THIS IS HUGE! Late 2021 Prediction GET READY

THIS IS HUGE! Late 2021 Prediction GET READY

Gotta Have Water

Well it finally happened. Mother Nature was feed up with all the abuse and nonsense that mankind had befallen her and simply decided to fight back. It seemed like the end of our world and way of living was coming and rather quickly at that. First, we experienced several back to back hurricanes heading up the east coast hitting major cities all the way up. The west coast was in the process of being slowly destroyed by earthquakes one after the other in great numbers and of tremendous velocity. Looking to the far north and at the Yellowstone area, we find that volcanic activity was going strong and appeared to never end. Fortunately, as bad as it seemed there is always an end to any sort of calamity and this one was no exception.

Survival 101

When you go camping, hiking or taking long excursions, you usually prepare a bag with food, water, medical supplies, rain and cold protective gear, emergency flares, etc. It is a chore getting things organized for a long trip. There are different types of survival kits.

How To Clean A Fish With Your Survival Knife

You did it, you caught some fish. You won’t starve out there now. Wait how do you clean a fish to prepare it for cooking? All you have is your survival knife. You don’t have your cutting board, fillet knife or chef’s hat? Don’t worry, read on and learn how to clean that fish with just your survival knife.

Survival Kit for Women and Children – Defense Preparedness

Every day thousands of women and children are beaten, kidnapped, raped and murdered. Although this issue has become much more visible in recent years, the problem has not yet gone away. Many people assume just because these types of problems aren’t happening to them or people they know they don’t exist and they are sadly mistaken.

What To Do Following A Tornado Disaster

Returning home after a disastrous tornado can be very dangerous if guidelines are not followed. It is devastating enough to lose one’s home. To return while there is danger lurking can be more hazardous than one might think.

American Heart Association CPR Guidelines: Upcoming Changes For CPR Training

This October the updated 2010 CPR guidelines were released by the American Heart Association. What changed? Here’s the down and dirty of what’s to come…

Talking the Talk

Talking the talk can mean many things to different people. What I am going to discuss here is talking the talk as it relates to survival situations when stranded in unknown locations.

Water for Survival

Let’s briefly discuss the topic of food storage in retreats or at your home station. Most survivalists have plenty of food and water readily available in the event of a disaster or major disruption of the normal social order. According to what your survival plans are you may have more food at your home then at the retreat or visa versa.

What Is the Key to Survival?

Have you ever sat and deliberated how two individuals could be in a similar emergency setting and only one of them will survive even though they may have the same basic survival knowledge? The key has to boil down to the person’s individual mindset and not specifically on knowledge. Such was the case with the Georgia hiker who was lost and missing for several days.

Warning Signs To Look For Before The Next Tornado Disaster Occurs – Save As You Rebuild

Tornadoes are known to be one of nature’s most violent storms. Generated by powerful thunderstorms, tornadoes can devastate a home in seconds. Whether small or large, tornadoes can cause substantial damage. Learn the warning signs before disaster strikes again.

Pushing an Asteroid – A Space Rock is Not Someone You Want to Push Around Too Much

There have been all sorts of theories put forth on how to prevent an asteroid from hitting Earth. Some want to use a kinetic impactor to move it out of the way or destroy it. Others want to use nuclear weapons to blow it out of the sky.

Can NASA Protect Us from Solar Storms – Scientists Are Thinking Here

“So what keeps Think Tank Members up at night,” I was recently asked in a small get-together of intellectuals, mixed media, and educators. Well, I said let me name a few; the Three Gorges Dam in China, Cyber Attacks, and Solar Flares. They were intrigued, and yet, these things are being worked on and thought about.

Large Asteroid Impact Will Play Holy Heck on The Ozone Layer – A Double Whammy!

You may not realize this but firing too many rockets into space challenges the ozone layer, it also puts small holes in it every time we go up through it. Generally they heal quickly enough, but what if something else big comes through on the way down? Well, scientists are worried about that, and rightfully so, specifically if it takes a long time to heal, and is a big whole like the one which has healed that was causing blind sheep in Tierra del Fuego it could have serious environmental implications.

How To Start Storing Food Without Breaking Your Budget

How do you start storing food without breaking the budget? Well, there are some ways to start storing food that can be done without changing our behaviors.

Essential Tips: How to Care For a German Knife

Some people may have a few misconceptions about these knives. They see them as large, heavy and strong not realizing that these knives, as durable as they may be, still require some love and care maintenance. This means that there are some guidelines or essential tips that need to be followed to care for these knives properly. Three things that come to mind are: their cleaning, storage and surface used to cut on.

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