Stockpile and Hoard These Foods While You Still Can

Stockpile and Hoard These Foods While You Still Can

No Electricity for Weeks – What Would You Do?

What would your life be like if you were to be without power at your home for a week, two weeks, a month, 6 months? Join us as we discuss why this might happen, and how to go about starting down the road of getting prepared.

Top 5 Urban Survival Hints Outside

“He who runs away lives to run another day.” This is the basic rule of urban survival. But to be able to cope with any emergency situation, survival skills are extremely essential.

Germs Abound But No Silver to Combat Them

Many people feel that if they take their daily supply of vitamins that they will be germ free however that is not the case. When you prepare your bug out kits you should naturally include some vitamins in it however don’t expect the vitamins to combat any germs you might encounter. Vitamins such as those that you frequently take at home during normal day to day activities are a great addition to maintaining a balanced healthy body but simply can not fight germs. These particular vitamin supplements which you currently use should hold a permanent place in your kits as they will afford some measure of help towards increasing your vigor.

An Overview Of Stun Guns

Stun guns have been in the minds and imaginations of people for decades. They have made their way from the science fiction books and movies into the modern world of personal security. They provide a way for each of us to protect ourselves without doing any permanent damage or death.

Urban Survival Pack in a Tin Can

Have you ever wondered how can you pack all your survival needs in a simple tin can? Can’t you decide which stuff should you carry? Here are some tips on how to fit everything you need for survival in a tin can.

Take CPR and First Aid Certification Courses to Handle Emergency Situations

Knowledge about CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) and first aid techniques is very essential to handle emergency situations that may arise without giving due notice. There are situations when you are at a place where getting an immediate professional help is almost impossible and even few seconds means a lot during crucial situations.

Get Professional First Aid Certification Course

The significance of first aid classes can only be felt when you actually have to deal with a state of crisis. Whatever the problem is, the first thing that can come for the victim’s rescue is the first aid. For instance, you are traveling by train and found someone coughing too hard as a small chunk of food item is choking him.

Survival Retreat Drinks

When it is time for you to escape to your established retreat you never know exactly how long you will need to remain there. It could be perhaps as little as a month or in dire cases you might maybe be there for a year or more. In either case drinking nothing but water can quickly get old and become boring.

Bring Out the Dry Gas

Here we are heading well into the winter months and we can all expect our cars to be difficult to start. Although this is a serious situation with our normal day to day vehicles it is critical when it comes to a survivalists bug out vehicle. We know from experience that a BOV must be ready to roll at any time whether it is winter or summer.

Storing Your BOB for Quick Retrieval

After all of your hard work you have finally managed to create what you believe is the perfect Bug out Bag. It may have taken you mouths of hard work obtaining all your necessary products but you eventually did it. Now that you have the hard work completed you have to decide where would be the appropriate place to store this valuable piece of survival gear.

A Fireman’s Arms During Fire Accidents

Many agree that is it better to be robbed by burglars than having a house set on fire. Seeing a house on fire is like witnessing a lifetime savings burning to ashes. Thus, employing fire protection gadgets such as fire and smoke alarms, fire hose and water sprinklers are only but a few property and life-saving measures. Firemen, the unsung heroes in every fire incident risk their lives to save everything and everyone that they can. Despite all their efforts, they still get criticisms when measures fail.

What To Do In Case of Calamity

Disasters are always around and it always happen at the least expected time which is why we need to keep ourselves ready at all time. So, for your safety you need to follow certain rules that will help you survive a calamity that most others might not. Here they are.

Being Prepared For Calamity

There will always come a time when Mother Nature goes on a ravage spree and sends out the deadliest disasters ever. And it is up to us to come prepared when that time happens. Just when you think everything is going fine the next moment, you are in for the ride of your life which is it is important that you are prepared every moment.

4 Basic Wild Survival Foods

In my last survival article I discussed the Sacred Order; shelter, water, fire, food. When you have your shelter, water source and fire you will begin to think about eating. In this article I will discuss 4 basic wild edibles that can be easily found almost everywhere.

How to Read An Outdoor Wilderness Survival Map

Reading a map is one of the most important parts of wilderness survival. In case you got lost in the wild, you can find your way to safety if you know how to interpret the lines and routes indicated in a map.

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