Things Preppers Should NEVER DO

Things Preppers Should NEVER DO

Infant CPR Certification Comes in a Smaller Size So You Can Bring it Anywhere

Infants are the most vulnerable creatures in the world. They are the ones that cannot protect themselves and depend on others to protect them.

Getting Started With Emergency Preparedness

Emergency preparedness is a topic that is often overlooked and not taken seriously. Many of us live in a world where we feel assured that we will be able to buy food, water and other supplies anywhere we want anytime we want.

From First World to Third World – What Happens When the Power Goes Out

What will happen to places like the United States if our power goes out? How can we survive without our luxuries such as grocery stores, phones, money, refrigeration, and most of all medicine? What can we learn from our ancestors and how they lived and survived without our modern day technology? There are ways to survive a long term disaster like years of no power, the key is to learn how the pioneers and homesteaders of our past scratched a life with little more than hand tools and animal power.

Are Earthquakes Actually Good For Human Civilization, Evolution and Progression?

Part of evolutionary theory is cataclysmic evolution. For instance, if a species is in the wrong place at the wrong time and a Tsunami washes up on the beach and kills that species, it is gone, even if it were a superior species for the area and at the top of the food chain, it doesn’t matter anymore. Likewise, the Mountain goats that had developed evolutionary traits which put them and kept them at the top of the food chain for hundreds or thousands of years could be wiped out from a volcano in a certain region.

Five Valuable Uses of a Good Pocket Knife

We all know someone who carries a pocket knife around with them wherever they go. Have you ever wondered why? This article describes five reasons many people carry a pocket knife with them and why you may want to also.

What is a Flash Flood and How Do I Prepare For One?

Summer is the prime season for flash floods – long spans of dry, hot weather leave the ground dry and unprepared for unexpected downpours. This article discusses what a flash flood is, where they occur most and how to prepare for one.

Is Your Emergency Plan Solar Supplied?

Keep solar power in mind when in the throngs of or recovering from disasters. No other source of alternate power is as efficient as the sun in assisting in these situations. Check out the list of possible solar powered items available for you to include in your home emergency kit. Be prepared with solar backed supplies.

Massive Disaster Hits Your Hometown – Here is Your Plastic Sheet

I remember one year as a young boy spending a week at survival camp and needing to live in a lean-to my partner and I put together. There is something strange about the notion that we as adults provide the same materials 10 year old boys used on a summer vacation 40 years ago as real survival material for millions of people every year.

Proper Wound Care

How do should we take care of our wounds? Learn how to take care of your wounds.

Being Prepared – Finding Wholesale Emergency Kits

Hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and other natural disasters are a part of life in many parts of the country. If you live on the East Coast, torrential storms and hurricanes can have a devastating impact. In the Midwest and South, tornadoes wreck havoc. People are left without their homes, safe drinking water and basic supplies. However, they may have prepared for these conditions and developed emergency supply kits.

After Shocks Can Be Deadly

Did you know that aftershocks can be almost as deadly as the major earthquakes that caused them? It’s true, and just because an earthquake is over does not mean those aftershocks cannot cause injury or death to you or your family. If you experience a large earthquake of over seven magnitude; you need to survey the building you are in very quickly and make sure it is still sturdy or you need to leave.

What to Do If Your Home is Flooding

If your home is flooding right now, READ THIS! This short article tells you exactly what to do in your flood damage emergency.

Emergency Storm Shelter For One

Do you have a safe spot during severe weather at your home?? A handful of people are fortunate enough to have a storm shelter or basement. The remainder of us are panic stricken when the weather is at it’s worst and we don’t have safe refuge.

As N1H1 Travels the World Causing Havoc, Did We Learn Anything?

The N1H1 swine flu epidemic has traveled around the globe, there were over 20,000 cases in Japan, and it is estimated that there are another 50,000 cases throughout Southeastern Asia. All of this started in Mexico City, but luckily, the Mexican government shut down the city and ordered everyone off the streets. They claim that only 200 people died from the virus, although the World Health Organization has other figures that they are not sharing with the rest of the public, and the mass media, which indicates it was much higher.

Tips For Stockpiling Food For Families on a Budget

These days, many families are struggling to even buy food every week. These people will find their self hungry should there be a national emergency and the food supplies run low. Here’s tips that any family can follow to stockpile their own food.

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