Stealth Shelters – When, When, and Why? | ON Three

Stealth Shelters - When, When, and Why? | ON Three

How to Give CPR

CPR stands for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. It is a technique used for restoring the heartbeat and breathing of a heart-attack or unconscious accident victim. You combine chest compression along with mouth to mouth breathing.

Fire Safety and Firewatch – An Important Component of Offshore Safety Training

Fire safety involves taking proper precautions to reduce the likelihood of a fire, and also knowing how to react if a fire should occur. A Firewatch identifies unsafe work conditions and uses aggressive firefighting techniques to reduce or eliminate potential dangers.

Why You Should Carry Mace Pepper Spray For Bears While Camping Or Hiking

Mace Pepper Spray for Bears is a must item when you venture into the home of wild animals. You, as an “non-invited entity, are intruding into their home-space. A 260 gram canister of Mace’s brand Pepper Spray can fend off an attack; by an aggressive, angry animal, therefore, saving your life!

Helping People With a Shelter

There are more and more people affected daily by disasters around the world. Some may be even next to us, some thousands of miles away. We can help these people, just as we would appreciate support if we were in a similar situation. Hurricanes, flooding, earthquakes, fires leave hurt and suffering behind them, and everything people have worked for a lifetime and their dear ones are gone in fractions of seconds.

What Backpack Should You Choose For Your Emergency Preparedness Evacuation Kit?

If you’re struck with the unfortunate luck of having to evacuate your household, leaving all of your belongings behind, you’ll no doubt want to be prepared. The world has a knack for throwing heartache our way, but fortunately, emergency preparedness doesn’t have to be so difficult. The key is to quit putting it off and thinking about it, and getting up and taking action in your efforts for disaster preparedness.

3 Ways to Prepare For December 21, 2012 – The Last Day

As inevitable as December 21, 2012 is, so is it certain that something significant will occur on that day. Based upon the prophecies of past cultures, such as the Mayans, the Incas and the Aztecs, this date signifies the end of time. Whether it will actually be the end of the world or just the beginning of a new world, you may want to prepare yourself.

The Common-Sense Approach to Choosing the Best Survival Knife

There are many choices out there for survival knives, some of them great and some of them not so great. Using common-sense will go a long way to getting you the best survival knife for your particular application.

Emergency Bug Out Bag – 5 Essentials in Case of a Disaster

Don’t be caught without covering the 5 essentials, whether you keep a bag in your basement or in your car (you should do both). Getting this right makes the difference between doing well and being comfortable.

What to Look For in a December 21 2012 Book

If you are looking to find as much information about the events that are said to occur in a couple of years, that will most likely wipe out all of mankind’s existence then finding a reliable December 21 2012 Book should be high on your list. If we are to survive such a cataclysmic event then we should at least have as much knowledge and information about what could happen and how to survive it at the ready and we should be ready to implement any of the survival techniques required.

When Will the World End

Each day the year 2012 comes closer, as we come to terms with how will the world end and how it appears less like a night out at the movies and more like our fate. It’s amazing how these prophecies, regarding the end times, can be from entirely different regions of the world and from different time periods. However, they all are similar in when will the world end.

Finding the Best Surviving 2012 Book

If you have been hearing a lot about the events that are set to happen in 2012 then you may want to start looking at getting a Surviving 2012 book. This should be one that you can keep at the ready and refresh your memory with what needs to be accounted for and taken stock of long before the date comes around.

Protecting Your Home Against Flooding and Water Damage

We want to preserve our home. We want to protect it from all sorts of threats. As much as possible, we do not want it to be damaged. However, there are things that are out of our control. Mishaps can happen, and to prevent serious damage, we need to be ready.

Torn Between Pepper Spray and Tear Gas – What Do I Choose?

Self defense sprays are just among the numerous personal protection devices you can use to effectively deter any attack. Pepper spray and tear gas are both very efficient in protecting you and your loved ones. However, you need to know the differences between the two to help you decide which one is the best for you.

Carjacking Victim – Don’t Become One! Learn How to Make Yourself a Hard Target

The most important thing to remember about personal safety is to avoid the situation where you need to defend yourself. You do this by not making yourself an easy target and being aware of your surroundings. There are a number of things you do every day without realizing it that make you more or less of a target to be the victim of a crime.

Personal Safety in Your Car – Learn to Protect Yourself From Attack

This article will teach you how to keep criminals from choosing you while you’re in your car or getting into your car. What you learn could save your life, more than any self defense course you’ve ever considered. Don’t be a victim or assault or carjacking!

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