The #1 Prepping Item Almost Nobody Has

The #1 Prepping Item Almost Nobody Has

Emergency Kits – Why You Should Consider Getting One

Most families today are simply not prepared in the event of an emergency. It is one facet of life that is often times overlooked for various reasons. People may live in an area that is not known for having earthquakes or tornadoes or any other kind of disaster. The fact is though that an emergency situation can happen anywhere at anytime for any number of different reasons. Families need to prepare themselves for one and it starts with having an emergency kit that is available.

Why Do I Need a TASER Device?

The TASER device is just among the numerous self defense products in the market which you can use to effectively protect yourself and your family. With this device, you don’t need to be close to your attacker. You can be at least 15 feet away from him and still be able to defend yourself.

Proper Use of Personal Flotation Devices

The life jacket is a simple but necessary part of safely enjoying the water, especially recreational boating. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2008, in a shocking 90% of reported drowning incidents, personal flotation devices (PFD’s) were not in use at the time of the incident.

2 Steps to Create a Family Fire Escape Plan

Nobody wants to think about horrible things happening to their family, but dangerous and terrible situations can easily arise. If you are not prepared for a disaster then you may not be able to keep your family safe during a disaster situation. One of the ways you can prepare your family is by creating a family fire escape plan. Your family fire escape plan will help to ensure that in case of fire, everyone in your family knows how to get out and where to go once they are out. If a fire occurs then you will know that all your family members know how to get out safely and that you will all be meeting in a secure spot.

Emergency Response Notification System

Having an emergency response notification system installed on your business premises is a very important part of protecting your employees and guests. The unfortunate reality is that events frequently take place that can put peoples’ lives in danger. When these catastrophic situations occur, it is vitally important that the property management or emergency response team is able to communicate quickly and effectively with the people who may find themselves in danger.

Structural Considerations For Hurricane Preparedness

There are two components to damage caused by a hurricane. One is the positive and negative forces the wind places on the structure. The second component is damage done by flying debris.

Emergency Survival for Procrastinators

  Many disasters occur any place and at any time. If you are reading this, most likely you have recently realized that you do indeed have a need for emergency preparation. The best way to sort through the overwhelming amount of information and supplies is to move step-by-step, from the most urgent of needs all the way to possible long term survival.

Be Careful in Hot Conditions

There are a few factors that will affect how hot you get during work; The temperature, Wind speed, Humidity and radiant heat. If you have high blood pressure or take diuretics you may well be more sensitive to these heat factors.

2012 Survival – Solar Flares, Earthquakes, Volcanoes, and Food Shortages

The year 2012 may be ushered in by such catastrophic events as solar flares, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and food shortages. What are your chances for survival? See what tomorrow’s world could be like. Learn how to survive now.

Emergency Disaster Survival – Don’t Subscribe to a Recipe For Disaster

If you are, a person that thinks the Government will be instantly there for your disaster survival, this article is not for you. If you have concerns about not subscribing to a recipe for disaster, please read on. The government is a slow moving machine.

Being Prepared For Emergencies

There are many situations and problems which can occur at any time to wreck havoc upon lives. It is a good idea to be prepared for emergencies by having some food storage and emergency items on hand. Everyone has problems, and no one knows when an emergency will strike.

Disaster Kits – One of the Basic Things to Prepare For an Emergency

Disaster kits also known as emergency kits or survival kits. Disaster kits obviously from its name are kits prepared for disasters. These preparations are being pushed by the government all over the world especially to those countries that have recently experienced disasters and calamities.

How to Stay Safe in a Parking Lot

Everyone walks to and from their vehicles into a store or other location where their vehicle is left in a parking lot. Parking lots are not places where personal safety is at an all-time high. To stay safe in a parking lot, you need to learn some self defense techniques.

Stay Safe While Living Alone

Living alone is a way to gain independence and self sufficiency. Fear should not be a part of the equation of living alone. Learning self defense and personal safety can help to alleviate fears and decrease risk of living alone.

How to Stay Safe on Campus

It would seem that thinking about personal safety on your college campus would be commonplace. But the reality is that the majority of college students give very little thought to actions that will keep them safe – or put them in danger – as they walk from one place to another.

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