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5 Tips to Combat Arms Survival

Have you ever heard of “combat arms”? You probably haven’t. You don’t often hear it being used in casual conversation.

Where to Find Survivalist Real Estate

Recent survey shows that New Zealand is the top most favorite place by real estate investors. Many people are attracted with the country’s natural geographical features and relatively peaceful ambiance.

Another Natural Boundary

Once again a reader has expressed concern over being able to protect ones retreat or homestead area with the least amount of force necessary. In all reality this is a very large order since anyone with a firm determination to get onto your land will eventually succeed. The main object that we are looking at here is to make it extremely uncomfortable for them to try.

Communication After a Disaster

There are many methods of communication after a disaster. It’s a complicated subject, so in this article we’ll just cover some of the basics. After most disasters, the power is going to be out and phone lines/cell phone towers will be overwhelmed. But if you prepare ahead of time, you’ll be able to communicate with your friends and family.

How to Start a Fire With a Fire Plough

The sh*# has hit the fan and the power is out. Despite all warnings, you didn’t stock up on matches, lighters, or a flint. It’s getting cold outside, and you could really use a warm meal. What now? There are many ways to build a fire without matches or lighters, but in my opinion, the best way is to make a fire plough. While it does take some stamina, it is very effective.

Survival Is a Mindset

When preparing for the worst case scenario, most people focus on stocking water, food, medicine, fire starters, clothes, gear and gadgets, among other things. They prepare themselves in every way imaginable, but they never stop long enough to prepare themselves mentally. You might have a year’s supply of food and water along with all kinds of solar powered technology, but if you are not prepared to face the end of the world as we know it, if you are not ready to see the system you’ve always relied upon crumble around you, if you are not strong enough to both witness and endure incredible sadness and suffering, you are liable to crack up and will not last in a long-term urban survival situation.

Cooking Without Power

So you’ve stocked up on all the food you’ll need after the end of the world as we know it. You’ve got wheat, flour, dried foods, canned foods, all kinds of food. But if the worst case scenario happens, will you still have power? There might be power in some areas, but always assume there won’t be where you are. And if there isn’t, how are you going to cook all that food? In this modern age of TV dinners, frozen pizzas, canned soups and Hamburger Helper, many people never learned how to cook a meal the old-fashioned way. The majority of city-dwellers are dependent on microwaves, electric stoves, and toasters. But what will they do if the power goes out for an extended period? There are several options.

Water Storage – Where to Begin?

Storing water can take up a lot of space. But if you have enough room and don’t want to worry about hauling water back and forth from a pond, here’s what you need to know. Water is the nectar of life. Other than oxygen, nothing is more important to your survival. The body uses water for digestion, transporting nutrients, building tissue, removing waste, and regulating body temperature, among other things. Without water, you would only last a few days.

The Key to Survival – Planning

Almost on a daily basis we hear of earthquakes, tsunami, hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding and the list goes on and on. You can easily see why more and more Americans are getting prepared for survival. It makes so much sense!

Get Out Of Here Alive: A Guide to Urban Survival Strategy

Each emergency situation needs a different set of skills to cope with the crisis. So it’s important to plan and be prepared for each emergency to ensure your survival.

How to Build a Survivalist Shelter

If you’re in a survival situation, then one of your immediate concerns is for a survival shelter. If you come across any natural structure that can provide you shelter, then you don’t need to build you own shelter.

How to Achieve Total Rural Self Reliance

Rural self reliance is a condition where you’re able to meet and sustain the needs of you and your family while living in the rural areas. Nowadays, most people are pursuing a lifestyle of self reliance.

Safeguard Your Employees With an Office Emergency Kit

Putting together an office earthquake kit is a tough task that needs a lot of time and intensive thought. Fortunately, there are many retail and online stores that sell pre-made earthquake kits tailored to fit the needs of different workplace. It is also an economical option and can be chosen depending upon the size of your office and the total number of employees.

Let’s Can Some Homemade Sausage

Think back for a moment to your days as a child growing up on the family farm. Everything you ate seemed to be the freshest of foods from the vegetables that were placed on your plate to the meats that you cooked on the grill. It is hard these days to duplicate those same flavors in the foods we get from today’s supermarkets.

Is Your Bug Out Vehicle EMP PROOF?

I have previously written articles which deal with EMP and the affect upon ones bug out vehicle. Yes folks, I am doing so once again. I spent the last few days researching additional information on this issue and have several more points to bring up to my readers.

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