The Importance of Topsoil | Forest to Farm

The Importance of Topsoil | Forest to Farm

Simple and Effective Self Defence Tips: Why Drugs and Pepper Don’t Mix

I was doing some light reading over the weekend of a few blogs that were flagged on my ‘Google Alerts’ results. I came across this one guy, Mr. X, who is on a mission to try to kill you – I had enough!

Dealing With Poison Ivy

Now that the autumn season has descended upon us we find that we are more inclined to take a brisk walk and enjoy a bit of nature. The various state forests and parks are excellent places to visit this time of year. The children have an opportunity to observe nature’s yearly metamorphosis as the trees and plants start to turn in color.

Water Resources Research

With La Nina and other natural forces at work against man’s push for sprawling, water resources research is an important cog in the development of strategies to ensure our survival. The more we push against nature, the more we find ourselves lacking understanding.

If You Need a Supply of Clean, Fresh Water Quickly, Call One of the Water Filtration Companies

Let’s say that you’re a school principal who just received a call telling you that the water main that services the school has just ruptured. Your first thought is that school will have to be canceled; however, then you start thinking that the water company may be being optimistic about the amount of time the water will be out, and you’d sure hate to make up all those days at the end of the school year. If you’re a savvy principal, you’ll know there is an alternative. You can call a water filtration company.

“Help, the Sky is Falling,” the Podcast Said Discussing Asteroid-Earth Impacts

Okay so, is Chicken Little Real – is Chicken Little right? Well, it depends on what she’s saying at the time. Remember the boy who cried wolf was making it up the first few times, but then when it really happened no one listened, because he’d played that card too many times, and they figured he was bluffing.

When the Unexpected Happens, You Need an Emergency Water Filter

It’s hard to comprehend that following a hurricane, a flood, or a tornado, that people could end up desperate for water, but these natural disasters often disrupt municipal water service. So when victims try turning on their taps to get water to drink, to clean up their homes and themselves, or to mix the baby’s formula, there’s nothing there.

Do Human Leaders Need Submarine Underground Bases in Case of Massive Solar Storms?

Someday, perhaps 4.5 billion years in the future, our Sun will expand, engulfing the Earth, and then it will recede into what we call a white dwarf. When it does expand it will boil our oceans, and prevent any type of current life from growing on the surface of the planet.

Asteroid Impacts and Potential Explosive Forces Considered

Can you imagine a 1 megaton blast above your community our town? It could happen, and all it would take is an airburst from a 25 m asteroid which came into the Earth’s atmosphere and then exploded. Luckily, it is been estimated by NASA that this only happens every 200 years somewhere on Earth.

Using Oil and Natural Gas Fracking Strategies to Destroy an Asteroid or Comet Considered

When it comes to preventing an asteroid or large comet from hitting the Earth, it appears that humans don’t have all the tools they need to solve this problem. And if a large asteroid or comet is found to be headed on a collision course with our planet we may not have the power or the resources to divert, deflect, or destroy (D3) it. That my friends, that is a big problem because it could cause all the species of planet Earth to go extinct, at least most of those living on the surface of the planet – kind of…

Homeschooling for the Survivalist

Homeschooling is rapidly becoming an accepted activity for survivalist these days. It embodies an excellent alternative to the public school system and provides a one on one learning environment for impressionable children. It is also a wonderful way to promote bonding between the child and the parent. One of the largest advantages of homeschooling lies in the parent’s ability to structure the student’s classes to match their abilities. If you happen to be a parent who would find homeschooling beneficial for your children read on.

Changing the Air Filter in Your BOV

There is plenty of maintenance that you can readily accomplish yourself on your bug-out vehicle. In many cases a family will not have a separate BOV but must incorporate the family SUV or sedan as their primary BOV when the time draw near. Having the knowledge and skills needed to take care of your own vehicle will likely come in handy when you are traveling to your survival retreat and encounter mechanical problems along the road.

The Get Out of Dodge Emergency Fund

There you are folks, you have the BOV all loaded up and you are actively watching the news to investigate what actions are taking place in real time. Perhaps the expected hurricane will shift slightly to the right causing it to completely miss your neck of the woods. Or on the other hand it may target its high destructive winds and violent forces directly towards your location. Either way you are packed and prepared to go at a moments notice, or are you?

When War Is Inevitable

There is much that a survivalist can learn from Sun Tzu’s book entitled “The Art of War’. The field manual was created specifically as a basic text for conducting and winning battles which ultimately would lead to conquest within the war. It would be virtually impractical for me to portray the entire contents of Sun’s manuscript in this short span of space allocated for my article. If the ideas presented here are of interest to you, I would recommend reading it in its entirety.

Alternate Water Sources in Emergency Situations

Should there be some sort of long term emergency situation where our water supply is cut off, it is critical to know how to locate and purify water. There are a few places in your home you can find drinkable water, and then you must look to resources outside the home.

How to Create an Emergency Binder

Should you ever find yourself needing to evacuate your home in a hurry, wouldn’t it be great to have all of your important documents put together in one location? Or if your home burnt down or flooded, it would be important to have things protected in a waterproof/fireproof safe as well.

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