The Incredible Cabbage Palm | ON Three

The Incredible Cabbage Palm | ON Three

Appreciating The Beauty Of The Igbo

Nigeria and indeed, other international communities see the presence of an Igboman as welcome development because of his industrious nature. The Igbo are known all over with a distinct and unique quality of fighting for their survival, right and emancipation from dependence and colonialism. Right from the beginning of the world, God has blessed and ordained the Igbo people to be a light to lighten others. This helped in creating the confusion of the real origin of the Igbo. Because Israel of old was regarded as God’s own people, pundits are tracing the origin of the Igbo to the people of Israel.

Principal Hazards in My Region

Upon reviewing Federal Emergency Management Agencies regional NIMS Coordinator Roster it is resolved that the state of Delaware is located in Region III which included Delaware, the District of Columbia, Maryland, the state of Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia. Traditionally the area of Delaware encompasses the potential for an array of disasters and emergencies as well as latent terrorist events. In order to reduce the related loss of life and property the city, state and federal agencies work hand-in-hand to abet the crisis as they occur. In specific threats within the state, Delaware is centered on the occasional Nor’easter, a possible hurricane and the ever present flooding. We have recently been seeing a rash of tornado warnings issued for Maryland but so far they are rare in Delaware.

Emergency Management Programs

Prior to the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center our nation’s emergency preparedness was essential “Eye Wash”. There was no longer the lingering threat of nuclear war being hung over the heads of the citizens as it was during the 60’s. People were generally content and felt secure in their own corner of the world. The general consensus was topically, “It won’t happen here.”

Pet Dilemma During Major Emergency Evacuations Part Two

Our next article will begin with abandoning the pet and entering the shelter. While disasters appear to be on the tip of everyone’s tongues these days and we are currently experiencing a rash of major weather changes concern seems to be mounting as to what crisis will be presented next.

Pet Dilemma During Major Emergency Evacuations Part One

Do you know where your family pet is at this moment? Is he in the living room sound asleep on the carpet or perhaps she’s enjoying the evening playing joyfully with one of the children. Most responsible pet owners usually know exactly where their dog or cat is at any moment of time. Unfortunately, all pets are not as fortunate as that particularly during times of crisis.

Criminal Databases – Are You in One?

We may kid around that you and I are on some sort of special government list because of our beliefs however have you ever wondered just how close we are in our thoughts? Perhaps we are on certain lists or our names are contained in specific databases some of which we know nothing about.

Analysis of Make Your Voice Heard

I have included the following remarks concerning the transcript topic of “Make Your Local Voice Heard: Effectively Engaging with Elected Representatives”, which was initially broadcast in January of this year. The guest speakers involved were Martha Braddock and Larry J. Gispert. The moderator was Amy Sebring.

Rules of Building Your Food Storage

We live in a time when there seem to be more and more natural disasters happening across the world.  There are hurricanes, earth quakes, tsunamis and wild fires. The hardest thing about natural disasters is that you never know where or when they are going to strike next.

Dealing With Fractures

When living in the wild the possibility of bone or joint injuries are greatly increased. You could fall or in your travels you could perhaps have something fall on you. These types of injuries can occur at just about any time and they usually happen unexpectedly. These bone or joint injuries that you could encounter include dislocations, fractures or sprains, all of which can be extremely painful and crippling.

Ham Gear When the Balloon Goes Up

Often people start to become paranoid about our government and their concern over our freedoms or the removal of said freedoms. Granted there are some legitimate complaints and concerns but in many cases the issues at hand are nothing more than needless rumors.

The Army Survival Book

Are you in the process of seeking a good means of obtaining a basic understanding of survival principles and practices? If so perhaps I can lead you into the right direction. Two initial things we must first concern ourselves with here are first finding a good book relating to survival and secondly discovering a means of practicing these various scenarios.

Primary Skills of an Emergency Manager

There are specific skill sets which can enhance and benefit the Public Safety field when recognized in the qualifications of an Emergency Manager. It doesn’t matter if you reside in America or within the outback of Australia, the needed skills would remain consistent. The required skill sets are not specifically unique to the field of Emergency Management or to the public safety sector but rather they will be gathered from all industries and levels of work.

Advantages of the Air Ambulance

With the advancements in technology, the ambulance, as an industry has also been greatly boosted to better the Emergency Medical Services. In the recent past, cases of people succumbing to death because medical attention was delayed.

Manifold Cooking

The thought of using your car manifold to cook your evening meal on tends to bring back memories of my days in Forward Air Control when we use the engine compartment of our MRC-107 Jeep to heat up water for instant coffee or to warm up an quick meal. Coupled with our C-Rations the system worked perfectly each and every time.

Principles of Ancient Egyptian Food Storage

The process of food preservation is a system used to conserves a quantity of food for some future time and date. There has always been some sort of food preservation employed in just about every culture and nation of the world since early times. In generally, we find various methods used such as canning, cold storage, drying, fermenting, freezing, pickling, salting or smoking according to the location where the culture resides. Some areas blend in with certain types of preservation while others are better suited for alternative methods.

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