The Most Important Hammock Camping Knots

The Most Important Hammock Camping Knots

First Aid Techniques Help Save a Life In Medical Emergency Situations

All of us use our inherent knowledge and instincts to solve all hurdles and situations that we face in our daily lives. It is important to understand the problem in order to tackle the same effectively. Some situations may be critical and unpredictable and affect the life of someone close to you.

4 Steps to Obtaining A First Aid Certificate Online

Do you happen to find yourself needing a first aid certificate and have no idea where to start looking? Well, one of the easiest ways of attending a first aid training course and obtaining the certificate is by taking advantage of the World Wide Web. Read below for 5 steps to obtaining a first aid certificate online.

Basic Tools for Disaster Preparedness

A Micro burst just sweep through your neighborhood knocking down trees and leaving debris spread out everywhere. 5 reasons tools are integral to your disaster preparation. If disaster strikes what basic tools do I need? I will answer these questions and identify some common elements pertaining to most disasters.

What You Should and What You Shouldn’t Do During a Tornado

On average, more than 1,200 tornadoes touch down on American soil every year. Statistical data shows that no state in the United States is exempt, although some states experience many more twisters than others. Two areas of the United States have a higher incidence of tornadoes; the state of Florida is one and the other is an area in the south-central United States known as “Tornado Alley.”

4 Steps to Obtaining A First Aid Certificate In Person

Are you thinking about learning more about first aid and also getting a certificate that proves your knowledge? One way you can achieve this is by attending a live classroom first aid training course. In person training classes offer you the opportunity to put first aid theoretical principles into practices, making this type of course one of the most educative.

4 Ways to Get A First Aid Certificate

Have you been thinking about attending a first aid training course? If you have, then very good for you, because this is a training course that can offer you numerous benefits. But did you know that you can even receive a certificate that can attest your knowledge and skills in the field of first aid?

5 Steps to Clear the Clutter

Is it difficult to find room in your home? Do you need more space? In this article I will be giving you some guidance for removing old items, creating that much needed space. For the serious Prepper it is an inescapable need, and even if you’re not a Prepper you will find this information valuable.

Preparing for Short Term Emergencies

We live in times of emergencies on all sides. From hurricanes and earthquakes to tsunami’s and tornadoes. Floods are common and in the west forest fires are common. There are many emergencies we can prepare for and we must prepare for the sake of our families. In this short article you can learn the basics of what you must do to prepare your families for a short term emergency.

Ten Important Reasons You Need First-Aid and CPR Training

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is generally administered to critical patients and hence a certain level of expertise is required. To help you develop that skill and understand the procedure involved in CPR, special training is available these days. CPR training is designed to educate you about the proper techniques you need to respond quickly and calmly in emergencies.

5 Ways That CPR Training Empowers You

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) training is not only for healthcare professions. It is very much for non-medical people too. You recognize how important CPR training is when you see a person fall and lose consciousness due to a heart attack and you are helpless to do anything because you don’t know how to administer CPR.

How To Survive A Catastrophe

Like everyone else, I’m more prepared to kill off a Zombie than I am to survive a catastrophe. Sure, I’ve got a few flashlights, candles, and some more stuff but no way would I be prepared to meet a Disaster head-on. I am Just not prepared… Are you?

What You Need to Know to Prepare Your Family In the Event of a Volcanic Eruption

This article will focus on what you need to do to prepare a family emergency plan in the event of a volcanic eruption. You will receive important tips on how to keep your family safe by stocking up on emergency supplies and food storage.

Everything You Need to Know About Renewing Your First Aid Certificate

First aid techniques have changes quite a lot since this type of training was first introduced. The maneuvers used have been altered, over time, to various extents and will probably continue to do so in the future. Because of this, any first aid certificate has an expiration date.

6 Benefits of Having A First Aid Certificate

You probably already heard about what first aid is by now and you may even know a few techniques. So you may wonder why you need proper training and what good a first aid certificate may do you. However, there a number of advantages such a certificate can offer you.

Benefits to Finding and Taking A First Aid Class Near You

We have all seen the trauma that unfolds when someone on the bus or on a crowded platform suddenly clutches their chest and collapses, or begins to choke on food in a restaurant, or a child breaks a limb on the soccer field or ski hill. How many times have you and others stood back, helpless, as they suffered, until someone with the proper training stepped up. Wouldn’t you like to be the one who steps up first, with the right training, and help out those in need?

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