This is Scary: Things are Getting Real

This is Scary: Things are Getting Real

First Aid Saves Lives

When someone has an accident or is suddenly taken ill, every second counts. Therefore, study the first aid section below, it could save lives!

10 Traits of a Successful Survivalist

They have a thirst for knowledge. There’s no such thing as knowing too much, no matter how much we think we know, there is always areas where we can expand our knowledge base and survival skill set – increasing our survivability.

MRE Meals – In a Blink of an Eye

Many of us feel that stocking provisions such as MRE meals we often see advertised will never be necessary in our lifetime. However, circumstances can change in a blink of an eye.

Using a Roof Tarp in Emergency Situations

Following any major storm the next crucial step is damage assessment. As part of the assessment process it is important to note the areas most critically affected by the storm and make temporary repairs to stabilize your home until a professional contractor is available.

What Price Can You Put on Life?

What should I put in my First Aid Box? Is it important to have a defibrillator? Ring the warning bells..

Scared to Perform CPR? You Are Not Alone

I know that you are afraid to perform CPR. You’re a little grossed out too. Read on to help ease your anxiety!

Avalanche Beacons Are a Life Saver

Avalanche beacons are perhaps the most important piece of equipment one can take into the back country. These devices are small enough to fit into your pocket, and can quite literally save your life. As most experts will tell you, if you plan on being in the mountains during the winter months, one of these beacons should be with you at all times.

New Survival Trends Report

Increased bargain shopping, use of gift cards, and increased product differentiation marked some of the recent trends among survival gear shoppers going into the 2009 Holiday season. Some of the other trends noted were: 1) While there had been a slight increase last year in camping (5.34%) and hiking…

Samoa Gets More Help For Tsunami Victims

Clothes, cooking utilities and financial help keeps coming in to Samoa from all over the world. Although a violent and many times hostile world, the hearts of the people are still filled with love. The Samoan people are overwhelmed by the extensive support they have received after the tsunami on September 29.

Effective Emergency Power

Have you ever had your car die and wish you had emergency power to get yourself out of a sticky situation? More times than not, people who find themselves in an emergency situation do not have electrical power to save them. Emergency electricity not only applies to actual life and death emergencies, but it also comes into play in critical systems.

Using Survival Kits

If you are a nature enthusiast or just have a liking for outdoor activity of any kind, you have probably planned lots of hiking, trekking, skiing and other similar expeditions. Millions of people embark on such activities throughout the year; winters bring ice skating and skiing, while in milder weather, people like to go hiking, mountaineering or exploring nature trails and forests.

CPR Or First Aid? Not Without Safety Glasses

Safety glasses can literally be a lifesaver. Read on to know why!

Why the Telescopic Stun Baton is the Most Popular Self Defense Product

Folks ask me all the time which self defense product is the most popular. Of course the answer is highly subjective. The telescopic stun baton stands out as the most popular self defense product because it is so effective against two and four legged assailants. Read on to find out more.

CPR Classes – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

There are hundreds of CPR Classes to choose from. What makes good CPR classes? One word: Instructors. Knowledgeable instructors make or break every CPR class on the market. If you’re going to be sitting through 4 hours of training, it might as well be fun and informative.

Essential Outdoor Survival Tools

Agonizing over what belongs in a survival pack is a favorite time-killer for outdoor enthusiasts. But more than that, it is something very much worth considering if you’re going to be heading out into the wild. Here is a list of some of the essential must-have tools to keep with you when you set out.

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