The Most Important Kit Within Your Survival Kit!

The Most Important Kit Within Your Survival Kit!

Can an Emergency Preparedness Kit Save Your Family From Disaster?

We have all heard and seen how devastating earthquakes, hurricanes, and other disasters can be, but do most people realize the full impact of these events? I believe the answer is no. Do you think you and your family can survive following a disaster without an emergency preparedness kit, or pre-prepared emergency survival supplies? How long do you think it would be before help would arrive?

Prepare Your Disaster Supplies – Make Up a Disaster Kit – Your Disaster Survival Could Depend on It

Many people have made up their own emergency disaster survival kits. There can be several severe problems with these kits. One is that they aren’t packaged in a compact manor that is easily transportable. Another is that they are not packed as specific complete meals. How much planning has been done to create these kits?

The True Emergency Essential

One item I missed on the previous post, the one that drives a true survivor to do what ever is necessary to live through any emergency situation. The will to live changes everything when you need it.

Economy Sized Pepper Spray – Crowd Control Anyone?

Economy Sized Pepper Spray is perfect for me and my coworkers. There was a time when we would have to fight to stop a fight. Now, we spray.

Emergency Preparedness Kits

This is where emergency preparedness kits come into play. While each person’s needs is a little different, emergency kits a the very least should have enough emergency supplies for the first 72 hours. This means food that you don’t have to heat up, clean water, blankets and one of the most important items, a first aid kit.

American Heart Association CPR Or Red Cross Training – Which CPR Certification Should You Take?

It’s time to take a CPR class and you start searching the Internet. You know of two types of certifications: American Heart Association and American Red Cross, but which one should you take? What’s the difference?

Snake Bite Protection – Tips to Stay Safe

The dreaded snake, no one wants to get bitten by a snake. Unfortunately what people want and what actually happens can be two entirely different things. For those living in the developed world, a snake bite is not very common.

Proper Way of Using Pepper Spray For Your Self Defense

One of the most effective self defense products in the market is the pepper spray. It can definitely work to your advantage if you know how to properly use it in times of being attacked.

The Best Way to Use Your Mighty Stun Gun

The stun gun is one of the most efficient stunning devices created to defend you from lawless individuals. All you have to do is press it against your attacker’s body and he’ll never know what got him. Once he is unable to move, make your escape and ask for help.

All About How to Survive 2012

Ever since the movie 2012 made it to the theatres, the world shook as the many predictions of what is to come were finally realized. Then, people started asking around on how to survive 2012, or if it even possible.

Important Tips on Using a Gas Mask

A gas mask will be a great piece of the safety equipment. It will determine life or death in the different situations. There are various styles of gas masks that can be used for various applications but there is an easy set of instructions that can be applied to most all gas masks.

Sound Like You? If So, Don’t Despair

Here it is, it’s that subject again. The one that, like family history, makes us feel uneasy, insecure, even a little afraid. Preparedness. Oh, sure there are a few preparedness nuts who do it right.

Emergency Preparedness – An Overview

Consider this: It is 3:00 in the morning. You are abruptly yanked from sleep by the sound of a police officer shouting commands into a loudspeaker. His message? A fire has erupted in the nearby forest and is threatening to engulf the town.

Are You Prepared, Or Do You Fear?

An old fable entitled: “Sleep While The Wind Blows” tells the story of a farmer who had desperately been looking for a hired hand. Finally, a young man showed up and said: “I hear you’ve been looking for help.”

Pepper Spray Antidotes – Handling Self Defense Spray Mishaps

When using self defense sprays such as a pepper spray, you need to make sure that you handle it with great care. This is to avoid accidents from happening. If somehow you encountered mishaps, there are several methods available to ease up the effects.

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