Survival Lessons From the 10 Worst Disasters of 2020!

Survival Lessons From the 10 Worst Disasters of 2020!

7 Recipes for Campfire Cooking

What would you do if you were ever in a survival situation? Would you know what to do? Would you know how to keep you and your family nourished?

The Shocking Truth About Food Prepping

If you are like a lot of people, you have already responded to much of what you see in the news about being ready for the coming crisis by food prepping. You would need to live in a cave to not notice the signs. The good news in this is that many people have started to stockpile food, but care must be exercised that money isn’t wasted. After all, when you buy one type of food, you have that much less money to buy something else that you might need in an emergency situation.

Six Main Causes of Food Shortages

If the idea of food shortages has only recently gotten your attention, you will probably be interested to know that not only is the problem very real, but it is also here to stay. It seems like all we need to do it buy groceries at any given time to notice one of the most important indicators of food shortages, rising prices. Basic food commodities such as wheat, corn, soybeans and rice have skyrocketed in price since July 2010. Making matters worse, price increases are only expected to continue in the face of food production shortfalls, which will continue year after year since then.

What Contents Should Be in a First-Aid Kit?

Regardless of whether you are preparing for an emergency or to be ready for something that could happen every day, every home should be outfitted with a good first aid kit. In fact, most experts agree that regardless of their intended purpose, you should have ready access to three kits depending on where you are..

How to Prepare Your Bug-Out Bag

If you are a new Survivalist, then you may feel a bit daunted by the task of preparing your first bug-out bag. Many sources seem to feature individuals who have been preparing bug-out bags for months, or have been stockpiling bug-out bag supplies for years and years. We are here to reassure you that packing your bug-out bag does not have to be an anxiety inducing process. As long as, while preparing your bug-out bag, you make sure to acknowledge and consider all of the basic survival situations, you will find yourself feeling safe and as properly prepared as possible!

How to Stockpile All the Water You’ll Ever Need

Of all the supplies that should be stockpiled in our efforts to prepare for disasters and other emergencies, water is perhaps one of the most difficult. After all, in order to keep enough water on hand to ensure that we have enough for everyone we want to prepare for, there would need to be a significant amount available. And when it comes to this volume of water, two problems become apparent very quickly: how do you keep it handy, and where will you keep it until it is needed?

How to Survive If the Electricity Goes Out

Losing your electricity can mean a lot of things. To most people, losing electricity means a huge inconvenience, with no television, radio, computer, or any number of a host of other necessities. What many people don’t realize, however, is that losing electricity can be very dangerous, especially if it’s cold or other adverse conditions exist. This is why you should always have in mind how to survive if the electricity goes out. Below are a few ideas in case of just such a situation presents itself.

10 Essential Items for New Preppers

Ask nearly anyone what preparations they have made for some kind of disaster in the future, and chances are good that they will tell you about their insurance and other financial provisions. Unfortunately, what most can’t tell you is about the hard provisions they have on hand for making it through the very real shortages and other issues related to a disaster, whether natural or manmade. New preppers seem to be the most vulnerable since not only do they not gather the needed provisions, but they often don’t know where to start when it comes time for them to do so. This article will provide a list of the 10 most important items that all preppers need to have. This list can be added to as needed, and it is basic, but it’s also a good start.

10 Most Important Survival Skills for Wilderness Living

Nature is one of the greatest gifts our planet has to offer the human race. Not only is the natural world full of beauty and possibilities for adventure, studies have proven that exposure to nature improves our physical and mental health. However, when it comes to embracing the great outdoors, there is a huge difference between enjoyment and survival. It is one thing to embark on a weekend long camping trip, and another thing altogether to survive in the wild when all goes amiss. Would you be able to survive if you became stranded on your next casual outdoor exhibition? What would you eat? How would you gather water? Would you have the skills you need in order to ensure your safety and sustenance?

4 Tips for Surviving the Upcoming Food Crisis

A growing population and rapid weather changes are causing issues with the food supply all over the country. While there have been reports about the food shortages and a simultaneous rise in the cost of many products, many people are unable to recognize this looming crisis. Much of this comes from the continued easy access to food that we enjoy, but that does not negate the dwindling of our resources.

10 Prepper Mistakes That Could Get You Killed

Prepping allows individuals to increase their chances of survival just in case some unforeseen calamity or disaster happens to befall our place. However, as promising as it might seem, there are actually some simple mistakes which could otherwise lessen your likelihood of survival than if you haven’t prepared at all. Especially if you live in the US, where approximately 3 million individuals are preppers, these simple mistakes are something which you might want to avoid at all costs.

3 Most Overlooked Fire-Starting Methods

Though people are eager to learn and adopt different fire-starting methods, there are always some fire-starting techniques most learners overlook. Ideally, these overlooked fire-starting methods are extremely important. Think of a situation where you do not have a readily available kit of cotton balls or commercial/military developed tinder, but you have to create fire to stave off the chills or scare away wild animals. It can be hell on earth, right? The good news is most of these overlooked fire-starting methods require none of those.

Survival Backpacks: Items to Prepare In Case of Earthquakes, Typhoons and Tsunamis

Disasters are inevitable so it’s better to keep survival backpacks handy at all times. Here are the items you should include inside it.

10 Ways to Benefit From a Portable Generator

You can benefit many ways from a portable generator. From emergency preparedness, service for others, or even recreational comfort. Outlined here you’ll discover ten beneficial ways a portable generator can impact any way of living.

11 Essential Items for Your CERT Kit

A CERT team is a team put together in a community that assists law enforcement and emergency crews during a disaster. CERT teams are often called to help in the event of…

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