Surviving a Post Collapse Scenario with your EDC | Part 4 | ON Three

Surviving a Post Collapse Scenario with your EDC | Part 4 | ON Three

The Basic Needs for Any Survivalist

If you are going to become a survivalist and are new to the game, there are a few things to consider first. Where you live, the terrain, and how many people you must deal with. Each one will make a difference in the type of survival gear you will need in an emergency.

Earthquake and Tsunami Preparation

Do you live in a region that has risks for an earthquake and/or tsunami? The recent events in Japan, New Zealand, Chile and Haiti have brought to light some catastrophic consequences for these terrible disasters. The Japanese people are currently experiencing tremendous loss of life and destruction of property, and are in danger of a nuclear disaster. The news coverage of the tsunami rushing through the coastline of Japan, destroying everything in the path of the wave, is overwhelming. Right now, they are in danger of a core meltdown at one of the power plants.

Consider Buying a Camping Water Purification System Before Your Next Trip

Have you ever gone hiking along a clear, bubbling brook? Maybe you’ve camped along side a lake of crystal blue waters. Both scenes seem serene and pastoral, but what if I told you that each of these areas was filled with creatures that could make you sick or even kill you? The problem is that these bodies of water can be filled with bacteria, viruses, and protozoa. You may have wondered what a portable water purification system can actually do for you, and it just may be more than you think.

Kitchen Fire Safety

Kitchens are a natural place for fires to start: you are already working with open flames or very high heat. Take extra precautions to prevent fires.

Stay Safe With a Fire Escape Plan

Fire! You wake up to a screaming alarm in the middle of the night. Every second counts and your normal paths are blocked. How will you get out? How will you get your family out? These are the challenges you face when fire breaks out in your house. There is no time to think. Your reactions carry you through. You will live or die based on snap decisions. Fire escape plans save lives. Make one now.

Build Your Emergency Basic Supply Kit

You need to have your own basic supplies available and ready to get you safely through the emergency. Disasters hit quickly and often unexpectedly. Life can suddenly be turned around when basic services, like water, electricity, gas, sewage treatment, and telephones are suddenly cut off. You may have to drop everything and move quickly to get someplace safe.

Know Your Smoke Alarms

More than 2600 Americans die from home fires each year. Smoke inhalation is a major cause of death. Just two or three breaths of toxic smoke can knock you unconscious. After that, death is just a step away. Smoke alarms are inexpensive and easy to install. When smoke is detected, the alarm sets off an ear-piercing sound that can wake you from a sound sleep.

Bedroom Fire Safety

As many as 600 deaths, and many more painful injuries, are caused each year by fires that start in the bedroom. These fires can be caused by faulty appliances, space heaters placed too close to flammable materials, children playing with fire, or smoking in bed. You can make your bedroom(s) safer with a little time and some awareness. Here are some guidelines for staying safe.

March Is Red Cross Month

President Obama just signed a proclamation declaring March as Red Cross Month. This follows a yearly tradition that began with Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1943. Today the Red Cross is the largest humanitarian non-profit in the U.S. and…

How to Locate Safe Drinking Water

If there was no way for you to get water tomorrow, how long could you survive? Realistically, not long at all since water is an absolute necessity for life-for everyone. You never know when there will be a natural disaster, and most people are not prepared today.

Earthquake Proof Kit to Survive

This is an article explaining in short what I have done to help prepare for a big earthquake. I am encouraging others to do the same to help us all be braced in case this difficult situation were to arise.

Water Lessons to Learn From Japan

There are many lessons that we can learn from the 9.0 earthquake disaster which recently took place in Japan. As I was reading the news stories today I noticed a clip in them which mentioned that a high position official for the Japanese government has urged the people not to hoard up on bottled water. After radioactive limits had been exceeded in the Tokyo tap water many of the cities residents began accumulating alternate bottled water.

Cool Survival Gear Available Online Now

This article highlights the use of great survival gear for those who need them. It also goes on to show that the police also use this gear and often buys from online stores too.

Emergency Food Storage – Are You Prepared?

Furthermore, no matter how financially stable you are, financial stability won’t help with things like a wide spread food shortage, a man-made disaster or natural disaster. If an emergency or disaster of large proportion were to hit, needs and resources would also change overnight.

Survival Strategies – Coping Without Water, Power and Sewerage Systems

Modern-day living, as we know it, was severely interrupted twice within a six month space in our beautiful city of Christchurch, New Zealand, when our power, water & sewerage lines were severely damaged. The demise of these major utilities was due to two major earthquakes.

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