2012 – How Will it End?

When will it end – in billions or millions of years, in a handful of generations – or in only a few years? What makes us think there ever will be an end to the world as we know it?

Quality Survival Kits – What Should They Include?

Are you looking at buying or putting together your own survival kit, but you have no idea what to look for? Read on to learn about the common elements that every quality survival kit will have.

Sign of the End Times – Man Selling Spaces in Underground Bunker

A San Diego man is selling spaces in a hidden bunker for people wanting to escape the coming doomsday 2012 catastrophes. The California bunker is envisioned as just the first of several that will be built around the country. Clearly, some people are taking the 2012 doomsday predictions seriously. Your own survival might not depend on finding a bunker to crawl into, but it will require preparation — and being alert to the signs of the times.

Natural Disaster Survival Kits

Are you prepared for any natural disaster, or if the worst case scenario strikes would you be in serious trouble? Read on to learn more about natural disaster survival kits and how they can help.

Importance of Quality Emergency Survival Kits

There are many important reasons to consider purchasing an emergency survival kit. You never know when a disaster is going to strike, and being prepared is the best chance you have of getting through any type of an emergency situation unscathed.

Emergency Preparedness – Top Five Things to Do in a Disaster

Emergencies and Disasters happen more often than we like to think about. The topic of Emergency Preparedness is being talked about more and more often. Natural disasters seem to be increasing. Terrorist threats are in the news. The question of emergency preparedness covers many areas, from mindset to materials.

Fire Hazards in the Home

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, there are almost 400,000 residential fires each year across the nation, causing more than 14,500 injuries and almost 3,000 deaths each year. Fire hazards exist in every home, although some potential sources of fires are less obvious than others. It is important for homeowners and renters to be aware of the risks of fires and to take adequate steps to prevent them.

Will the North and South Poles Switch Places in 2012?

Did you know that our north and south poles have switched places in the past – many times, in fact? Scientists say the world is overdue for another pole reversal. Some who have studied the ancient Mayan prophecies say it is likely the next polar shift will take place in 2012. Should you be worried?

Test Your Survival Skills by Backpacking

How fit are you? How many survival skills do you have? What do you really need to survive in reasonable comfort? These questions can be answered by going on a backpacking outing. Man’s natural instinct is to survive.

How Are You Planning on Staying Warm During a Disaster?

Staying warm during an emergency is important especially during the winter. Learn a few strategies that you can use to keep yourself and your family warm.

Survival Knives – Forgotten Tools of Many Trades

Insurance is great coverage for financial catastrophes. Though relatively negligible, survival knives are a more practical means of ensuring your well being.

The End of Days in 2012?

Global warming, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, crop failures, increasing disease, political upheaval, and economic collapse are in the news with so much regularity. It’s like time has sped up, and now so much great change and disaster happens in such a short, compacted span of time. Bad news happens more often, and often the news is very bad. Are we moving towards a disastrous end?

Preparedness – Have an Emergency Plan

Everybody should have an emergency plan. After all we do have house insurance, health insurance, car insurance even death plan insurance, but how many of us have an emergency plan in case of a disaster?

Can You Be Prepared For an Act of Terrorism?

The question remains: is terrorism preventable? The answer, sadly, is no. The drive and motivation of today’s terrorist combined with the almost unlimited target opportunities make terrorism a threat that is unlikely to go away.

Self Defense For Survival

Defending yourself against something threatening is completely natural. All animals will defend themselves and their families against danger. Unlike animals, humans are not always as successful at self defense unless they’ve been trained to anticipate all the different threatening scenarios that could arise. Survival is dependent on how well you can defend yourself.

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