The #1 Tool For Your Bug Out Bag

The #1 Tool For Your Bug Out Bag

Warming IV Fluids: A Short Review

  When patients receive cold IV fluids, their risk of experiencing hypothermia can increase dramatically. Consequently, hospitals, health centers, and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) must put IV fluids through a warming process before administering them. Ideally, this process warms IV fluid to a temperature of 95°F-100°F, the body’s normal temperature range.

Survival Food: Get Prepared for Emergencies

There will come a time when the worst thing you expect to happen, will happen. It is best to be prepared for natural calamities or sudden emergencies. The best way to prepare for such events is to purchase survival food. Survival food will help you prepare for sudden emergencies and natural disasters when you can’t purchase food anywhere. This food has come a long way from its days of just sour bread, crackers, and hard rice. You can get full, ready-to-eat meals when you purchase food for emergencies.

Why You Need an Emergency Kit for Your Office

Preparing for a natural disaster is something no one wants to think about, but everyone should do. Think about where you spend a lot of your time. Do you work in an office? Many offices have an emergency plan in place but everyone on the staff may be unaware of the plan. Your workplace may be the most likely place for you to start your emergency preparedness. Whether you work in a large or small office, being prepared for any type of emergency makes sense.

Myths About Being a “Prepper”

There are lots of notions about preparing that turn out to be myths. The very mention of survival or preparedness can conjure negative mental images that have no basis in fact.

A Good Disaster Survival Kit and a Good Emergency Plan Can Save Your Life

Having a good disaster survival kit and a good emergency plan are the two most important factors in surviving a disaster. When a disaster strikes, there won’t be time to make arrangements and it’s certainly not the best time to try to figure out what to do and what to take with you. An emergency plan ensures that you’ll know exactly what to do. A disaster survival kit ensures that you’ll have the essential items that you need to survive. Whether it’s a major disaster or a lesser emergency, you should know exactly what to expect and what you have to do, before it happens. Emergency preparedness can save your life and the lives of your family.

Are You Prepared for the Next Disaster?

Are You Prepared? Are you really prepared for an emergency wherever you might be in your home, auto, office, and classroom? Emergency kits are as necessary as keeping a spare tire in your car, flashlights, extra batteries, candle and matches in the junk drawer of your kitchen and first aid kits in your office or classroom.

Include Freeze-Dried Food in Your Disaster Preparedness Strategy

What would happen if a storm were to hit tomorrow? Be prepared by developing an emergency preparedness strategy that includes freeze-dried food.

Blood Warming: What Benefits Does the Practice Offer During Treatment?

When blood must be given to a patient, multiple factors determine the need for additional precaution regardless of the situation or environment. Warming has become a critical decision factor during IV administration to a patient due to the rapid introduction of below body temperature fluids into a person’s blood stream. Every person has a core temperature which must be maintained to prevent conditions such as hypothermia from occurring.

IV Warming: Specific Characteristics Increase Device Application Capabilities

Substances may be provided through intravenous tubing or an IV for several reasons including the administration of blood, medicine, and common solutions. Warming eliminates the risk of hypothermia or other secondary conditions when these items are supplied to the body at rapid speed. They have also proven to be beneficial when a large volume of a substance is provided over an extended period of time.

The Importance of First Aid Training and CPR Certification

The benefits of proper first aid training and cpr certification are life changing; literally. Now with online first aid training available, you can train to handle emergency situations the right way; the life saving way.

Urban Survival Techniques to Develop Before the Depression of 2012 Hits America

Urban Survival Techniques can be divided into several categories of skills that will be very useful whether we are facing another Great Depression or an even more dramatic economic meltdown. Knowing how to ensure that you and your family have access to safe water, food and medical attention in an emergency is critical to ‘urban survival’ in 2012.

Urban Survival Techniques We All Need for the Next Great Depression

Urban Survival Techniques are much less about self-defense and firearms and such, and are rather much more about making it through daily life when we are experiencing the next Great Depression and a collapse of the US Dollar, making all the goods we import much more expensive. With the economic crisis in Europe worsening and the US deficit out of control, we are headed on a path to an economic disaster.

Warning Signs of Food Riots in America in 2012

When the dollar does collapse, everything that we import (and that is a lot) will suddenly become very expensive, as our dollars will be worth next to nothing in foreign countries. That will immediately impact much of the food on our grocery store shelves that is manufactured abroad. But more importantly, all of the produce that we import will start to become unavailable. The ingredients that we get from foreign suppliers will become unaffordable, driving up the cost of even more food.

Warming Blood Decreases the Risk of Secondary Complications

Warming may be applied when administering a large amount of chilled fluids to a patient in surgery, general, and emergency treatment situations. Blood transfusions pose a certain risk for a rapid decrease of internal body temperature. This procedure involves supplying donated blood to a patient through an intravenous or IV tube.

Blood Warmer: Portability Broadens Possible Equipment Applications

The stored temperature of fluids can cause additional patient complications when large amounts of blood must be administered throughout treatment. Warmers are devices medical professionals use to heat fluids prior to intravenous entry. Any fluid, whether it is a solution or blood, can be heated to prevent a quick drop in core body temperature throughout IV use.

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