The Humble Poncho | ft. On 3 Outdoors

The Humble Poncho | ft. On 3 Outdoors

Basics to Constructing a Bunker

During a natural disaster, the best place to take refuge in is a survival bunker complete with survival equipment. A proper bunker will ensure continuing safety from such disasters as typhoons, floods and earthquakes. It can be built using rebar or metal bars in preparation for emergency situations.

Surviving Disaster And Preparing Your Children

You have your emergency preparedness plan, but do your children know what that plan is? In order to make sure that your family is prepared to face any emergency challenge, your children should begin learning about the reality of disasters when they are young. Introduce your children to emergency preparedness at an early age and encourage them to take an active part in basic emergency preparedness.

Down With Doomsday

Eschatology is the study of “last things”, and generally refers to various end-of-the-world scenarios, both secular and religious. Nearly all doomsday stories vary as to their degree of optimism or pessimism about the future, and most modern eschatology and apocalypticism focus on the end of mankind as a species, rather than the violent destruction of the physical world… as the end of time. Many doomsayers cite the Mayan Calendar, which pinpoints the end of days will occur on the winter solstice on December 21, 2012. This date is said to be the last day of a 5,125-year-long astrological cycle they called the Long Count; when the sun, earth, and the black hole at the center of the universe come into alignment to impose extraordinary electromagnetic forces onto the earth. This scenario is but one of many possible ways in which the prophets of doom say that the world will end, or to be more precise, that mankind will become extinct.

Wilderness Survival 101

While exploring the beautiful wilderness areas whether on bike, foot, Jeep, or motorcycle, at any time we may find ourselves in a survival situation. At the mercy of our environment, knowledge is our best defense. Learn how to put together a basic wilderness survival kit that you will use and just may keep you alive!

Emergency Cardiovascular Care

ECC, also known as Emergency Cardiovascular Care covers the areas of Basic Life Support and Advanced Cardiac Life Support. Before, the sequence of ABC or Airway, Breathing and Circulation are followed. But with 2010 update from the American Heart Association, they revised it to CAB in which they emphasized the sequence of ventilation, oxygenation and defibrillation along with well performed chest compressions.

Tips on Choosing a Survival Knife

One of the most important tools that you should bring when you go hiking or camping is a survival knife. Having a knife is important since it can be used in an infinite number of ways. You can use it for preparing food, cutting materials for your shelter, or even protecting yourself.

Does Hurricane Sandy Offer Insight on Emergency Preparedness?

Hurricane Sandy has presented a unique scenario in which we can begin to see and understand how society will respond to a disaster of this magnitude. Hurricane Sandy has just reminded us of the responsibility we have to ourselves and family to be prepared for the unexpected.

Tips For Packing a Bug Out Bag

What is “bugging out”? Bugging out is basically an exit strategy to minimize losses and to get to a safe area in case of disasters or any type of situation that makes staying at your home impossible. It typically consists of using a “bug out bag”(BOB) to transition from an urban area to a rural one.

8 Facts About First Aid Course

There are numerous first aid courses available for both the general public and specialized professionals. First aid training courses focus on teaching individuals how to respond to several emergency situations in ways that can alleviate the patient’s condition. Read below to find out eight facts about a first aid course that you may not know, but you should.

Can Hurricanes and Large Storms Cause Earthquakes?

We know that earthquakes are caused by pressure pushing up against fault lines. Therefore, as long as the pressure being exerted is rather great, or builds up over time an earthquake will occur at some point. The question is; when? Well, it turns out that sometimes we do know when there will be pressure build up, sometimes because we cause it such as the human activity of fracking; even though those types of earthquakes will be very minor. But this isn’t the only time when we can predict earthquakes, or guesstimate when they might occur.

Suggestions For Making Auto Emergency Kits

In colder and warmer weather, in lighter and dark conditions, accidents can happen. Auto emergency kits offer the proper preparation for these instances.

Hurricane Season: How to Be Prepared

Now in mid-Autumn, the holiday season is in full swing and with it comes a heap of stress and worries that are not limited to the amount of money you’re spending. Hurricane season is coming to a close in November and, though it seems the ends in near, we must observe the recent storm on the East Coast as a warning and take as many precautions as necessary. While the event of any natural disaster can sometimes feel unlikely, there are very real possibilities that something terrible can happen at any moment.

Which Long Term Food Storage Solution Is Right for Me

With a few different approaches to food storage out there you need to figure out which one is right for you. Ask yourself if you are the type of person that can rotate your emergency food supply into your daily meals.

6 Points To Know About Who Should Attend a First Aid Course

The concept of first aid is not a novelty for the average citizen. However, not everybody understands what first aid really is about and who would benefit from attending a first aid course. Read below to find out who should attend this type of training.

Preparing for a Blackout at Home

From renting a generator to storing an easy to reach torch, there’s plenty of ways to prepare for a blackout in your home. Wherever you live in the world, it’s possible that your home may be struck by a power blackout. Blackouts occur when a building is cut off from its electricity supply and can happen for a number of reasons.

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