Tactical Survival Tool Panel

Tactical Survival Tool Panel

Urban Survival in 2012 – Self Defense

The one thing that all the various 2012 predictions have in common is the impact that it will have on society. All signs point to various forms of civil unrest from localized riots for who-knows-what-reasons to widespread food riots across regions of the country if the supply system breaks down. With crime increasing dramatically in both the form of civil unrest and undoubtedly personal violent crimes due to economic desperation, it will be more important than ever to know how to keep yourself safe in 2012.

Emergency Roadside Kit – Is Houdini in Yours?

Harry Houdini was a fascinating person. A Hungarian-born American magician and escapologist, he became a household word due to his sensational escape acts. When I was a boy, I was fascinated with Houdini and got into several scrapes because of trying to emulate him!

Four Kinds of Military Gear Useful to Hunters

Military equipment and special forces gear are just plain cool. Many people may assume you have to actually be in the military to possess such equipment. That is not true. Such equipment can also be used for many purposes other than combat.

Four Kinds of Survival Gear That Can Prepare You for a Worst Case Scenario

In turbulent times, the future doesn’t seem as clear as it once was. Some people may be concerned that a catastrophe that leads to the end of society may occur at some point. Those beliefs may not be totally unfounded.

Tips in the Proper Care and Maintenance of Taser Guns

Owning a self defense tool is a common scenario nowadays due to the rising cases of criminality and crimes. Majority of individuals decide to own self defense devices to protect themselves and their families from harm. However, as responsible owner of these tools, it is your duty to care for them to maintain its proper functioning.

Working Mechanics of Taser Guns

At present, it is common to see individuals bringing tasers along with them anywhere they go to protect themselves from criminals. Apart from stun gun and pepper spray, taser gun is one of the preferred self-defense tools of both young and adult alike because it is effective and can also be used as a stun gun.

Do’s and Don’ts in Taser Gun Use

Even though taser guns are manufactured to give you protection and to keep you safe from criminals, there are measures on how to use of the device properly. With the numerous acts of criminality happening everyday, everyone did their share to find ways to protect themselves.

Gauging Technology in a Crisis

Gauging the effectiveness of technology during emergency events is critical to refining a safety plan. Find out why many common technology-based systems might not be as effective as you think.

Military Clothing Useful to Civilians

Every day on the battlefield in Afghanistan, US soldiers risk their lives to defend their country. To aid in this mission, they are supplied with the very best military equipment. This equipment includes uniforms and clothing.

Four Kinds of Police Equipment That Can Be Used by Ordinary Citizens

Law enforcement gear is what police officers use to take down dangerous criminals every day. However, what many regular citizens may not be aware of is that they too can own some of the same police equipment. Much of this equipment also has applications beyond law enforcement.

Safety Precautions When Using Taser Guns

One of the best ways that you can defend yourself from an attacker is by having the right self defense weapon on hand. These weapons can help you disable your attacker and allow you a chance to escape. Among the many choices of self defense weapons available, one of the most efficient in disabling an attacker is a taser.

Urban Survival Techniques for 2012 – Realistic Self Defense Without Weapons

As the economic collapse continues to unfold in slow motion and more and more people are thrust into the personal financial hard times of their lives, crime is poised to begin a dramatic increase. This means that urban survival techniques like self-defense are going to be increasingly important as more Americans begin to witness desperate people turning to crime.

All You Need To Know About First Aid Training

The knowledge of first aid skills has always been around. However, for most commoners, there was no sure shot way to get a standardized training program which was fast and easy to grasp. The only option most of us have is to visit community centers that offer this training.

Advantages of a Certified First Aid Course

First aid training is probably one of the most underrated concepts in modern times. Most people just do not know what to do if they find someone battered in a car accident or a person suffering a stroke. Rushing to the hospital is all one can do in this condition.

8 Everyday First Aid Tips For You

First aid skills are required to effectively handle emergency situations. This course teaches you how to react instinctively and take the right measures when, for example, blood spurts, breathing stops or parts are missing. The best first aid tips equips you with skills you require on a day to day basis to deal with mundane injuries, injuries that are likely to happen at your children’s birthday party or at the company picnic.

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