Surviving Starvation during the Great Depression | ON Three

Surviving Starvation during the Great Depression | ON Three

You Need to Be Prepared For Earthquakes

Not all of us live in earthquake zones but for those who do, you need to be prepared for the worst especially if you live in a city. You may never experience anything more than a small tremble but there could be that time that you are in a big one.

The Dutch Oven – A Great Addition to Your Survival Kit

If you’re one of those folks without power, heat or warmth because of the recent snow storms, you have probably recognized the need for a cooking tool that can bake, boil, fry and saute. And it should be able to function with a variety of heat sources, since you don’t know when the electricity might come back on.

STOP, You’re Lost!

Here’s the scenario: You walked further down that interesting-looking trail than originally planned and the sun is starting to set behind the mountains. An unsettled feeling in your stomach starts to get worse, and becomes a knot. The knot twists tighter as you realize you don’t have a clue where you are. The thought sets it: I may be lost…

What is the Best Survival Knife?

The best survival knife is the one you have when it’s needed. Don’t worry about the current fad, or how pretty or cool a knife may look. The knife you have along is the only survival knife you have!

Self Defense While Traveling in Your Vehicle – Be Aware of Potential Self Defense Situations

When traveling in your car there are a number of things to keep in mind to avoid a self defense situation. Probably the easiest thing to do is be aware of where you are. Avoid areas that may not look like you should be there. Abandoned residential or commercial areas or areas with massive graffiti are probably areas to avoid. If you find yourself in an area like this, quickly turn around and backtrack to a better area.

How to Survive Electric Shock Burn Injuries

An electric shock injury occurs when an individual comes into contact with an electrical source, causing an electrical current to flow through the body. Electric shock can result in a myriad of injuries, with burn injuries being the most common.

Minimizing the Damage – Tips For Handling a Home Flooding Emergency

Homes can get flooded for a variety of different reasons: natural disaster, broken water pipes, snow melt, and many more. Regardless of how the water got there, it is absolutely essential to get it out as soon as possible. Here are some tips that will help you handle a home flooding emergency with a minimal amount of damage.

What First Aid Courses Do You Need to Prepare For an Emergency?

Use these ideas to find first aid training for you and your neighbors. The options can be confusing.

Things to Include in a Road Survival Kit

No matter how much you prepare, be that it may be a long or short road trip, you can never predict the external influences that may cause trouble. Wherever the road takes you, it should be standard to take a survival kit. Although your survival kits should be tailored for the specific environment you are heading towards, all emergency kits should address the following basic needs.

Being Scared is Different From Living in Fear

Being Scared is different from Living in Fear Some people are described as fearless. Ain’t so. If a person has never known fear, they either live in a small box and never interact with anyone or they are blissfully unaware.

Safety Chest

Fire and flood accidents can cause a life changing to all victims because most of them cannot save important things and valuable stuff at home. It is a human instinct to secure the lives of their family and immediately escape the area without looking back. However some of them will take their life to risk to go back just to save important documents.

The Basics of a Sports First Aid Kit

A sports first aid kit is a vital tool for anyone who engages in sports or has children that do play sports. A sports first aid kit is not much different than a traditional first aid kit, except that the person takes into consideration the sports typically engaged in and tailors the kit to injuries associated with that sport.

Get Your Winter Survival Supplies Ready

If you live in an area that that gets lots of snow you should be prepared for it before winter sets in. There is no excuse why you cannot have some level of preparation regardless of your income level.

Why Do You Want to Use a Cell Phone in an Emergency?

Your cell phone may be your only link to the outside world during an emergency. Know how to use it when you really need it.

Learn Your Urban Survival Skills

If you want expand your knowledge of survival techniques and methods for the urban environment, the best place to start is with first aid and medical training. You can go to the Red Cross’s website for information on the training they give.

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