The Worst Cities to Survive Societal Collapse

The Worst Cities to Survive Societal Collapse

Why Earthquake Preparations Are So Important

Until Northridge, I was teased a lot about harping on earthquake preparation. To be honest, it seems logical to me; if you know a disaster is possible, preparing is the intelligent thing to do.

Home Fire Safety Plan That Each Member of the Household Should Learn

Your home fire safety plan is strictly a family affair. Adult members of the household have the primary responsibility of keeping children in step with the fire safety plan that is in place in the home. One of your main responsibilities is to ensure that every member of the household understands the safety protocols that must be followed in the event of emergencies. You have to develop a proactive approach and make sure that everyone knows how to execute the safety protocols without the need for intervention or support of other members of the household.

Canned Food Or Rations?

I’ve seen a lot of videos and sites that discuss bug out bags and what you should pack in them. One of the most important items you can have in your bug out bag is food. But which kind of food should you go with is the question?

Add Flooding to Your Family’s Home Security Plan

While most families have a clear plan about what to do in the event of a fire, not many have a firm ‘flood plan’ set in place. Although a flood is far more likely to be a once in a lifetime natural disaster, that one time it happens to you, you and your family will definitely want to be prepared. Many home security systems today even offer fire and flood home alarm systems to warn families of just such unexpected events. There are some simple steps to follow should you think your home and/or neighborhood is in danger of flooding that can help save lives, and improve home security immeasurably.

To Stay Or to Go

In the event of the apocalypse or natural disaster, leaving your home may not always be the best option. Depending on where you live staying at home will benefit your survival rather then packing up and leaving. When things go downhill, here are some things to consider to help better prepare you for the collapse.

Going Solo Or Finding a Group

In post apocalypse movies such as The Road Warrior and The Book Of Eli, a lone wanderer journey’s around the post apocalypse wasteland looking for supplies and kicking ass when it’s needed. But is going alone really the best option, or is sticking with a group a better decision?

How a Neighborhood Can Help Out During Emergencies

A neighborhood can help quite a bit during emergency situations. Learn what advantages you can get by doing this.

Family Home Evening Ideas – Emergency Preparedness

Looking for ways to teach your family about emergency preparedness? Try these emergency preparedness activities during your next Family Home Evening:

Fire Protection

About one-third of all restaurant fires originate within the kitchen area, and they’re usually flash fires on cooking products. Prevention of these incidents demands two essential steps: control of ignitable sources and control of combustible materials. The most typical source from the kitchen fire is grease, a natural by-product of many cooking processes.

3 Powerful Women Self Defense Tools

If you want to learn about women self defense techniques, it has now never been easier then ever. This is because you can attend a class, buy a book, and even buy videos about this subject.

Helicopter Fire Fighting – Simple Techniques

The destruction is on a large scale and efficient and quick management of crisis is required. A lot depends on the competency of the pilot as well, because gadgets are of no use in ignorant hands.

2012 Meteor Impact – An Unavoidable Certainty?

As December 21, 2012 approaches, theologians, scientists and prophets are waiting for the sky to fall… literally. One of the most controversial debates surrounding December 2012 is that of a meteor striking Earth. Even NASA agrees “something wicked this way comes”.

Three Logical Reasons Why You Need Fire Extinguisher Cabinets

Firefighting gears are designed to protect us in times of fires outbreak or incidents. It is recommended that safety practices and proper maintenance are needed if you own one of these paraphernalia. Today, there are many ways to safeguard and maintain your firefighting equipments and one of the most effective methods is the use of fire extinguisher cabinets.

Build Your DIY Survival Kit Based on Pillars of Survival

Have you wanted to build your own survival or emergency kit, but you’ve been daunted by not knowing exactly how to put a good one together? Read on to learn how to build a quality emergency kit by following the pillars of survival.

Survival Tools You Can’t Live Without

If you’ve ever been afraid of getting lost in the wild, or if you have been in an emergency survival situation like that, then you know the incredible importance of having the right survival tools. Read on to learn about the main survival tools that, maybe literally, you can’t live without when stranded in the wilderness.

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