The World is Collapsing: Dark Times Are Coming

The World is Collapsing: Dark Times Are Coming

When to Use a Stun Gun

The stun gun is misunderstood in my opinion. Here’s why.

Welded Safe Rooms and Shelters Are Needed in Natural Disasters

Due to weather patterns becoming more unpredictable and dangerous in recent years, there is no better time to begin to consider learning welding in FL. There has arisen an acute need for welded safe rooms and shelters, both factory stock and custom built.

How to Effectively Use a Fire Extinguisher

Nobody likes to imagine they would be put in an emergency situation and not know what to do. As a training exercise we often imagine in our head the steps we would take or what we need to do to help out. Frequently, in this thought exercise people consider a fire outbreak.

Is The Gerber Prodigy The Best Survival Knife On The Market?

The market is saturated with Survival Knives. So how do you know which one to choose? Read this post while we take a look at the Gerber Prodigy.

Stun Guns – Your Savior From Hazardous Situations

Stun guns provide an intimidating/psychological deterrent and incapacitate the attacker with the electric shock. When deployed, a loud electrical current jumps from probe to probe which can be both visualized and heard from distance. Thus, once your attacker is stunned with the gun and enters into the state of shock, you get enough time to escape or immediately call for help.

Tips to Get Great Equipment For Safety and Saving Lives

It is common these days for people to get involved with some quite exciting sports. But along with the sports events comes danger particularly if that sport is on or in the water.

Tips to Get Great Life Saving Equipment From Reliable Sources

For anyone who takes part in speedboat racing, there are some wonderful innovations which keep people safe even if accidents occur. Marine helmets, for example, allow for the driver to breathe even if he is temporarily under water until someone comes to get him out. But along with these items come the need for marine communications too which means that the driver can call for help no matter where he is.

How to Identify, Evade and Escape a Rip Current – And Live to Tell the Tale

It’s a hot day, and those ocean waves look inviting. The gentle surf is breaking on the beach as you run down to the water with your friends. But something unseen lurks beneath the water – something that can kill you if you aren’t aware.

Why Everyone Should Learn CPR

Due to a disturbance in the heart’s electrical rhythm or ventricular fibrillations, the heart stops beating and the victim stops breathing. The patient’s heart requires defibrillation, either from an automated external defibrillator or manually through the correct application of CPR.

How to Prepare For Floods That Might Be in Your Area

Floods are a common problem in many parts of the country. Many people live in areas where there is a potential for almost yearly floods or a small chance of having severe 100 year floods. If you do live in an area that might flood, you need to take some steps to properly prepare for this type of disaster.

7 Hurricane Recovery Tips

It is difficult to recover from the after effects of a hurricane. There are some tips to get through it.

End of the World Predictions – How to Survive 2012

The date prediction for the end of the world by some scientists is December 12, 2012. According to the Mayan calendar which is a complex and mysterious calendar that has been constructed many centuries ago. December 12, 2012 is the exact date of a cataclysmic event.

The Things to Know About First Aid

The first treatment which is given by an ordinary person or by a first aider to a person hurt or injured in an accident before the arrival of the doctor or before the person is taken to hospital is known as first aid. It can be given at the spot or on the way to hospital.

Stalker Survival Guide – The Incredible Journey!

When you talk about surviving a stalking a lot of people ask how is it possible. The fear that overwhelms you in the instant you know that somebody ex or otherwise has chosen to interfere in every corner of your life is impossible to define.

Sun Destroy’s Earth in 2012

Will the sun destroy the earth in 2012? Experts and scientists say the answer may be yes. If it does not destroy the earth, it may just wreak havoc in your life. Will you be prepared?

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