquake or perhaps even a national emergency, you would want to have the items necessary to survive that time. Although the specifics of your survival kit may differ from one emergency to another, there are some common factors which should always be included.

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