Don’t Get Caught With Water Supply Problems During a Disaster

During a disaster, lacking water can be a huge problem. Learn what to do to have some extra drinking water on hand.

Urban Survival Bag – Why Everyone Needs to Have This Bag to Be Prepared For Disaster

It’s a good practice to keep an urban survival bag on hand during emergencies. Learn some basics on how to use this resource.

Disaster and Survival Heat – Prepare to Stay Warm During Emergencies

Staying warm is very important during a disaster. There are times that you won’t have your normal services like electricity or gas to help you keep warm. Learn what you need to put together to keep warm.

What’s the Point of Survival Food Storage in a Modern World?

Many don’t understand the point of having food storage while living in a modern world. There are a wide variety of situations that can and do occur where having extra food makes life easier.

Making a Bug Out Bag

Making a bug out bag can be a pretty overwhelming task if you don’t pay attention to the things that you need your bag to accomplish. However, if you start paying attention to the specific functions of your bag, it makes things a little more manageable.

Could You Really Survive in the Wild?

There are a variety of TV programmes that glorify the idea of bush craft featuring bushcraft specialists like Bear Grylls and Ray Mears. However these men are specialists and have had extensive training, whether it is military or other. Is surviving in the wilderness actually possible for any extended period of time?

Earthquakes – Be Prepared For Mother Natures Fury!

Worldwide, thousands of people die annually as a result of earthquakes. With millions living with the constant threat of earthquake on a daily basis, the key to survival is preparedness.

Communications in a Emergency Situation

In the time of crises we often lose control over our thought process and become nervous. Such traumatic emergency situations or conditions need to be handled with proper care and intelligence. Your safety should always be the top priority in any case because unless you are safe you cannot provide help to others. Safety is always the top priority and emergency communications is the basic element to this safety. It requires a lot of courage on the part of the victim to wake up and take charge after the devastating damage that comes with a natural or man-made disaster.

When an Emergency Hits Make Sure You Have a Family Action Plan

We need to start at the beginning. What is most important in preparedness? We first have to be spiritually prepared. You define what that means to you, in your family. We’ve outlined some basic things that are important in most religions. If you’re not the spiritual type, skip over this first section. Let’s review…

Finding a Reliable Used Portable Generator

Imagine this situation: It is the middle of winter and a strong snowstorm moves into the area. You and your family find yourselves locked inside your home for several days without power. You build a fire in your fireplace, but the warmth from the fire is certainly not enough to heat the bedrooms on the other end the house.

Stun Gun Or Taser, Which One Is For You?

Is the Stun Gun or Taser the right self-defense weapon for you? Let us take a quick look at both. First, I would like to point out that Stun Guns and Tasers are non-lethal weapons and cause no permanent damage.

What You Need to Know About Animal Bites

There is an estimated 2 million people annually that are bitten in the United States by animals. Most bites are from dogs (80-90%), cats (5-10%) and all others (2-3%). The vast majority of these bites are minor and are usually harmless and will heal on their own with the proper first aid.

Becoming an Urban Prepper – It Doesn’t Take Too Much

Most people live in large cities where at time disasters strike. This is why becoming and urban prepper is important so you can face these situations.

Reasons Why You Need an Emergency Survival Kit

Disasters happen every single day, and there is no way to predict whether you will be a victim or not. To keep your family safe you should consider investing in at least one type of emergency survival kit. There are a wide variety of different kits available, from ones designed protect a single person, to those supporting a family, and even a full classroom of children. For anyone who might be leery about purchasing one, checkout the following list of reasons why you need an emergency survival kit.

Saving Bucks on Your Food Storage

When you finally plan to store up on dehydrated foods it often can prove to be a shocking experience as you scout around the net looking at the various prices. Far too often this assortment of online merchants tends to charge enormous prices for their products which the average consumer most frequently decides to put off purchasing. These preparedness web sites try to sell you these long term items for prices that are unbelievable and really not necessary.

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