Stealth Water Crossing | ON Three

Stealth Water Crossing | ON Three

How Kubotans Contribute to Saving Lives

Self defense of a person does not have to require you to be in perfect physical condition, or that you must enroll in self defense classes. Applying effective pressure to an assailant’s body with the correct type of implement will pass on the message, quickly, that pain is all he has to gain, from you.

Dry Packing Your Food at Home

While the use of a home canning machine and using the popular #10 cans is the ideal way to dry pack many of your foods, the fact that you do not have one of these machines should not discourage you. There are more people who do not have canners then those that do. Dry pack canning tends to drastically lengthen the various shelf life’s associated with food. This is an ideal method to use in order to secure a supply of long term food in the event of an emergency situation. It is not unusual to find that dry packs have lasted for upward to 20 years or more.

A Brief Encounter With Africanized Honey Bees

In 1985 the media publicize that that the “Killer Bees” were on their way to America. This imminent arrival resulted in our countries extension offices receiving many inquiries pertaining to the nature of bees. Should we as survivalists be overly alarmed about these “Killer Bees?” Africanized honey bees have generally been over dramatized to sensationalize the evening newscasts…

Make a Camp Fire Tepee Style in 5 Easy Steps

Lighting a camp fire can be tricky if you’ve never done it before. There’s a little more to it than simply throwing a log in the pit followed by a match. You’ll start a campfire much easier if you start small and build up. The overall time it takes to do a tepee style camp fire will range from 10 – 20 minutes depending on your experience. If you want to enlist the help of kids or others in your camp, that can help the camp fire get started quicker and it’s fun for all involved and once the fire is burning it’s easy to maintain.

Getting Away With Dispersed Camping

The age old axiom “Practice makes perfect” undoubtedly holds true when considering survival training. Bugging out is often a time when supplies are easily overlooked and left behind and unfortunately in a situation when the danger is real it can be downright challenging.

Make Your Own Shelter Box

Shelter Boxes are containers that typically include enough emergency supplies to sustain 10 people in the event of a disaster. These boxes are distributed by an aid agency of the same name. The contents will provide shelter as well as life-saving equipment during these crises. This agency supplies this valued box in response to cyclones, earthquake, floods, hurricanes, tsunamis and volcano disasters that occur worldwide.

A Feasibility Study For Using Boats As a BOV

With the enduring peril of the Arctic icecap melting and the unremitting fears of the oceans rising in level, it may be time to consider a Bug Out Boat over a Vehicle. It was not long ago that the tsunami created havoc in several Indian Ocean nations while we ourselves stand vigilantly on each of our coasts for a comparable incident.

Bushcraft Knives – Ideal Tools For Survival

Bushcraft gives you the skills and abilities necessary to survive in nature. For a person who spends a lot of his or her time with nature, a knife is the best companion for it serves a lot of purposes outdoors.

The Development of Disaster Relief Shelters in the Course of Time

Natural disasters affect the environment and can lead to financial and even human losses. They have always been a delicate issue, because most of the time they can’t be predicted and most definitely cannot be stopped. Their force is huge and the effects are disastrous. The only thing that man can actually do is be prepared and have somewhere to run for shelter when calamity strikes.

Using a Disaster Shelter in Case of an Earthquake

The earthquake in Haiti has emotionally shaken people all over the world. Images of survivors being recovered from beneath the piles of debris have been in the attention of news reporters for a long time. Disaster shelters were set up in order to accommodate the refugees of the earthquake. Injured people and dehydrated survivors have been taken care of in tents that were purposefully arranged to offer top quality medical treatments and to deal with the most difficult emergencies.

Houseboat Security – An Introduction

In today’s world, security, that is, safety from theft of our belongings and harm to ourselves, plays an ever increasing role in our lives. Whether traveling overseas or moored at our local marina, bad things can and do occur. This short article will touch upon actions we can take to and some devices we can use to reduce the risk of theft and harm to our selves and our possessions.

How to Prepare a Survival Food Kit

There are several items that need to be considered when one is preparing survival food rations. A basic survival kit needs to include many items. Here we will discuss just the food portion of a survival kit that should be kept on hand in the home in case of an emergency of some sort.

The Usefulness of a Disaster Shelter in Troubled Times

Ever since Katrina, a large number of natural disasters have hit different countries and areas around the globe. Images of destructed houses and homeless families have made their way throughout the world and touched the hearts of many people. With their support, the issue of emergency shelters has gotten the attention is deserves; today, there are people designing and building such systems so that they can be easily deployed when the need arises.

What Are Emergency Food Rations?

Every family should have an emergency preparedness kit. Find out how to keep your family safe when a disaster strikes.

Preparing For the Unexpected – Include Dehydrated Food in Your Emergency Kit

One great source of food in the event of a disaster or emergency is dehydrated food. It has been a long-time staple of backpackers and survivalists because of their rich nutrients and easy portability.

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