Survival and the Politics of Words – What Do You Call an Outsider?

We have many names for outsiders–main-landers, squares, pagans, even simply “them” or “those guys.” But the only ones we can afford to single out are those who oppress the rest of us. And even these, though they must be stopped, are only some of us. Earth is in a state of emergency far past the eleventh hour. Our survival depends on becoming aware in large numbers of the true state of our planet and working cooperatively world-wide to identify and stop those who would destroy earth and all life. In every nation and in every religion there are a majority of good people.

Information On Michigan Fire Services

In addition to state laws, Michigan has some special laws for fire safety norms. All information on these norms is listed on their official website. The general laws practiced include, use of gadgets like fire alarm, smoke detector and fire extinguishers. Some are made mandatory in malls, offices, and college campuses. Proper electrical wiring is made mandatory, as these are few of the reasons for fire outbreaks. The Fire Michigan state law ensures that all practices that can generate fire are discouraged.

Survive 2012 – Checking The Best Ways To Prepare

In case you have not heard of the predictions about the Apocalypse 2012 yet, you can say you are one of those few people who are left ignorant about what is to take place come 2012. Make sure you are not left clueless about what is going to happen because the predictions talk about great devastations and massive earthquakes to take place on December 21, 2012 that can truly cost millions and millions of lives.

Gain The Power To Survive 2012

If you care more about your life and your loved ones, you have surely heard and known already about the predictions in 2012. Apparently, these said predictions will put end to human life and destroy the earth at once. But how prepared are you for this? Are you ready to survive 2012 and live longer after the hitting of the said catastrophe?

Your Choice Stun Guns Or Tasers

No one wants to kill another human being even in the line of self defense unless they are psychologically unstable. Unfortunately, there are times when I foresee that this may be the only alternative. I would venture to say that even a hardened criminal has a bit of concern over the death of another person. As survivors and preppers we know that at some point in time we may have to defend ourselves, our family or protect our possessions. This puts us on the verge of possibly causing another’s untimely death.

It’s Hurricane Season – Time to Consider Family Safety and Emergency Preparedness

Things to think about when considering your family’s safety. It’s called emergency preparedness. Anything could happen at a moments notice. Your family should have a plan.

How to Survive the Economic Collapse

What can possibly be the reason for the economic collapse in a country like the United States? Here are several: Greed, Manipulation, Corruption, Jealously? It doesn’t matter! What is important now is how you can your family can survive the coming times.

Surviving the Economic Collapse – How To Guide

The economic collapse in the United States is about to happen. You may have seen the signs – terrible debt, price increases, nationwide debt, and swelling debt to gross domestic product ratio. Surviving the economic collapse depends on how we prepare ourselves on this impending catastrophe.

Never Fear – You Can Survive 2012

Surely, you have already heard of the said upcoming catastrophe that will hit and destroy the entirety of planet earth in 2012. But the question now is how ready you are to survive 2012? Are you prepared enough for this looming end or you are still looking for ways on how to survive such catastrophe?

How to Survive a Full Economic Collapse

A full economic collapse is imminent. Wake up!, its time to prepare. What can you do to help you and your family?

The Evolution of MREs – Survival Emergency Meals Ready to Eat – Military – Commercial – Quality

In choosing your emergency survival food you need to pay attention to a few simple things. Food should be rotated regularly, so it would be prudent to pick food that does the job and tastes good. The Military has chosen Meals Ready to Eat, because they are light, easy to pack, and you do not need to add water.

Essential Emergency Office Disaster Kit

Emergency office disaster kit is one of the primary useful items anyone can utilize in time of unexpected adversities. You don’t exactly know when or how it will happen. Owning an office disaster kit might just save you or your family on certain accidents or tragedies.

Hurricane-Ready, Fast – Tips From a Coastal Native

If you’re new to a hurricane-prone area, you may not know what to do. Whether you’re feeling a bit uneasy, or just hoping for an uneventful season, here are some tips to help you be hurricane-ready fast.

Surviving Disasters Is Easier If You’re Healthy

There’s one thing none of the survivalists  have mentioned about 2012.  In my book,  the most important ingredient in the disaster and emergency survival equation is not how much food you’ve stocked, not the escape plan you’ve taken so much time with,  and not even all the equipment that cost so much or the home-made bomb shelter that you  built in the back yard.

Measures To Save Someone From A Heart Attack

Heart attack happens to be a deadly killer; however, the patient can be rescued even from the most intense ones. The important aspect is that people should have the awareness to administer appropriate first aid. This article focuses on the symptoms that set apart this medical condition. You will also find how you can be of help to a person having a heart attack.

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