Survival Skills to Work On | ON Three

Survival Skills to Work On | ON Three

What to Do in Medical Alert Emergencies at Home

The home is a place where people can all feel safe, so much so that we forget that medical emergencies can still happen right within our homes, and right under our noses. This is more prevalent in households that have senior members, but it can happen altogether regardless of the ages that comprise the home.

Survival Guide – Developing a Plan

In any form of preparedness, be it natural disaster or man made disaster, a person’s survival and well being depends of how much they have prepared for a given disaster. Many snicker and scoff at the mere idea of a person taking an active role in their survival success.

Why You Should Get a Travel First Aid Kit

Travel first aid kits are handy to have any time you go in your vehicle. You never know what could happen when you get out in your car. If you drive by yourself you need to have a car charger in your car inside your travel kit along with other materials and supplies such as band aids, extra cash for gas, a map, a flashlight, a bottled water, snack food and maybe a change of clothes incase you have an accident on the way to or from where ever you are going. I always pack extra supplies if I’m going to be more than ten minutes away from my house.

How Can Young Adults Protect Their Lives From Predators?

As young adults you embark on a journey as a college student, service member, or even another job in the workforce. You’re thinking about having the rest of your life to live but because of lack of experience you have poor judgment.

Today’s Emergency Management Solutions

Ever since the World Trade Center attacks and recent violent shootings at schools, emergency management has moved to the forefront of everyone’s minds. Office buildings, transit systems, and especially schools and universities have put new emphasis on their emergency systems.

Easy to Use Stun Master 775,000 Volt Stun Gun Provides Ideal Personal Protection

Personal protection is essential for everyone in this day and age. Each individual must take responsibility for their self defense because law enforcement may not always be in the right place when trouble arises. More and more people are working at later hours and in areas that are inadequately protected by official sources. A Stun Master 775,000 Volt Stun Gun at a person’s disposal can mean the difference between a safe night and a tragic experience. Personal protection that is simple to use gives people confidence that they can handle emergency situations.

What Good is a Plan No One Knows About?

The classic and all-too-common mistake on the part of the governmental official is that MOST of the people who will be impacted by the plan HAVE NO ADVANCE IDEA of how it will affect them. They don’t know they’re likely to be denied access to their homes until a certain degree of safety can be assured, until basic infrastructure services can be provided, etc. They don’t know that city services will be assigned on a priority basis – and that your average homeowner isn’t a priority in most cases.

Financial Earthquake Prevention

Just one single large earthquake can cause damage of more than $100 billion, that’s only about twice the loss in the 1994 Northridge earthquake. (Does it still kind of hard to see the financial earthquake prevention? It is, but read the conclusion if you can’t wait.) Clearly, our buildings have to be designed and built to withstand such forces as much as possible. But do we, as business professionals, ever think about our “financial earth quakes?”

Pros and Cons of Pepper Shot Tri-Pack Pepper Spray

It can come in very handy to have a non-lethal method of protecting yourself should you be out and about on your own and come across an attacker. There are a number of options, of which pepper spray is one of the more commonly chosen devices. One good option is the Pepper Shot Tri-Pack.

The Mace Pepper Gun

In today’s day and age, you can never be too safe. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Many times, people will carry devices that will protect them if someone should attack them. One of the newest self defense products out there is a Mace Pepper Gun. This type of pepper spray is very unique. It is unlike your conventional pepper spray that you have seen before.

What to Do When There is a Power Outage and a Freezer Breakdown

Things happen and one of them is definitely a power outage. When that happens, food in your fridge and freezer get in a mess and some may spoil. Here are some tips and guides to help you when you face such a nasty situation:

3 Vital Facts About Dorgard

If you start a conversation about fire safety equipment, you would hear people talk about extinguishers, smoke alarms, fire blankets, hose, sprinkler systems, and so on. Most people’s knowledge about fire safety is usually limited to these pieces of popular firefighting equipment. However, it is important to know that there are other equally important devices that play a crucial role during an emergency.

The Megaphone – Standing the Test of Time

Who hasn’t watched an 80’s police themed movie without ever seeing a megaphone? The nifty device is definitely a star for the ages. Even in our current society in which communication is relatively silent – private conversations via mobile phone, chatting via instant messaging on a desktop computer and texting, this device is still around. It is simply one of the most versatile devices around and it remains relatively unchanged, with its roles still indispensable in things it is still very good for. It works – it is as simple as that.

Carbon Monoxide Detector – Fighting the Odorless Killer

Normally we are afraid of disasters we can see. We see tsunamis, earthquakes, floods and fires occurring worldwide on television creating this image of wrecks and rubble that make us more wary of the things happening around us. But there are others that we aren’t too aware of – and one of the most deadly in my opinion is carbon monoxide poisoning. So while we are prepared against fire by having our fire alarms in ready working mode 24/7 and the equipment ready for use in fire extinguisher cabinets, I hardly believe we are ready against this silent killer. Friends, this is why we all need to install a carbon monoxide detector in our homes and workplaces.

The Use of a Fire Escape Ladder

Until a few years ago, my room did not have a fire escape ladder on it. What makes my room somewhat special is the fact that it is on the second floor with the roof of the bungalow part of our home right beside it. Thus, if there was a way for me to escape through the window when a fire emergency occurs, I could if it had such a ladder. When I had it installed, I had fire safety signs in the house reminding my children and wife that there was a fire exit right through the master’s bedroom. Little did I know that what I was doing would be required of my scientific equipment distribution business.

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