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The Video You're Not Supposed to Watch

Practical Uses of the Foam Fire Extinguisher

There are several reasons to obtain a good fire extinguisher. Well, aside from being usable in both homes and business operation areas, there are a number of essential points. First, that they make things safer provided that one is readily available in case a fire starts and one is informed with its proper use and safety rules. Second, because it complies with the law – in particular the Fire Safety Order (FSO) ratified in 2006. Last, because there are different types of fire extinguishers such as the CO2 fire extinguisher, the powder fire extinguisher and the main topic of this post, the foam fire extinguisher.

Using CO2 Fire Extinguishers on Electrical Fires

Every single business and industry has learned to adjust with the current trends and in the case of this post, with fire safety measures. Around 20 years ago, water based fire extinguishers were found in every office. 10 years ago, it became the foam fire extinguisher which gained popularity for commercial use due to its lighter weight and the fact that it is safer to operate. Nowadays, with the advent of every person’s reliance on electronic devices such as computers, automated devices and the like it has become much more important to use co2 fire extinguishers for fire safety reasons.

The Fire Marshal and Your Fire Station

Remember the old saying: knowledge is power. Knowledge or rather, information gives us the ability to discern an incoming situation and to act on it correctly. In the case of fire safety, this information is so important that it is quite literally, a matter of life and death.

Planning a Fire Escape With a Fire Escape Ladder

Fire safety is not something that can be half-baked. You cannot simply equip your place of business with all sorts of extinguishers and then not know how to use one. Installing smoke alarms would not be enough if you do not maintain these devices properly. It is not smart to hold trainings and drills among your employees and stop in the middle of the course because you have no budget for it anymore.

Positioning Fire Exit Signs

In an actual fire emergency situation, one must make sure that the fire escape system in the vicinity is as slick as oil. This means that each employee must be trained well as to the safety features of the place in compliance with the Fire Safety Order (FSO) 2005, every single piece of fire safety equipment should be maintained and kept in excellent working order and an important one here: position the fire exit signs correctly to the fire exits preferably with some sort of automatic fire door holding safety system such as Dorgard without confusing anyone.

How a Fire Escape Ladder Can Save Your Life

Fires can spread faster than the blink of an eye. This is why, emergency preparedness for such kind of situation is crucial whether at home or in the workplace. Installing firefighting devices such as extinguishers, hose, and sprinkler systems are a good way to begin. However, you should not neglect other aspects of fire safety such as evacuation. Not only do you need to formulate a comprehensive exit plan, you should also ensure that exits are readily available and that you have a fire escape ladder handy to assist people during this kind of emergency.

Preparing For Natural Disasters – Flooding and Home Security

When we least expect it the very worst of natural disasters can strike. With the overwhelming amount of destruction and loss that has been experienced globally over the last decade at the hands of Mother Nature, it is high time that many more homes protect themselves from such risk factors.

Fire Training For Your Company

Under the new law of the United Kingdom – the Fire Safety Order, one is required to have each and every one of his company’s employees to undergo fire training – and this is just among a lot of other things we have to spend our budget on. This is usually done by a qualified fire marshal in order to make sure that everyone is trained adequately with a review every once in while coupled with frequent fire drills. As a practical business owner, I am proud to say that I was quite thrilled for the company to undergo such a program and that in this regard, I am in excellent record with the local fire station.

Ideal Stuff to Safeguard in a Honeywell Safe

Fires in the United Kingdom are more frequent than one may think. In fact, it has become so frequent that a law was ratified and put in to practice last 2006 – the Fire Safety Order (2005) requiring all our business operations to comply with the strict guidelines of the Fire Risk Assessment test. Most of us business owners are already very much aware of this – and this is why we have stocked up on all the latest and best fire safety gadgets money can buy and have gone with our employees on fire training. One of the more impressive equipment that I have come in contact with is a fire protected containment unit known as the Honeywell safe.

Proper Placement of Fire Extinguisher Cabinets

When panic ensues in any life threatening emergency situation, usually it is a task for people to remain calm and make decisions rationally. As business owners, we must always strive to make things easier for our employees to handle such emergencies. This is why it is important to safeguard fire fighting equipment, as well as other important belongings to ensure their safety and availability even in the event of a fire.

Fire Alarms – A Closer Look at Smoke and Manual Alarms

To most employers, fire protection and safety is all about extinguishers, megaphones and exit signs that help fight flames and assist everybody during evacuation respectively. But beyond those, you as an employer should also provide further protection to your staff by investing in a good fire alarm system that will alert everybody once an actual emergency arrives.

Megaphones – 4 of Their Practical Uses in Case of Emergencies

For the longest time, megaphones have just been seen as something that belongs in a school setting. Think about it, in the past, your principals may have used it to get the attention of the students in the middle of an assembly, your cheerleaders would use it to get everybody going during prep rallies and your coaches and/or PE teachers may have used it to yell instructions while you are out on the field.

The Powder Fire Extinguisher

There are a good number of not so typical fires that occur every now and then. When we talk of a typical fire, we usually talk about ones that can be doused by water or by water based fire fighting equipment – such as ones on fabric, wood and paper. However, for certain businesses such as mine as a scientific equipment distributor we usually face ones that occur as a result of electrical and chemical fires alike. There are suited fire fighting equipment for such cases and examples of these would be a wet chemical fire extinguisher and the topic of this post, the powder fire extinguisher.

3 Simple Tips to Help You Fireproof Your Business

Your business office, restaurant or factory is basically the flagship of almost everything you have worked for in life. You have your investments in them, expensive equipment, your files and most importantly, your employees. And because of that, it deserves every protection you can give it. But mind you, the protection that we are talking about is not just about protection from robbers or from natural disasters. You should also be thinking about protecting your workplace from an accident that can wipe it all off – fires.

Fire! 5 To-Dos in Case of Fire

Panic – this is the first reaction a lot of people are inclined to have in cases of fire. Well if you really think about it, they cannot be blamed because blazes are not to be taken lightly. Every year millions of people lose their properties and in worse cases their lives because of them. But even if is panicking is a normal occurrence, the question is, are you supposed to let yourself be overwhelmed because of it?

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