The Easy Way to do a Fire Lay | TJack Survival

The Easy Way to do a Fire Lay | TJack Survival

Emergency Food in Your Bug Out Bag

The main reason that many people fail to utilize the popular military MRE meals is simply after trying one of the packages they readily admit they do not like them. This is understandable since these meals are not for everyone’s taste. I personally have used the MRE’s and find that they really are not all that bad. The benefit of them is that after you have consumed your meal you can simply burn all the trash.

Alternate Weapons For the Survivalist

We currently reside in an age where horrific changes are occurring around our country. On a daily basis we witness wildfires, floods, drought, crop failure, rampant diseases, school shootings and unheard of increases in crime levels within our cities. Many people have lost their confidence in our elected officials and often wonder if things can get any worse.

Bird Flue Emergency Kits

Bird flue emergency kits should also be a part of the home survival kits of every household in the US and the rest of the world. Although you are probably more likely to experience disasters due to hurricanes, earthquakes and flooding, it does not mean that you should not prepare for whatever might endanger your health. The threat of bird flue becoming a global pandemic is still very much likely, especially now that traveling to different parts of the world can be very easy and fast.

A Road Kit That Can Save You Money

Whenever you’re planning a road trip somewhere, and even when you’re just going to work, it’s always good to have an emergency kit in your vehicle. You never know when you may need it or when you may be of assistance to someone else. Having this kit can save you time and money for things that you would already have stored in your trunk or in your back compartment if you have an SUV.

Medical First Aid Kits and Supplies

Medical first aid kits and supplies are indispensable in times of emergencies. This collection of supplies allows you to take immediate action against injuries that can happen anytime. And because you can never know when an emergency can happen, it is always a good idea to keep separate first aid supplies in your home, car and office.

Emergency Hygiene and Sanitation

Emergency hygiene and sanitation kits may not appear to be important to a lot of people. In a time of crisis, there are more important things to worry about, like where you are going to get your supply of clean food and water or shelter. So spending time to think about where you are going to find things to clean yourself with or where to properly dispose your wastes seem too trivial.

Emergency Preparedness Tips For Winter Storms

When you want to make sure that you are ready for harsh winter conditions, you’ll find that there are a few things that you need keep in mind. Being unprepared for winter weather can result in everything from severe injuries to sickness, even to death, and if you want to make sure that you and your family are going to be okay, remember that you should prepare as thoroughly as possible.

The Home Standby Generator is a Necessity

When you live in a hurricane prone area or near tornado alley you feel lucky when you escape severe damage, and of course, you should. Yet, what about what happens in the aftermath, such as losing electricity? Perhaps that is one reason why owning a home standby generator is more of a necessity now than the luxury it used to be.

The Media Can Influence Emergency Preparedness

It always stops me dead in my tracks when I see what a massive effect the media can have upon public influences. As an example, during our last presidential election the media embraced Obama with open arms and as a result it gained him unknown amounts of public support. The same idea is firmly implanted with preparedness. The media can make or break communities preparedness plans.

Hydrospray Fire Extinguishers – Maintenance and Safety Tips

Also known as water additive fire extinguishers, these Hydrospray fire extinguishers are said to be the most effective, when it comes to fires caused by burning cloth, wood or paper. And while much equipment provides people with safety and protection against fires, this extinguisher’s distinctive qualities make it as a top choice.

Fire Safety Signs – Writings on the Wall Or Not

The main objective of these signs is to inform the general public on the wisest action to take in case a crisis takes place There are aspects of fire regulations that are common wherever one goes or ends up. Regulations are usually based on the premise of preventing the most likely hazards to happen in a given place or location. The local fire authority is the best person to consult for the details and questions that may not be covered by the guidelines. The type of firefighting equipment and techniques follow suit since they have to deal with any potential dangers that may be unique to a place.

Fire Prevention – A Safety Guide For Beginners

Some people think of fires like acts of nature or fortuitous events. However, statistics and surveys reveal that many of the fire-related instances are brought by utter disregard for safety and carelessness. Surely, many of us are aware of the damages and losses, fires tend to bring.

Firefighting Equipment – A Closer Look at Fire Extinguishers

Fire protection policies are put into place to ensure safety within homes and businesses. United Kingdom and its government are constantly trying to put up regulations, safety procedures and requirements that will provide people with useful information and knowledge. Household fires and related incidents have been increasing over time due to the lack of awareness and disregard for safety and preventive practices, which is why it is crucial to determine the various types of firefighting equipment like fire extinguishers.

Why Store Food For Survival?

Store food for survival; seems like something you’d do if the world was under attack doesn’t it? Well the world as we know it may not be, but, our world may… Our world meaning, everyday life; what you do on a day to day basis, could be severely interrupted.

Fire Safety Equipment – How They Save Lives

Firefighting tools such as extinguishers, fire blankets, and smoke alarms can save lives and properties. Oftentimes, when we pass by a fire extinguisher cabinet, we just look at this shiny bulky object and not realize the fact that this piece of firefighting equipment can do more than just sit there and stare back at you.

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