Survival Strategies in an Urban Environment | ON Three

Survival Strategies in an Urban Environment | ON Three

Discover How to Protect Your Family Using Spy Equipment

Most of us would probably never think about buying spy equipment. What does it have to do with protecting your family anyway, right? See.

Never Too Soon to Plan For a Tsunami

Pacific Ocean-wide concerns led to the west coast of the USA and Canada preparing for potential after effects, while Hawaii and other Pacific island communities were put on full alert. Ultimately, the levels of damage and impact were, thankfully, minimal or non existent, and tsunami warnings were relaxed once it was clear that the threat was over.

Disaster Evacuation Planning For Your Pets

We are constantly urged to have a family disaster plan in case of fire, flood, hurricane, or other weather event that can be prepared for in advance. Our cats and dogs are part of our families, too. Disaster evacuation plans should always include them, as well.

World’s Smallest Survival Kits

Some people have come up with what is possibly the smallest and most useful survival kit ever made and it’s all packed into an empty Altoids breath mint container. There are instructions on the internet that describe exactly how to make everything fit.

Things to Include in Your Own Survival Kits

When one thinks of putting together a survival or jump kit, something often overlooked is food and water. Buying food and water ahead of time can be costly due to it’s expiration date but if you plan ahead, it can save you some time, money, and possibly your life.

Survival Kits

There is quite a following of people who believe that the end of the world is coming closer and it will be something they see in their lifetime. Though, technically, if it is the end of the world, this should mean there is nothing we can do about it, some of those people are still packing up survival kits in various shapes and sizes to allow themselves more time on our Earth, once it comes to an end.

The 2 Sides of Violence

Violence is a 2-sided coin. The act of violence is not evil in and of itself. What makes it so (or not so) is the intent with which it is employed.

Get Constant Updates on Disaster Recovery With Satellite Internet

It seems like every year more and more catastrophic natural disasters are striking. Whether the affects of global warming are finally catching up with the planet, whether Mother Nature is taking a stand against years of abuse and pollution, or whether media coverage is simply improving, the news of natural disasters is reaching our ears far more often than in years gone by.

Pack a Tornado Survival Kit Now

When tornado warnings sound you don’t have time to gather what you might need in your “safe place.” Follow these guidelines to make an emergency survival kit you can stow in your shelter now.

Home Security and Natural Disasters – Earthquake Safety Tips

With an apparent increase in seismic activity lately, more and more people are talking about what to do if an earthquake should hit where they live. While some parts of the United States are more likely to be confronted with blizzards or hurricanes, it is important for countless other Americans to be ready.

2012 End of the World – Will You Survive?

2012; end of the world; is it? If it is, will you be prepared? I saw the movie and I have to say that my first reaction was one of awe at the special effects of the movie.

The Best Self Defense Keeps You Alive!

The best self defense is one that can be used successfully by the average person. While you may feel weak and vulnerable, your potential attacker also has weaknesses. The best self defense plan never assumes nor is surprised by anything. You do whatever it takes to win, because your life could depend upon it.

Personal Protection For Your Family

Protection for oneself and for one is family is very important, irrespective of where one is whether at one is home or at outside home. By protection one means protection from thieves and other natural calamities. From natural calamities we can take precautions but we can not avoid them completely.

Empower Yourself During a Potential Assault by Keeping Your Presence of Mind

Criminals will take the path of least resistance, so your key to protecting yourself against a potential assailant is to keep your presence of mind and carry a non-lethal self defense weapon. Practice with your weapon until it is second nature and you have every confidence you would use it if necessary. Know ahead of time what you will do if faced with potential assault so that you can turn your fear into anger and take control of the situation.

Best Self Defense Technique – Crime Avoidance

This article encourages the reader to adopt an avoidance attitude with respect to crime. It’s the “ounce of prevention” that helps make the “pound of cure” quite unnecessary. Simple avoidance methods and suggestions for implementation are offered to help the reader avoid being a victim of crime.

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