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Things That Kill You | Bear Independent

Why Is EMT Training Important When It Comes To Paramedic Training?

This article will discuss the reason why proper EMT training is so important when it comes to getting trained as a paramedic. It will also talk about the job outlook in the field of EMTs and paramedics.

Origins of the Baltimore County Fire Department

One of the more unique fire fighting forces in Maryland is that of Baltimore County. This combination service is comprised of volunteer fire companies working in concert with the all paid Baltimore County Fire Department Maryland’s oldest municipal county fire agency. This revered and unique cooperative force protects a large suburban county surrounding Baltimore City.

What Is The Real Difference Between EMT Training and Paramedic Training?

There are various difference between EMT training and paramedic training. The differences in training and in job description will be detailed, as well as the job out look for both professions.

Characteristics – Think Like a Firefighter

A unique insiders step by step view of the characteristics that a firefighter must possess. If you are a prospective firefighter and seriously want to pursue this wonderful career, then you need to know the mindset of the firefighter and the thought process that generates that mindset.

Fire Fighting Equipment: Learn About the Revolutionary Line of Personal Protective Gear

Every item in the fire fighting equipment of a fire fighter is designed to assist him perform his role in the right way at the right time. A fire fighter has to be equipped with the right tools and equipment at all times to be ready when the occasion arises that needs his services.

Pepper Spray – How to Clean the Eyes When Hit With Pepper Spray

No matter how hard you try to avoid it there may come a time where you need to know how to clean the eyes when hit with pepper spray due to mishandling on your part. If done correctly you can counteract a good portion of the effects but great care must be taken as you can easily make it a whole lot worse.

Overview on the Effects of Pepper Spray

If you have a pepper spray for personal protection, you must find out about its effects. It has temporary effects on the eyes, nasal membrane, skin and behavior. You can really say that your decision is wise because of the effectiveness of the device.

How To Use Tactical Gear In Daily Life

Some people think that tactical gear is only for the military. While this is certainly where the equipment began, you should not think that it does not have any more use than that. There are many things that can be done with tactical gear in day-to-day life, even if you are not in any branch of the armed forces.

What Kind of EMT Course Should I Take?

There are many kinds of EMT courses available, both online and offline. With so many EMT courses and programs available, it is easy to get confused. Here is what you need to know in order to prepare yourself for a career as an EMT.

What Kinds Of EMT Training Courses Are Available For Me?

We’ll discuss the three different levels to being an EMT and also what each of those levels involve, as far as training. We’ll also discuss the pay scale for the field of EMTs.

Have You Been Interested In EMT Training?

In the following article, we’ll discuss the benefits of seeking a career in EMT Training. In addition, we’ll discuss how to get training in the field of EMTs and the average job pay scale.

Fire Extinguisher Training

Fire is something that you should never take lightly. Indeed, no one would want to end up being trapped in a house or building without any concrete idea on how he or she will get out of the inferno alive. Although you might never imagine yourself going through this ordeal, accidents happen here and there.

TASER Device – Effective Tool for Personal Protection

Before you decide to use a TASER device, you must find out about its effectiveness. It is one of the highly rated devices in the market. Its high voltage and low amperage allow you to incapacitate an attacker. It is a wise choice for your personal protection.

Emergency Water Storage

Let me tell you what I have been working on recently, emergency water storage. My family is learning about preparedness and our first step is water storage. Part of a healthy lifestyle is being prepared.

Disaster Preparation Lessons From The Southeast Tornadoes

Driving through the southeast a few days ago, I was stunned when the neighborhoods came into view, totally flattened by the tornadoes. All that remained were piles of splintered wood, twisted debris, and the broken tops of trees. No roads remained, so there was no access for those cars lined up along the main road. It was totally shocking and the images are imprinted in my mind and my heart. Read to see if you’d be prepared.

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