The Surprising Truth About N95 Respirators VS Surgical Mask

The Surprising Truth About N95 Respirators VS Surgical Mask

The One Simple And Easy Secret That Will Show You How To Survive A Life-Threatening Earthquake

Earthquakes are happening in the world today and thousands are caught up in the latest terrifying earthquake activity. Discover the one essential secret you must know to survive a massive earthquake today.

Have Natural Disasters and Human Caused Disasters Increased In Recent Decades?

In January of 2014 I spent the month going through World Book Encyclopedia Year Books. I took on volume (year) to Starbucks for my daily cup of coffee and pages through, scanned and even read entire sections. It truly is amazing how history repeats, and how things don’t change much. Worse, it is scary how much what we teach today, doesn’t really match the reality of the day. One particularly interesting piece of information caught my eye in the 1976 Year Book of the World Book Encyclopedia.

Climate Change Impacts and Effects: A Global and Country Level Analysis

This article seeks to be an overview of the MOOC course entitled as Turning Down the Heat: Why a 4 Celsius degree World must be avoided. The main source of information in this article is the Turn Down the Heat report as well as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report, 2013 (IPCC). This article main goal is to share information towards Climate Change and its impacts worldwide in different areas of approach such as: risks to food production and agriculture, risks to global water resources, impact in ecosystems and biodiversity, sea level rise consequences and Risks to Human health.

Guide to EMT Certification

EMTs or Emergency Medical Technicians are these emergency care workers, who are trained to provide emergency medical services during accidents, fires, natural disasters, traumatic injuries, severe illness, and any other violent situations. The students and volunteers must complete state-approved training and examination processes to earn EMT certification.

EMT Practice Test – The Best Way to Pass Emergency Medical Technician Certification Test

Individuals and volunteers, who find it difficult to pass the Emergency Medical Technician Certification test can appear for the EMT Practice Test because Sample Tests are developed to assist students pass Certification test successfully. The structures of these tests are identical to the real test including similar test questions and testing process.

Complete EMT Courses and Become a Competent Emergency Care Provider

Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) are emergency health care providers in emergency situations. Their coursework and training prepare them to respond swiftly to any emergency conditions.

Disaster Recovery Models: What Exactly Are They And How Do They Help?

Disaster recovery models are organized templates with plans of action that should be executed in a time of need. A natural disaster is the most typical situation which may call for an emergency recovery plan, however, these disaster recovery templates are made use of for a large range of various other events and situations. Their recovery plans may be a little bit different from standard state or neighborhood emergency recovery models. Many households or organizations may test and have planned run throughs of their own disaster recovery templates, however, frequently a skilled specialist may be called in. In addition to pre-established emergency recovery models, there are many companies or people who have experience and are properly trained to establish such.

Types Of Pool First Aid Kits

Although, accidents are common in swimming pools, you can easily manage them using a pool first aid kit. This is a kit that contains medical products that help you to manage an accident. Some of the common things contained in the kit are: bandages, pain relief tablets, and anti microbial and anti-bacterial cleansers.

What Is a Modern-Day Prepper?

In a nutshell, the modern-day Prepper is a Survivalist. A Prepper is a person who actively prepares for emergencies such as natural disasters, war, social unrest, or disruptions in food, water, or fuel supplies. Some Preppers learn martial arts or archery skills, others store weapons and ammo, but most stockpile food, water, fuel, and medical supplies in an effort to become more self-sufficient and prepared for any catastrophe.

Building an E.D.C. B.O.B. – The Every Day Carry Bug Out Bag

They come in all shapes and sizes and bearing different names, but they all serve the same purpose- just varying degrees. They are our survival bags, and they bring with them peace of mind. If you don’t have a survival bag (aka ‘bug out bag’ and ‘EDC’), you better re-think it, because these useful little bags might just save your life one day soon.

Become Emergency Medical Technician to Save Precious Human Lives

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) is an emergency medical service provider. EMT is Certified or licensed, and trained to provide emergency medical care to victims in uncommon emergency conditions or situations such as accidents, traumatic injuries and other medical conditions.

Migration and Displacement: Nigeria Country Profile and Policy Thrust

At the peak of the flooding in Nigeria, precisely in October, 2012, the total number of people affected in 28 States of the Federation was estimated at 7.412 million (NCFRMI, Oct. 2012). Just barely a week after, the estimated number of persons affected rose to about 7.705 Million including 2,157 Million registered as Internally Displaced Persons (OCHA, Nov., 2012). Meanwhile, in the same year of 2012, the total number of conflict induced displacement in 17 States of the Federation was estimated at 442,329. This astronomical increase in the volume, causes as well as the geography of internal displacement in Nigeria has raised the need to concentrate on preemptive measures to reduce the incidence to the barest minimum and manageable size.

What Fire Extinguisher Should You Buy?

You may not give it much thought but a fire extinguisher is one of those tools you simply must have. It’s not mandatory to keep one in the house but an office environment needs it and many more, in fact.

Your Community Emergency Response Team – Are You Part of It?

Community Emergency Response Teams are about preparedness and about people helping people. Joining CERT is about helping yourself, your family and your community in times of emergency. CERT is a positive and realistic approach to disaster situations where people will be initially on their own, and their actions can make a huge difference.

Survival Tips: 7 Top Features of the Best Emergency Radio

The best emergency radio evolved from one of the oldest forms of media used to entertain and inform with music, weather, and news. In fact, the radio was the first and only piece of technology capable of communicating in real time to mass audiences. And even with the advancement in how we consume information and stay informed, the radio still has an important play in most people’s lives. In fact, the radio has easily absorbed many of the technological advances, making it even more powerful, useful, and versatile than ever. This article explores 7 recommended features to look for in the best emergency radio.

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