Surviving Mann | Episode 3

Surviving Mann | Episode 3

Survival Kits – Build Your Own

A survival kit is just what it sounds like: a kit or duffel bag or pack, a fanny pack, a purse, maybe just a Sucrets tin, but basically what a survival kit comes down to is a container holding items that will help you survive. This can be anything from surviving a Saturday morning after partying ’till the wee hours, to living through a hurricane. Or, how about a pack with enough gear in it to survive for 3 days after a massive flood like Katrina?

Safety Training Made Easy

As an owner of a business establishment, you are not only responsible for the people under your care and supervision, but you are also responsible for the safety of all equipment found in such premises. Safety workplace issues need to be addressed properly in order to ensure the utmost protection of both assets.

Be Equipped With Survive 2012 Knowledge to Be Saved

More often than not, people you will come across these days are already familiar with the predictions about the doomsday of December 2012. While some are worried about the said event finally happening, there are also those who hold some skepticism about it that they do not make any necessary steps to prepare and therefore, be saved should it really take place come 2012.

3 Easy Tips on How to Remove the Effects of Pepper Spray in Your Dorm Room

Pepper spray is one of the best choices for college students due to its easy-to-carry and easy-to-conceal features. You can use it as key chains or you can keep it hidden inside your bag. However, you need to be extra careful when handling your pepper spray to avoid accidents from happening.

Top Fire Safety Tips For a Worry-Free Vacation

For your summer vacation, you and your family are probably thinking of packing your bags, checking into a hotel, and soaking in the sights and sounds of your chosen travel destination. Indeed, choosing the right hotel could make your vacation infinitely more memorable. Nevertheless, when it comes to fire safety, you should also be alert at all times-whether you are at home or travelling. Thus, when choosing a hotel, it is also important to ensure that the hotel is in compliance with existing fire safety regulations.

Essential Information You Need to Know About Fire Safety Signs

In order to provide useful instructions during emergencies, provide warnings, cautions and prohibitions, or even to direct building occupants to find ways to escape and undertake safe fire evacuation, proper signs should be installed throughout the building. Let us take a look at essential information you need to know about these safety signs-this knowledge could help save your life in the future.

Tips on How to Improve Fire Safety in the Home

The home is the place where we all spend most of our time. This is also the place in which we live with our loved ones.

Three Things Every Kid Should Know About Fire Safety Signs

Fire safety signs save lives. During emergencies, especially in enclosed buildings and other similar venues, knowledge of the symbols illustrated in the signs will provide building occupants regarding related information that they need during such crucial times.

Starting Them Early – Why Fire Safety Training For School Children is Important

Due to existing fire safety regulations, as well as sophisticated materials and technology, the number of related incidents has greatly reduced in public buildings in the UK. According to latest statistics released by the National Statistics Office, the total number of incidents-whether accidental or deliberate-decreased by 10 percent from the previous year.

What is the 72 Hour Kit?

Why do we need a 72 hour emergency preparedness kit and what should it hold? Why do we need 72 hours for this kit? Is emergency preparedness a waste of time and is it the same as earthquake preparedness?

Four Easy Ways to Ensure Fire Safety in Commercial Buildings

In the UK, primarily due to sophisticated equipment and knowledge related to fire safety, the overall incidence of fire-related accidents has seen a continuous decrease in recent years. Typical places where fires occur include schools, offices, and various public and commercial buildings, which is why despite the decreasing incidence of fires, utmost care and planning should still be exercised when it comes to fire safety and prevention.

20 Little Ways to Protect Yourself From Fire

Fire protection is a must for anybody and everybody. Whether you’re a homeowner, business manager, employer, or any other person, you need to protect yourself from the possibility of a fire accident. As you know, fires can pose grave dangers to people.

Four Components of a Complete Fire Prevention and Safety Plan

A church, no matter the congregation to which it belongs, is regularly packed with people because it is a place where people gather to worship and socialize afterwards. In most areas throughout the UK, the town church and the adjacent office and hall, even serve the purpose of being a meeting place for various social and church-based activities. Therefore, just like in an office, there are many people within a church area at any given time.

Bug Out Bag Contents

The contents in your bug out bag must be selected carefully. The core elements of survival are shelter, water, and then food. These contents will keep you alive for the first three days.

How Not to Get Hit by Lightning

What is the best way NOT to get hit by lightning? There are practical things that you should do and things you should not do to remain safe to the maximum degree possible. Where are the safest places to be in one of these such storms and is there any way that I can get better advance notice of the storm coming. Is it okay to use my cell phone in a thunder and lightning storm?

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